• That night... will be stuck in my head forever...
    Janey was lying in that bed that too clean cotton ball smelling hospital bed. And i couldn't stop balling at the sight of it. It was not right. Why?...who?...when?...how? I can't believe she's sick i won't believe it. Just as i was about to leave the room her eyes opened.
    "why are you crying Jess?" she asked sadly.
    Then her eyes scanned the room we were in and realization hit her hard. Her eyes rested on the clipboard at the end of the bed. they were..determined? She then got up and ripped the tubes out of her arms and nose,and walked to the end of the bed despite my protests and grabbed the clipboard. She started crying and plopped down on the bed.
    "Janey! don't cry please!"
    I leaped to the bed and hugged her, I promise she.will.get.a.heart.
    "Don't tell Nicky please"
    "i promise"
    And from that month on we just did everything we ever wanted to do. We went into the conveniant store and drove people nut with stink bomb and we laughed till we cried. We went on a roof top and threw water balloons at people. and so much more! she never told Nicky and just kept on acting like nothing was wrong. When it was 5 days before her deadline i cried and cried until i drove myself to that hospital and told the doctor
    "I'm donating my heart I'm not letting her die"
    He later called her with the news she called me and told me someone was giving up there heart. i cried and told her "THAT'S GREAT!"
    I'm going to leave her a letter for when she wakes up to let her know how proud of her i am and how much ill miss her:
    Hey Janey! , sorry i can't be there to hug you when you wake up, But Nicky will and i hope you two live happily. And have many pretty baby's ! *wink wink*
    Anyway i love you more than the air i breathe Janey , best friends forever & always
    p.s ~ take care of my heart.
    - Jesse Anna Parker
    after I called Nicky, he was more than willing to come for her. I can't tell you how much i wish her heart cancer was a dream i wish we could go back to the fair we went to three months ago our hair looked beautiful my brunette hair looked like a beautiful butterscotch and her's that shiny black, that every girl want's. i just wish i could go back to the times when we both could relax but i cant and now...i have to go to surgery , just remember savor times while you still have them.