• He was done and his eyes closed, sleeping soundly.
    I sighed and sat up. "Perverted bat." I hiss.
    His name placed above his head gave me all the information I would need to kill him with my book.
    Knight Pandora...
    I smiled. "Thats sort of a girly name."
    He didnt react. Obviously because he was asleep and I was talking too softly for him to hear well enough.
    I looked down at him.
    The sound of wings flapping made me jump.
    I spun around and saw the Shinigame coming down through the ceiling, a smug grin on his face.
    "What do we have here?" He teased.
    I sighed and stood up. "Be quiet, you." I hiss.
    "Oo. Touchy, guy." He laughed.
    I glared at him. "What do you want?"
    He shrugged. "Nothing much. Just wanted to talk to someone besides myself." He grinned.
    "Well go talk to someone else. Because I dont want to talk to you right now." I bark.
    He tilted his head. "What were you two doing?"
    I blushed and looked away from him. "Nothing. Its none of your bussiness."
    He suddenly burst into laughter and pointed at me. "You actually did that with him!?" He laughed harder and held his gut. "Oh my god!" He laughed.
    I grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. Of course it went right through him.
    He kept laughing. "Thats so sad!"
    "Shut up, you sharp toothed son of a b-."
    A low groan came from behind me.
    I jumped and spun around.
    Again with me not being able to say the B word!? What the fudge is up with that!?
    Knight opened one of his eyes and glared at me. "What the hell are you doing? Why are you yelling?"
    My eye twitched and I turned to glare at the Shinigame, but he was suddenly gone.
    Knight sighed and grabbed my arm. "Come on. You need to be punished for waking me up. Lets go again." He said sounding like he wasnt fully awake yet.
    I jumped and yanked my arm away. "What!? No! Havent you had enough of that already!?"
    He smiled and grabbed my waist. "Oh come on. You know I havent until all the blood has dried out and nothings left of me."
    I tried to push him off. "Get away! I'll kill you!"
    "Then I'll just do this to you in the after life." He teased.
    I cried out for help and gave one more hard shuv against him. "Get off!"
    He shook his head and then licked my lower stomach.
    I blushed at the feeling and looked away from him. "Thats wrong."
    "Is not." He smiled.
    "Is too."
    He grinned. "Not."
    I glared down at him. "Thats-."
    I gasped at the sight of what he was doing now. A shiver went down my spine. "W-what are you doing?" I ask.
    He smiled. "What do you mean? I'm not doing anything."
    "Y-you... had it in your mouth..." I say my face going red again.
    {I warned you all. So do not say that I didnt.}
    "Wrong?" He grinned.
    I nodded.
    He shrugged and did it again.

    It was nearing noon when it was over and he was exhausted.
    Lets never go that long again...
    I sat up for the second time today. "What a perverted guy..." I whisper putting my hand on his forehead and smiling.
    He didnt react. He was deep in a sleep, and probably wouldnt wake up till the sun has been gone for at least an hour or so. But I didnt mind. The more time without him now, the better. Sad to hear isnt it?
    I never grew tired of having him touch me, but I would always feel like I was pushing him too much at times, so I would stop. He would notice and ask what was wrong. I would shake my head and smile. "Nothing. Just punishment for killing me."
    I smirked at the thought of his face pouting everytime after I would say that.
    "Just shut up." He would hiss.
    I sighed and brushed the hair out of his face. "You perverted guy." I smile.
    His pale skin complimented his beautiful red eyes and pale lips the went a light pink near the entrance of his mouth. He was completely beautiful.
    I ran my finger over his lips and felt how smooth they were. Wow... How can a single person be so amazing looking?
    His chest built up and then caved in. He breathed calmly and slowly. Undisturbed with me touching his face.
    I moved my fingers over his lips again. "Amazing..." I whisper.
    His lips curled into a smug smile and a low rumble like laugh came from his chest.
    I jumped and looked up at his eyes. Which were open and looking right into mine.
    He put his hand on my neck and pushed me down against the bed in less then a second.
    I gasped and looked up at him. "What are you-?"
    He crushed his lips against mine.
    I put my arms against his chest and tried to push him off.
    His tongue ran over my bottom lip and he slid his fingers through my hair.
    I shook my head and pushed harder against him.
    What am I doing? I could just slip through him and have it over with... I've known that all along... So why didnt I just do it?
    Maybe I really do love him... I think feeling his tongue try to push through my lips.
    He growled and grabbed my hair harshly in his fingers.
    I gasped and dug my nails into his back.
    He laughed and put his tongue in my mouth.
    I jumped and tried to push him away.
    Knight wouldnt budge.
    I dug my nails deeper into his skin.
    He groaned and yanked on my hair.
    I yipped and got him back by forcing my nails to grow a centimeter longer, then digging them into him again.
    He moaned.

    Knight glared at me. "I hate you." He hissed.
    I smiled. "Why?"
    He pointed to all the bite marks and scratches he had on his arms and stomach and almost every where else.
    I laughed and put my face against his chest. "You seemed to enjoy me giving you those."
    He sighed and held me tightly. "Yes. I did. Now I dont. They sting like hell."
    I grinned and kissed his neck. "I'm not sorry." I say quoting him from when he had killed me... Well, almost.
    He smirked and nuzled my hair. "Do you really love me? I mean, if you didnt you wouldnt be here right?"
    I shrugged. "I guess so."
    "Why?" He asks quietly.
    I sighed. "I dont know... And thats what scares me."
    He laughed kissed my hair. "Oh?"
    I nodded.
    "Why would that scare you?"
    "Because I dont know why I love you. Wouldnt that scare anyone?" I ask getting serious.
    He nodded. "I guess so."
    I sighed. "Well its scaring the s*** out of me."
    He laughed and held me tighter against him. "Calm down, Neko. I wont let the big bad love bugs get you."
    "Shut up, Vampire." I hiss.