• Protected at last, all 19 corners finally boarded up By the lords most elite fighters guarding the outside of the city, fumes come up in the air and never come down, it diseases the sky’s and blinds the eyes of the great city’s citizens. Only those with great amount of money are able to escape the rotting city of Fleet, It has been 15 years since the great war that destroyed half of the great city, after 15 years the rivers are clean, they sky is blue, The lords sworn words were to clean up the city and to protect the citizens. Only the brave people become the fighters who have to pass the 15 gates to try and get the chance to be the lord of this amazing city.
    “Ok students, What is The average Size of a Seventy cutter Blade Sword? ….? Any one?” The class room fell silent. One hand of a gothic looking punk rose up. “Yes Dawn?” Sir Josiah said “The average Size is 20-25 foot, therefore you have to have strength and courage to carry one as it is a threat to many cities and towns.” The class room yet again fell silent. “Very well dawn, Class dismissed” Every one shot off in an instant.” Dawn picked up his books and walked out. “Wait Dawn!” Sir Josiah Shouted. Dawn turned around and gave a big yawn, then smiled. “What’s up?” he said in a casual voice “Am I in trouble?” Then sir smiled and said “Follow me, and you are not in trouble, completely opposite” They walked off into a small dark room and turned on the light. He then went into a different room and pulled out 20 Ft. Steel Edge cutter Ryan sword. “Follow me” They went out side and went the Lords residents, He the pushed the door and controlled all his body power into his hand and opened the 98 Ton door with ease. They stepped in and went up stairs to a class room. “Dawn, this is your new class room, Its for elite fighters, you’re the youngest fighter to gain worthiness to enter the special training from the Lord and the Elite trainers, you shall be put into a group of five and carry out missions set by The lord and his Advisers.” Sir said “You are a higher rank than me” Dawn smiled, “Sir, do I have to wear uniform? And what I really wanto to know is..Do I get that sword?” Sir smiled “No No No! You get this sword!!” he pulled out a 90 Ft 80 meter wide stainless white platinum sword and handed in to him. It shrunk down to a samurai sword, “But first you need to pass all the Mental tests to get that demon out, Its called Drank,, it’s a dragon!”

    The next day…
    Dawn walked down the narrow path to the tall building and then ran into a stump… ‘How will I open that door?!?’ He thought, he hid behind a bush and watched as countless 18 year olds opened the door, But he was only 12! He walked over to a man about twice the size and strength “Ermm Excuse me…” The tall mall looked down and dawn shrunk to a size of a peanut, The man then smiled and picked him up, His Black long hair covering both his eyes. “You must be the new student!” he then put him on his shoulder and walked into the building. “Hay lil dude! My name his bill!” He said in a deep voice. Dawn looked down at the floor that looked miles away. “You ok Lil dude?” Bill said in his extremely deep voice “Yeah, I’m fine” Said dawn sweating like a lama who just ran a marathon. They got to the stairs and started to walk up the spiraling staircase. ‘Why did I have to pick the biggest and the strongest!?!?!’ he thought to himself The floor now looked like a dot! “So lil dude, what’s your name?” Dawn Gulped “ Ermm My name is Dawn.” Bill looked at me and then smiled, the laughed. “What a stupid name!” He laughed. Dawn Wacked the back of bills head what felt like a brick wall! They got to the class room and bill put dawn on his chair. The lord walked in with 2 advisors and 5 elite fighters. Every one stood up, well dawn stood up but surrounded by people twice the size as him “Hello Fighters, Welcome to a new term, we have a new student, the youngest to get past the academy. Everyone please welcome dawn Inter. Dawn walked down the giant walk way and down to the lord “He is going to be put into team Snake with bill, Mandy, Conchy, yoney and Phil.” He then escorted him to Bill who then put him on his shoulder. “Class, go train.” “Welcome to the team!” Said bill in a low voice. A girl, not so taller than dawn walked up with blonde hair in a Pony tail, “Yo I’m Mandy” The other three just walked off, “Don’t worry about them, there just Jerks who thing there hardcore because the farther killed Glaciers Lord” “Team snake, Here!” Said the lord. “Were putting you on a top secret mission to Glacier, We need you to take secret Documents to their lord. Meet On the roof of the tower of lire at exactly 1:30am” Dawns face went blank. “That….early?” Bill laughed and took him to sword fighter grounds “Were going to get you to train your a** of!” He drew his sword and said “Lets fight!” Before Dawn knew it, he was behind him, dawn ducked and went between his legs, then ran up his back and then did a back flip, but Bill got his foot and slammed him to the ground “Ouch……” Dawn said as he was lying on the floor. Mandy the got here sworn and pointed it at Bills neck. “You child abuser! Fight fair, he’s only 12 and your 18!” Dawn got up and kicked Mandy, “How do you think I got into this class, Luck? No, Smartness, Elegance and strength” Mandy smiled and did a back flip almost hitting dawn, she kept trying to get to dawn but he kept moving, and then Bill came up from behind and got both his hands held together and smacked the ground, so bill ran up his arm and kicked him in the face. Mandy laughed but she then got tripped by dawn, Both Bill and Mandy were laying on the ground, They both got defeated by a 12 year old boy, But then Phil knocked him out “You pathetic fighters, both been beaten down by a 12 year old boy, Stupid idiots.” He then turned up his nose and walked away.