• He pulled into a Mc Donalds and smiled. "Is this okay?"
    I sighed. "Its fine."
    He shut his car motor off and chuckled.
    I looked at him. "Whats so funny?"
    He shook his head and reached to open the door.
    I grabbed the sleeve of his suit shirt and pulled on it. "Hey. Whats so funny?" I ask smiling at his amusement.
    He looked at me, his eyes softened and his face went blank.
    I thought he didnt want me touching his shirt, so I released the cloth and looked away. "Sorry."
    He suddenly put his hand on my neck and leaned into me.
    I looked at him and jumped.
    His lips meshed with mine and a smile grew on them.
    He pulled away and chuckled again. "You apologize too much, Sayomi."
    I blushed and looked at my feet. "Oh. Sorry-. I mean..." I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose. "Can we just go inside?"
    He laughed and nodded. "Yeah. Lets go before your face gets so red it explodes." He teased.
    That only made my face get even redder.
    I nodded and opened the car door. "Yeah..." I say standing up and stretching, feeling my rear hurt and throb again. I winced and remembered our time together in the library. My face going a hot bright red.
    S***... I hiss putting my hand on my face, and feeling how warm it was.
    Mr. Ishi shut his door and looked at me. "Something wrong? Does it still hurt?" He asks with worry in his voice.
    I looked at him and shook no. "I'm fine. Just alittle soar."
    He nodded and sighed. "Maybe I should just take you home to my place and take care of you there."
    I jumped and tried to smile. "N-no. Its fine. I promise. I'm fine. Just sort of tired." I try to laugh.
    He narrowed his eyes at me.
    Crap... It didnt work... He didnt fall for it... D***...
    He sighed and closed his eyes. "Get back in the car. I'll get you something to eat and then I'll bring you home." He said with seriousness in his tone.
    I swallowed and shook my head. "No. Its okay. I can go in."
    He opened his eyes and shot daggers at me with them. "Sit."
    I cringed in fear of his eyes and sat back down in the car, shutting the door afterwards. "Okay."
    He smiled and his face went soft again. "Good. I'll be right back with our food. Okay, Sayomi?"
    I nodded and looked away from him. "Yeah, yeah."
    He turned and started to walk away.
    I took in a deep breath and wrubbed my forehead.
    What a troublesome guy...
    Why would he just envite me to his house so randomly like that? So what if I got a little wounded when we were... Nevermind that part. You shouldnt just say you were buying someone some food, then when the person shows the littlest amount of pain on there face and say you were taking them to your house so you could take care of them... If you catch my drift...
    I find that sort of rude to do to someone unexpectedly.
    Then again... He has been doing a lot of things unexpectedly to me, now hasnt he?
    I took in a deep breath.
    Okay. Calm down. He's just going to bring me my food and then I can talk him out of taking me home with him. I let the deep breath out. That should be simple enough, right?
    My rear pulsed and I winced.
    "God. Ouch." I hiss moving in an awkward sitting position that was comfortable for my butt, but not comfortable for my back. "Thanks to him I have to sit like a freakin' retard." I growl under my breath.
    Someone parked next to me and I looked over.
    A woman was texting on her cellphone and had a cigarett hanging from her lip. Her black Corvett purred and seemed to growl at anyone near by.
    Nice car... Well kept too...
    She put her phone away and threw the cigarett but out of the cracked window and opened the car door.
    Hm... I wonder if Mr. Ishi smokes... I think as she gets out and shuts the door.
    She didnt even notice me as she walked in the store and stood silently behind my teacher.
    I looked around his car randomly, looking curiously for a box of smokes. "I wonder..." I say to myself opening a compartment under the radio looking thing in the middle of the dashboard. I closed it and looked at what I had found.
    A grin grew on my face.
    "What do you know?" I chuckle taking out the red box that had Marlboro's writen on it. I opened the package and saw that four had been taken out already. The disgusting smell of the nicotein in the paper made my head hurt. "Yuck." I hiss opening my car door and throwing them out.
    He's going to get pissed for me doing that...
    I shrugged the thought off and shut the door. Oh well. Whats he going to do? Give me an F on a test?
    Thats not go to have much of an affect on my grade. Why should I be worried?
    Mr. Ishi came out of the store carrying a few bags full of food.
    My mouth watered as I thought about what he could have bought.
    He smiled at me. "Hello, again."
    I nodded and got into a normal looking sitting possition. "Hello."
    He opened his car door and handed me the food.
    The area filled with the smells of really good tasting food.
    My mouth watered and I wanted so badly to eat the first thing I saw in the bag. But that would be rude, wouldnt it? So I just sat there while he got in and shut the car door behind him. "I hope you like what I got you." He says interrupting my train of thought.
    "Oh, yeah. Thank you. You didnt need to buy me anything. I have food at home." I say smiling.
    He chuckled. "I know. But... I just wanted to make sure you had something to eat today." He looked at me, right in the eye, being serious. "Because I noticed how you rarely eat the schools lunch, and you never bring your own. So I began to wonder if you eat at all."
    I swallowed, getting nervous.
    He smiled suddenly, his eyes softening again. "Heh heh. Its okay. I dont mind."
    I looked at the floor. "Can you just drop me off at my house? I dont want to impose by having you keep my at your house."
    He put his hand on my chin, making me look at him. "Hey."
    My eyes hit his and I felt my face go red.
    Dark determination in his breath taking eyes. "Dont say that. You would never impose on me." He says leaning into my face.
    I jerked my head back, trying to get away. But his hand stayed tightly secured to my chin. "Uhm... No, really. I couldnt do something so rude." I say laughing, trying to act like I wasnt nervous.
    He smirked and pulled my face to his.
    I jumped and felt my face go red. Something in my stomach lit up and made my whole body warm. I kissed him back and put my hand on his leg.
    He laughed silently, his body shaking.
    I pulled away and looked at him curiously. "Whats so funny?"
    He shook his head and reached inside his pocket. "Nothing." He took out the car key and put it in.
    "No, tell me." I say grabbing his shirts sleeve. "Come on."
    He laughed and grabbed my hand tightly in his, pulling me closer to him harshly.
    I gasped and tried to shrink away. "I-I'm sorry... I didnt mean to... I wont do it again." I say cowaring under his heavy stare.
    He smirked and kissed me roughly.
    I blinked in confusion.
    He ran his tongue over my bottom lip and put his hand on my neck.
    I opened and met his half way in my mouth.
    He chuckled.
    I rubbed my tongue under his.
    Mr. Ishi groaned.
    I smiled, rubbing against his tongue still and slidding my hand up to his crotch.
    He gasped and pulled away. "W-wait, Sayomi. Lets get to my house first."
    I wanted too much to say no to going to his house. I nodded and started kissing his neck as he drove us to his home.

    When he shut the car off he turned to me and kissed me roughly, grabbing my hair tightly in his fingers.
    I groaned and put hand up to his crotch again.
    He growled and kissed me again.
    I smiled. "I think we should go inside before we go any farther."
    He nodded and pecked my cheek quickly before opening his car door and standing up.
    We ran into the house and second he closed the door he pushed me against the wall and started to unbotton his shirt.
    I chuckled and did the same, throwing it on the floor near my feet.
    He seemed to be going rather slow, so I helped him with the bottom buttons. He grinned and kissed me, making my head smack against the wall.
    I winced and wrapped my arms around his neck tightly, keeping his face planted against mine.
    His hands fled down my stomach do my pants.
    I smiled.
    He grabbed the zipper and pulled it down slowly, teasing me.
    I had enough with waiting for him and taking his crap, so I undid the button and started on his own pants. "God, your a putts."
    He laughed. "Shut up."
    He tipped my chin and kissed me softly. "Keep it up and I wont let you have any fun."
    I finished up with his pants and laughed. "Right back at you."