• Chapter 2: techno buddy
    I entered the high school for another friendless day. I was always the first in the building, so I sat in a chair that was in the lobby. Soon in about five minutes the school was filled with the freshmen that had rides from there parents and people that rode the the bus. Then later when the older kids came I saw a kid come I've seen before. Must be new I thought.

    Now I've always tried to avoid talking to people, considering no one even wanted to talk to me. But the new kid comes and walks over to me and waves his hand, getting ready to say "Hi", but I gave him a look that scared him away.

    Later when I heading to first block he came in, and since I was the only table with one person sitting at it, I knew he would sit by me. Later third block came and he comes again, science and math with this kid, atleast this time he couldn't sit next to me. SInce this kid was getting pretty annoying I ran out the room when the bell rang, excited it was time for lunch.

    When I got out of the line, I realized those kids that dad works with mine have the same lunch as me. So sit with them.

    "Hey look who it is, come to sit with us." Say the guy, but then I realize I never got there names.

    "Hey you two never told me your names."

    'Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Steven. This is my sister, Maria. Oh this kid that has the same lunch as us should be coming in soon, he is halirous and cool. There he is."

    I turn to look at the entrace into the lunch room, to realize it was that new kid. Now I wasn't for sure why I didn't like this kid. Maybe because he looked like a dork. Maybe because he was annoying how he tried to talk to me in the morning and in my classes. Or maybe because I senced that around me, he was in danger. But he must not since it, because sits right next to me.

    "Hey guys. Sorry I'm late, Mr. Marion held me up. Hey, I know you." He says looking right at me. "Your the guy I sit by in science, and gave me the most God awful look this morning."

    "...Yeah...that was me."

    "Well I have classes with all you guys. Maria- English and Spanish. Steven- History. And um...your name?"


    "Right that name....it's a good one, Anyways we have math and scienece." Thank god, the bell rang. "Well gotta go to only class non of you are in, computer work." He ran as fast as he could.

    "Yeah time for my science class" says Steven,

    "Yeah my science too." says Maria

    "I'm telling you switch to my science teacher. He's better and then we can have a class together, sis."

    I began to walk away to my next class, still listening to them argue about the subject at hand.

    "And I'm telling you for the last time, your class is full." I kinda laughed when Maria said that and got up walked off.

    End of Chapter two.