• The pink haired young lady place her hand on the necklace. "Its so beautiful" she said
    staring at the necklace. "Yea she does" he said staring into sakuras eyes. Sakura started to
    blush as she stared back at him."Sakura...." he said leaning closer and wraping his arms around
    her waist. Speachless she just stared at him blushing heavely, trembeling under his touch. He
    slowly moved closer to her lips. There lips slowly touched and he moved sakura closer to himself.
    There kiss was soft and sweet and both of them were blushing heavily. They slowly broke the
    kiss, breathing hard after. "Sakura....I..I.." he searched his mind for the right words. "Its
    alright..." She said. Her blush started to get pinker when she noticed the way she was curved
    around him. She started to pull away when he pulled her back. "Please don't. I have waited many
    years just to kiss you." he said starting to blush again. Sakura smiled and wrapped her arms
    around him and placed her head on his cheast. She could feal him placing his head ontop of hers.
    She started to blush even more as she closed her eyes. 'how long have i been waiting for this?
    ' she thought to herself. 'sakura...if only i could tell you how i feel' he thought. Sakura
    started to feel tired and she slowly fall asleep. He noticed that she fell asleep and smiled.
    He chuckled and picked her up into his arms. He walked into the streets and slowly to sakuras
    Sakura woke up and slowly sat up in the bed. 'Was it all a dream?' she thought. She felt
    her hand brush againts something and she turned to see him sleeping againts her! 'Its wasnt a
    dream! he is sleeping right next to me!!' She blushed madly and placed her hand on his cheek. He
    slowly woke up to see sakura smiling and blushing. He placed his hand on top of hers. "Good
    morning sleepy head. How are you?" he said sitting up into the bed and wrapping his arms around
    her. "F-fine. And you?" she said. "Im great now that your with me." he said a little blush
    forming. "You know if you blush anymore your beautiful face is going to look like a chilly pepper
    ." He chuckled. "Don't blame me for that..." she said. "Hmm...true its my fault. Oh well, like i
    said a blush suits you better then a sad face." he said leaning in to steal a kiss. She noticed
    his goal and leaned forward also. There lips touched and he pulled her closer, enjoying the kiss.
    she, also enjoying the kiss, wrapped her arms around him. When the kiss ended they were
    breathing heavily. They stared into each others eyes and both there faces were as red as a rose.
    He slowly let her go and got out of bed. She noticed that he was shirtless and blushed even more.
    'He was half naked....and he slept beside me....' she thought.she looked down to see that her
    clothes had changed. 'He saw me naked as well!?!' her thoughts were broken as she heard a laugh.
    She looked up to see him staring at her. "W-whats so f-funny?" She asked. "Its just that you
    just noticed that i changed your clothes.." he said. 'So he did see me naked!' she thought. He
    slowly walked over to her and whispered in her ear "You are very beautiful..." he placed his hand
    around her waist and picked her up. "W-what are you doing!?" she said a little panicked. "Im
    bringing you to the table for you to eat something, my sweet cherry.."


    Copyright 2010 S.M.