• I'm thinking of the day of June
    when ill have to graduate with all my buddies
    going to have to move on to high school
    say bye to all the teachers and to friends who aren't coming to the same school as me
    I wont be able to turn back
    i can't slow down to wait
    my BFF's and I won't be on the same track
    we'll be going our own ways
    graduation day will soon be here
    What should I wear?
    I don't know
    I'm way to scared and nervous
    Everyone will be looking at me
    Its gonna get all blue when we have to go
    We can't go back
    I was on the phone all night with my BFF
    Today was the day
    Graduating with all my buds
    I feel like crying but my make up will run
    So I tried hard not to
    Graduation wasn't so bad
    but i just kept on thinking of what high school will be like
    Once i got there it wasn't so bad
    I still got to meet my BFF's at lunch and recess time