• Akira: The Darkness Pt 15
    ~At Night Time In The Hotel Room~
    ~Nijix’s View~
    Akira was sleeping on the bed, but I sat on the bed watching her breathe. I know I sound perverted but it sort of soothes me to know she is a alive. Her chest rose and fell, she had this weird but cute little snore. Her black hair covered half of her face, she opened one eye to see me.
    “Stop staring….I need to sleep.” She told me as if she were in a daze. I looked out of the window, and into the night sky. The moon shined so brightly and the stars twinkled in greeting.
    “Sorry, it’s just I was worried that Kino killed you or something. Don’t get me wrong but, I’m not really attached to you but I want you to be safe.” I softly told her while still looking away. I blew away some of the silver hair that got into my mouth. I got up and walked to the bathroom, so I could take a bath or shower, to think about tomorrow. Akira was still awake but this time facing me.
    “ Go to sleep Akira. Your training and your new life starts tomorrow.” And with that I slammed the bathroom door. I sat down on the floor and thought long and hard about Kino and what he had planned.

    “God Kino, you make me sick. Get from behind the shower curtain.” I said aloud. Kino Stepped out of the shower, he had on black pants and a dark green shirt on. A wide smirk stretched on his face, his hazel eyes gleaming. He sniffed the air and sat by me.
    “ Mmm…So how is my little Akira doing?” Kino chuckled slightly. I twitched but didn’t punch him.
    “She is not yours. She is not anyone’s and she is doing fine as long as you stay away! What did you tell her today?!” I snapped at my brother. I knew it had to do something about our secret. Kino twisted his finger through his hair.
    “Oh nothing, I just told her she needs to watch her back and expect the worst.” Kino laughed yet again. I stared at him hard, wanting him to just burn.
    “Why do you torture me so? Why Kino? Why?!” I asked Kino angrily, messing up my silver hair in frustration. Kino got up and headed for the bathroom window.
    “Because….I am jealous of you brother. You have all the girls. All the attention. And all I get is “ Kino look after your brother. Kino do the laundry. Kino make sure Nijix doesn’t do this. And blah! They always loved you better. I just sat back in the shadows. This is my way of getting revenge on you Nijix. I will torture you until the day I die.” And with that Kino crawled out of the window and disappeared. I ran some bath water and thought about what Kino said, undressing I still kept thinking about it but I decided to stop thinking and relax, so I ended my night with a nice hot bath.
    ~The Next Morning~
    ~Akira’s View~
    I woke up and Nijix was snoring his head off right next to me. Then I realized he was next to me, I screamed and jumped out of the bed.
    “Nijix what the hell?!! I screamed at him, my arms flailing around. Nijix calmly opened his eyes and yawned. He scratched his head and got up out of bed.
    “ I was sleeping that’s what. The floor was not comfy. So I crashed on the bed, geez. Go get dressed, we are going to tour the town. Train a bit and meet a friend of my mine. She lives here at one of the schools.But she transforms, and usually can't get back to human.” I was surprised that he already had clothes on, and not a wrinkle on them. I groaned and went to the bathroom to wash and etc.
    ~2 Hours later~
    We were out the door, out of the market and into a wide but beautiful meadow. The sky was light blue instead of dark and stormy like the normal weather of , Dark Sky Village. This was unusual, even for me. Nijix signaled me to stop.
    ~Nijix’s View~
    I signaled Akira to stop walking, a smirk was upon my face in seconds.
    “ Welcome to the training zone. Where you will home your skills as a fighter. Sorry Akira, the girls I my clan are healers, but I know you want to fight.” I told Akira laughing a little bit. Akira frowned and looked around as if she never seen a meadow.

    “It’s very pretty, wait don’t wolves come here?!” She asked me swiftly, her hair flowing in the wind. I scratched my head and thought about it long and hard. But then something started to nuzzle my boot, I looked down and a little blind and helpless puppy was sniffing my foot. I picked it up and it munched on my hand, but It didn’t hurt.
    “AW! LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS!!!” I answered Akira with the cutest face I could think of making. Akira’s mouth dropped open, I guess she was surprised by how crazy I could be. She started to walk towards me, a hand out stretched for the puppy.
    “ I WANT IT!!” Akira started begging. And reaching for it, I sat it down on my head and dodged Akira’s tackles. God, I love to mess around with this girl. I hope she knows she won’t be able to catch me.
    “ I think I’ll name it, Nami. But just to be sure….” I picked it off of my head and looked under. Yeah, it was a girl. But a wolf.
    “ I’ll name her Nami! And it’s a gift for you Akira!” I side stepped Akira while holding the puppy, she fell flat on her face. Kneeling down I whispered to her.
    “You can’t catch me, I hope you know that. And there is your new wolf pup. She will be your training buddy.” I chucked softly to myself as our first training day began.