• (Inuyasha is bringing Kagome back from her time)
    *Sango and Miroku sit on a boulder near a river. Miroku stares at hand*
    Sango (to break the silence): So, does everyone in your family have a wind tunnel?
    Miroku: No, not my mother and the other girls we've had in our family.
    Sango: Your mom you say? You know, I've never heard you talk about your mom. I've never even seen her.
    Miroku: Well don't expect to anytime soon, she's dead.
    Sango: Oh! I'm so sorry!
    Miroku: It's alright I guess. It was a long time ago anyways...
    Sango: Well what happened, or that is, if you care to tell.
    Miroku: Well, I was about seven and it was before my father died. They both knew a wind tunnel would be forming in my hand soon, so they both were supposed to keep watch of me for my protection. My father had to go to a ceremony for a recently deceased priest of great importance, so he left my mother to watch me herself. One night, after my father had been gone for many days, I had a horrible nightmare, and awoke to excrutiating pain in my right hand. My mother heard my screams and knew what was happening, but when she ran in it was too late and my wind tunnel had fully opened. She held herself in the doorway but knew she had to close my wind tunnel somehow. So she let go of the doorway and walked towards me, not knowing how to close my wind tunnel, but she at least had to calm me down. Then, as my mother cautiously stepped forward once more, my father ran in and yelled my mother's name. She turned to him and lost her balance...and I...I...
    Sango: No! You...you sucked her into the wind tunnel?!
    Miroku (staring paranoid-like at his cursed hand): Yes...I, I killed...my own mother!
    Sango: You can't blame yourself! And at least she sacrificed herself to save you, and the people in her home, didn't she? And did she close the wind tunnel?
    Miroku: Well, after she was consumed, her necklace of prayer beads wrapped around my wrist and rejected being sucked in, temporarily sealing it. Even if she did die for good reason, I can't stop thinking that it's my fault! It shouldn't have been her! It should've been--
    Sango: But you still can't blame--
    Inuyasha: What's goin' on?
    Kagome: Yeah, are you two alright?
    Sango: Oh, uh, yeah...we're just getting ready to leave.
    Kagome: Are you sure everything's okay? It seems a little tense around here.
    Miroku: Of course! Why wouldn't we be alright?
    Sango: Yes, we're fine. It's just tense because it's not the same without you here...
    Miroku: Yes, and the view is better when you're here too...
    Sango: *slaps* What was that monk?
    Miroku: I was just saying we should be on our way...

    And so they were, off to find Naraku! (like always)