• ~Soul Ties~

    She had long silver hair and sad violet eyes. This was the strangest person I had ever seen. Instead of having human ears, she had grey cat ears. Even her eyes were cat like. Her long fluffy tail twitched ever so slightly as she stood there. At first I only saw a small grey cat, but as soon as I had blinked, the cat had turned humanoid.

    My heart pounded with with excitement. You would see stuff like this only in animes or video games...

    She's very pretty, I thought as I stood there. But before I could ask the feline her name, a harsh voice snapped me out of my trance, "Ayala!" All I saw was a smile grace the woman's lips before I turned around.

    I suddenly found myself face to face with a slender brown haired girl, whose green eyes were burning into my own blue ones. I jumped slightly at suddenly remembering where I was. The brown haired tilted her head slightly to the side as she stared at me. "You look you saw a ghost. You ok?" My best friend, Lena, asked, her gaze flickering to the alley I was just staring at.

    Feeling heat rising on my cheeks, I just gave a faint smile, "Eh, yea, I was just staring at a pretty kitty in the alley." I pointed in the cat-woman's direction, but when we looked over, the woman was gone. Lena just raised an eyebrow at this whereas the cat's disappearance had left me shocked. "AH! She's gone!"

    Letting out a sigh, Lena-chan grabbed me and pulled me away by the loose strap of my purple scarf. "I swear you're a goof sometimes." She said. Not wanting to trip, I quickly caught myself and began following her. Many noises and smells met us as we walked through the streets of China Town. We were in Tokyo's China Town.

    What brought us here were the sights, and rumors of a mysterious pet shop. My cousin had bought a pet from a similar shop in Washington DC's China Town. But that's not what the rumors were. The most popular rumor is of the murders oddly connected to Count D's Pet Shop. Within the last 3 years, or longer, many people who bought pets from the Pet Shop had been killed. All that was left were their pets...

    A mystery like that moves Lena, but to me, it was all about the adventure and the pets. I wonder what kind of pets I'll see at the shop and...

    Who is Count D?

    To Be Continued..