• Chapter 1
    Trying to forget

    The trees were becoming more dense and thick as they drove through the lush forest. Dull Cerulean eyes gazed impassively out his side of the half open window, not truly paying mind to his current surroundings. The blond haired boy took in a deep breath straining to clear his head of thoughts but only gained a more sense of worry when he took in the sent of the fresh grass and clean air. This wasn’t for him. Not one bit. City air, now there is something he misses. It may have only a three hours drive out of his home town Konohagakure, but he misses it more than anyone could ever imagine. He turned his gaze to the driver of the dark green car. He couldn’t help but sneer…even if it was his dear Okasa. No words could express his current emotions to the also blond women. Detestation perhaps. But maybe he was being to harsh.

    “Naruto. You don’t need to glare at me like that, your going to burn a whole through my head.” The woman smiled as he turned his head back to the window.

    “It was worth a try.” Naruto could see his mother shake her head side to side from the corner of his eye. You cant blame the poor boy really, he had his reasons. His Okasa had just recently been proposed to. Naruto thinks it was a bad choice because she was only with the man for five months before she excepted the proposal plus he barely new the guy. Met him maybe four times…well maybe that was his fault. He didn’t like meeting new people.

    Especially someone trying to pose as his to-be father. Naruto and Tsunade were now almost four hours out of the city, on there way to the depths of hell….well not really. They were actually making there way to there new home. The Uchiha manor. Yes. Tsunade was soon to be known as Uchiha Tsunade. She was to be wed to non other than Fukagu Uchiha, one of fire countries most powerful and richest men. Not that he cared really. He guessed it was about time she found a new man since her divorce with Orochimaru. But marry? It was just to much. Though any man in this world would be far more safer and better than Orochimaru. He wasn’t Narutos Biological Otosan. Just a step parent. A very dangerous one at that. Naruto braced himself tighter as memories of the man came flooding back. His nails digging into his arms. Why cant he just forget. Just make everything go away?

    “Penny for your thoughts?” Naruto released his grip on himself as his okasa broke him from his thoughts. Worry apparent on Tsunade’s face.

    “Nothing really. I’m just…tired.” He lied, even though he knew she could see right through him.

    “It wont be that long kit. We have maybe half an hour left!” Naruto raised and eyebrow.

    “Kit? Its been awhile since you called me that. Years maybe.” Tsunade smiled and rolled down her window letting in the warm but refreshing air.

    “I would never have forgotten my little nick name for you, And it has so not been years since I’ve called you that!” Naruto glanced at his Okasa from the corner of her eye.

    “Alright alright I’m guilty. Maybe it has been a few years since I’ve called you that but it doesn’t mean I cant say it now.” Tsunade blurted out quickly admitting to her mistake.

    “Yeah whatever.” Naruto stretched his legs out leaned his head against the window watching his reflection. Tsunade sighed.

    “I promise you Naruto. It will get better.”

    Tsunade’s voice stern as she spoke. Naruto almost flinched at her words. ‘ How can things get better when I still feel this pain?’ Tsunade removed one hand from the wheel and briskly ran her hand through his golden tresses. Naruto couldn’t help but feel a little sense of comfort. Even with all the pain in sadness running through his head. Naruto turned back to his reflection, disgusted with himself. Three pale scars on each of his cheeks. A constant reminder of his past. A constant reminder of Him. Orochimaru will haunt him till the day he dies. It has been almost two years since the incident. He has forgiven His Okasa. But he could never forgive or forget Orochimaru wrongs. Years of abuse, a life time of hate and scars of remembrance. Naruto unconsciously gripped his wrist through his black hoodie. Its been four weeks. He hasn’t relapsed…yet. It wasn’t like he was planning to. But it was hard. One of the boys many problems. Cutting himself was a daily pass time for him once upon a time. But since his time with various psychiatrist its become an emergency escape from his own mind. The only reason he actually agreed to the doctors help was so he could escape the white walls of a mental institution somewhere far away… it was also because him hurting himself seemed to be hurting Tsunade just as much. He always seems to cause hurt on other people. He was of course part of the reason for his Okasa’s Divorce. Tsunade was in love with Orochimaru. But Orochimaru seemed to have stronger feelings for Naruto. Very strong, and very wrong feelings for the petite boy. When Naruto was five, Tsunade married Orochimaru. The man seemed perfect for the both of them. But when he turned seven, things started to get out of hand. The man would beat on Naruto as a child. Hurt him until he bled. Though Tsunade was always there to comfort him, she always took Orochimaru’s words. “ The boy was bad, he got what he just deserved.”

    She was so blinded by love, she saw through all of Naruto’s injuries and suffering. As he got older towards his teen years Naruto was already a social outcast and quiet boy. No matter where he went he was always hated for some reason. He tried his best to be happy, he faked his smiles dressed like others around him. But people were never so kind. Was it because he was a little too quiet sometimes? He couldn’t help the way he felt. His home life with Orochimaru was killing him inside. Naruto was a walking disaster. If he wasn’t covered in bandages he was overly depressed and tired. Who would want to hang out with a pathetic so called ‘Emo’ kid? He managed to get some friends Sakura Haruno and Sai. But they had other friends as well, that just so happened not to like the poor blond. It wasn’t till Naruto turned thirteen when his life came to a complete shatter. Orochimaru took his innocence.

    Thirteen year old Naruto overpowered and humiliated the boy. Tainting his purity. Memories of that day still haunts his dreams. He felt so disgusting…used, and pathetic. Orochimaru threatened and beat the boy to make sure he would never tell…but deep down Naruto would have never wanted to tell a soul. He was a plain disgrace in his own eyes. He still hates himself. He blamed himself more than he blamed the sick man. His menacing yellow orbs forever burned into his mind. Mocking him every second of his young life. For a whole year till he was fourteen the torture continued. It was one night Orochimaru went to far with his sick ***** fetish.

    Bringing Naruto close to his own death. Broken ribs and bleeding head, various injuries through out his fragile body. Fresh cuts from the mans knife carved into his face. Naruto recalls every agonizing and aching thrust from the pale snake like man. His screams dismissed through out the large mansion. No one to hear his calls for aid. His broken blood curdling please. The agony of being crushed against the mans large oak desk. It was then his please for help were answered when his Okasa rushed into the room to see what Naruto has been going through for the past years. Tears rushed to his mothers eyes along with her screams of horror. Naruto never recalled what happened after she came in the room. As he began slipping in and out of consciousness from the blood loss he was thrown to the floor. Muffled screams and yells from the two were scarcely heard as his vision was clouded and his hearing faded. He only remembers waking up in a hospital three days later his hand being held tightly by his crying Okasa.

    “My dear kit….I’m so sorry. I am so sorry my son. I love you so much…please forgive me…” Naruto couldn’t cry with his mother. He couldn’t hurt anymore that he already did. How could he overlook the last eight years of his life? “Naruto please…my dear kit. Naruto…”

    “Naruto!” Naruto woke with a quick jerk at the call of his name.

    “Wha! What is it?” Naruto looked around franticly to see the car still driving smoothly down the dirt road.

    “Well you have been asleep for about forty minutes now.”

    “I fell asleep?” Naruto didn’t recall closing his eyes to sleep. He must have passed out.

    “Yep, I was trying to talk to you but your were out cold! Any ways look were finally here.” Naruto turned his gaze to the front of him and his eyes widened with amazement. Tsunade slowly drove through large Victorian gates that screamed ‘Lots O Money’. He almost stopped breathing when he saw the house. Or should he say extravagant mansion. In all honesty the manor was beautiful. Remarkable detail was carved into the deep grey mansions exterior amplifying its beauty. To his amazing there were also gargoyles placed symmetrically on the very top of the mansion giving the place a dark yet protected feeling.

    “Christ how rich is the guy?” Naruto mumbled incoherently to himself. Non the less Tsunade answered his question.

    “Well he does own Sharingan corporations.” Naruto shook his head. Dam maybe he will have to respect this guy. And that was definitely not part of his plans. Tsunade came to a stop. She took in a deep breath and turned to Naruto.

    “Naruto, I need you to make a promise with me.” Tsunade’s eyes turning into that of someone being very serious. ‘Dam I knew she would do this.’

    “Please show Fukagu respect. He will after all be your new Otosan in three months. I’m Sur-”

    “He is not my Otosan and never will be, and yeah I promise not to talk to him too much so I don’t show my lack of likeness towards him.” Tsunade narrowed her eyes.

    “Naruto please at least answer him when he talks to him…we have to make this work. Please?”

    Naruto sighed. I guess it was the least he could do.

    “Fine. But once I get the chance I’m getting the hell out of the hell hole in the middle of god knows where.”

    “Oh come on Naruto I am positive you will like it here. I know your mad we left Konoha but you know we couldn’t stay there….Any how! His son might be of some accompany to you. He’s living here in the manor as well during the Summer break!” Tsunade said cheerfully as she got out of the car, closing the door on a bewildered Naruto. As fast as lighting he jumped out of the car glaring daggers at his mother.

    “SON?! You never once said he had a son!” Naruto was pissed. Tsunade rubbed her head and tried to laugh innocently as Naruto fumed at her.

    “Hehe…Surprise?” Naruto shook his head. He didn’t need some idiot pushing him around. That’s what would end up happening anyways. Its always like that.

    “ Don’t worry Naruto he’s twenty one. I’m sure you guys will get along. He is a very Intelligent boy.”

    “Twenty one?! Are you kidding me? This is going to be fuc-” Just before Naruto could finish his blatant curse for the whole ideal a loud voice rang from behind him.

    “Tsunade my dear! I’m so glad your finally here.” Naruto Turned to see Fukagu walking down steps from the front entrance, arms open as Naruto’s Okasa ran into his arms Giving his a short passionate kiss.

    ‘Well I really didn’t want to see that.’ Naruto rolled his eyes. He stood straight and grabbed his bag from the seat and placed the strap over his shoulder closing the door with a loud thud. Fukagu turned his attention to the blond who was sending the couple rather ominous vibes.

    “Ah, Naruto. Its nice to see you again.”

    “…yeah.” Tsunade crossed her arms. Naruto once again rolled his eyes and began to walk towards Fukagu.”

    “Nice to see you too I guess.” Naruto replied in a icy tone. Fukagu caught on and faced his Fiancé.

    “Well your bags arrived yesterday so there were put away by the servants for you both. Naruto you have your room upstairs. Ill have someone bring you to it when we get inside.” ‘Servants? of course.’ It was then when his thoughts were interrupted as a deep smooth voice was heard near the front door.

    “Non sense Otosama. I don’t mind showing him his room.” Tsunade beamed brightly.

    “Itachi! Its nice to see you again!.” Naruto was at a loss of words. He watched as his so called new step brother walked down the front steps towards the bunch. He was tall with long raven hair tied in a pony tail and dark onyx eyes with a hint of crimson red swimming in his eyes, he wore a tight black Short sleeve shirt with almost too tight black jeans. He was masculine but not too buff. His abs were absolutely perfect. Naruto had a feeling this guy would most likely give him problems.

    ‘Why the hell am I staring at him? Crap look a way quick.’

    “Its nice to see you as well Tsunade. And I guess this is my soon to be step brother Naruto?” Naruto couldn’t help but feel very plain compared to the older boy. His black hoodie, jeans and messy hair were in no comparison to Itachi. ‘Oh god…he’s probably staring at my ********. I want to hide right now.’

    “I’m not your brother and I wont be so don’t be calling me that.” Arrogance and hate was apparent for both of the Uchihas. Fukagu simply brushed off the comment and led the currently ‘death glaring’ Tsunade up the stairs inside the house changing the conversation. Itachi merely stood a few inches in front of him with an impassive look.

    “Hn. Well then I guess you should fallow me to your room.” Itachi turned and Naruto fallowed after his eyes scanning the home from the inside. It was a gorgeous place after all. Especially on the inside. Itachi led him towards a huge double staircase in the front parlor. Large paintings of different people were all placed perfectly along side the stair case walls. Each person looked very powerful. People you would never mess with. As they reached the top Itachi walked down the hallway Naruto slowly stumbling after him. He was so intrigued with the places décor. Crimson curtains were hung variously around the walls and framed every window. Deep red carpets and large oak doors everywhere he looked. Where the hell are they going? Naruto couldn’t believe how many hallways there were in the home. And he was sure there were a lot more that the ones he had just walked through. Naruto thought they had turned down four different halls already. Naruto came to a crash when he ran into something in front of him. As he regained his composure he realized he just walked into Itachi by accident.

    ‘Oops…Oh well.’ Itachi turned and opened the door he was standing at as he walked inside Naruto almost choked. ‘This is my ******** room?! Holy s**t!’ Naruto was stunned as he looked around the huge room. Dark velvet canopy bed lay in the center of the room with dark silk covers. Perfect his room is as depressing as he was. As bad as that was the room was still nice. It had a large window near the back. As he walked towards it he realized he had his very own balcony that out looked the forest tree tops. Acers and Acers of non stop trees. He couldn’t help but grimace. He sighed in relief when he noticed most of him belongings around the room. That made him feel more comforting.

    “Well I will leave you to your room. Dinner will be soon. Someone will come to get you when it is time.”

    Naruto turned to see Itachi staring intensely at him. He couldn’t help but feel very awkward…he felt ugly. He doesn’t like when people stare at him. He doesn’t know what there thinking of him. He absolutely hates it.

    “Yeah…Thank…you I guess.” Naruto stated quietly. Itachi merely nods and takes one last glance at him and exit’s the room closing the door behind him. Naruto let out a breath he didn’t even now he was holding in. Naruto walks towards the window and sits down on the wooden dresser.

    “ Great…I’m back to being alone again…just in a bigger house.” Naruto removed his hoodie. Pulling his sweater over his head revealing his orange short sleeve shirt. He couldn’t help but always have orange on him or with him some where. It was a weird habit of his. Orange clothing. Though he used to where orange to stand out, now he just got too used to it. Naruto turned his attention to his wrists. Various cuts of all lengths were strewn about his arm. Some deep white scars, some cuts still trying to heal. He grazed his fingers over the bumpy mess along his wrists and arms. ‘Alone again. Always this feeling…why wont it go away?’ He began to dig his fingers into his scabs attempting to rip a few open. He needs to feel just a bit of pain…Just a bit and he will stop. He begins to scratch agonizingly slow on his fresher cuts. Right before he was able to rip one of his gashes open he stops. And grabs a fist full of his hair and begins squeezing his eyes shut.

    “No! Baka no…Four weeks is good… I cant relapse now.” Naruto tries to reassure himself. Dammit he needed to get rid of this feeling fast. Naruto opened his eyes and remembered his ipod in his pocket. He quickly stood and took out his small nano. He quickly placed the headphones in his ears and put the songs on random. He needed music…anything or else he was going to do something he would most likely regret. Naruto couldn’t help but grin as he heard the song that began to play.

    Drop the ball, watch it fall far below Suck you in, hold your breath The undertow creeps in slowEveryone owns a gun deep inside It's just a matter of how much you let it slide

    Naruto began to thrash his body side to side giving into the music blasting through his head. Music was his escape. His very own drug.

    ‘Drop the ball, watch it fall far below Suck you in, hold your breath The undertow creeps in slowEveryone owns a gun deep inside It's just a matter of how much you let it slide

    He started to move his hips along rhythmically with the beat. Still moving himself back and fourth his arms in twined with his hair.. The numbing sensation of letting out all his emotions with his movements.

    Help me help you they wont be thereHelp me help you they won't see

    Naruto felt himself beginning to sing along, his melodic voice in sync with song his eyes closed shut as he sang his heart out.

    It hurts when you need me And I can't break your fallIt hurts when you can't see And it hurtsDrop the switch, scratch the itch, watch it growInch by inch, the cutting board, watch it swing to and froEveryone carries one deep inside It's just a matter of how much you let it slide

    Naruto was in complete bliss as he melted into the song. The lyrics suiting him perfectly. He swung his hair side to side and flipped his hair back moving his legs, swaying himself with each verse. Pouring his heart out in his movements. His body becoming almost seductive as he danced.

    hurts when you need me And I can't break your fallIt hurts when you can't see And it hurtsAnd it hurts when you're lonely And I'm standing right beside you thereAnd it hurt when you told me That you told me that you tried this on your own

    Hope you never hurt Hope you never cryHope you never lose your way tonight Hope you never crumbleHope you never fall Hope you never throw away the

    Drop the ball, watch it fall far below Suck you in, hold your breath, watch it swing

    Sweat rolled down his forehead as he moved more and more. His heart beat fast yet steady. Passion radiated from his entire being as he continued on. He felt amazing, no more pain, no more thinking, no more bothersome people. Just him and his music. Naruto danced more and more almost becoming erotic in his movements un seeing to the crimson orbs who watched him, most absorbedly as if to be entranced by the boys dancing and voice.

    It hurts when you need me And I can't break your fallIt hurts when you can't see And it hurtsIt hurts when you need me And I can't break your fallIt hurts when you can't see And it hurtsAnd it hurts And it hurts And it hurtsAnd it hurts And it hurts And it hurts

    Naruto slowed his movements as the music began to stop his breathing almost shallow. He hasn’t done that in a while. He sat himself on his bed and ran a messy hand through his hair sighing in relief. His shirt clung almost dam to his pale skin bringing out his almost girlish curves. He was definitely at a state of bliss.

    “You have a nice voice.” Naruto’s eyes flung open and he ripped the headphones from his ears coming to a quick stand. He felt his pulse stop when he saw non other than Itachi leaning against his door frame arms crossed…staring intently almost as if he was…Amused?

    “H-How long have Y-you been standing there!?” Naruto stuttered ashamed and embarrassed anyone had actually seen him doing that. How retarded he must have looked.

    “Long enough.” Naruto noticed his gaze yet again lingering on him, then he realized his arms were bare. In a panic he reached for his hoodie and pulled it over in a flash covering his body from the mans view. Naruto began to get angry.

    “Yeah well shows over! What the hell do you want?” Venom laced his words. His barrier of defense back up.

    “Hn. That’s too bad.” Itachi almost smirked as Naruto’s face turned to a look of horror and almost cherry red. ’What the hell does he mean by that?!’

    “I came to tell you dinner is ready so you can fallow me to the dinning room.” Itachi began walking down the hallway. In a rush of humiliation he stumbled to catch up to Itachi. It was moments later when they came to a rather big corridor leading into the dinning room. There sat his okasa and Fukagu facing each other both in a deep conversation. Tsunade was brought back from her chatter when she saw Naruto walk towards her and sit down in the chair next to her.

    “So Naruto do you like your room?” Naruto simply nodded. He didn’t really want to talk very much at the moment. Tsunade frowned at his lack of mannerism. Naruto watched as two servers brought each of them a plate of quite exquisite food. He was rather hungry, that is until he noticed Itachi sitting down in front of him. ‘Oh kami why me?’ Naruto wasn’t feeling so hungry anymore, despite not eating at all today. He observed the three of them all digging into there meals chatting incoherently about random things. He huffed and picked up his fork and swished it through the mixed vegetables and poked at the round meat looking thing he would assume to be a meat ball.

    “Naruto don’t play with your food. Why aren’t you eating?” Tsunade, Fukagu and yet again Itachi all had there gazes fixated on him. Way to much attention for his liking.

    “I’m…um not hungry really.” Tsunade’s smile dropped. Her eyes growing concerned.

    “Naruto you have not eaten all day.” Tsunade said with a tone that was all too familiar. Sure he has lost a lot of weight but isn’t that a good thing? Naruto did notice his ribs were begging to almost show. Itachi took note of the seriousness in Tsunade’s voice and stared back at the boy once more. ‘ So he has a eating disorder? I wonder why this boy is starving himself…’Itachi went back to his food as Naruto began taking small bites of his food. Every now and then he would steal quick glances at the blond. His features were not so bad. A lean face structure, soft blue eyes…But Itachi couldn’t help but notice how pained and tired he looked. He could tell there was something different about Naruto. His eyes seemed almost lifeless. Sad. Why would he feel like this though? Though Itachi didn’t really want to make it a part of his matters. Though Itachi was practically intoxicated with the boys dancing earlier. ‘Where did he learn to move like that?’And his voice was a whole other subject. Itachi was indeed impressed with the smalls boys voice. Who knew someone who looks so weak had such a powerful voice?

    Naruto was still overcome with humiliation as he sat at the table. He really didn’t want to be there.

    “So Itachi. Your father tells me your going to be in your last year of university. What is it you have taken up a study of?” Tsunade waited for Itachi’s response. Naruto couldn’t help but listen in.

    “I will be getting a degree in business ethics and hopefully take over Sharingan corporation for my father.” Itachi answered plainly in his deep voice. Naruto couldn’t help but here the hint of something in his voice. But what was it…It was almost as if he didn’t like the idea of his job.

    “Yes I plan for my son to be my apprentice as soon as his school finishes. He will be the one to keep my business running.” Fukagu put his hand on Itachi’s shoulder praising his son. Naruto was almost jealous. ‘ It must be nice…having a father like that…’ Naruto’s face visibly saddened. He always finds a way to make himself feel bad.

    “Naruto is there something wrong?” Fukagu question Naruto as he was confused to his expression.

    “Ah… Nothing. I’m tired. I think Ill go to bed now.” He stood from his seat. Tsunade was puzzled.

    “Naruto its only six O’clock. Are you sure your going to go to sleep now? Why don’t you stay and chat with us?” Naruto shook his head.

    “No I’m tired. I should really catch up on some sleep!” Naruto faked a smile and began to walk out the dinning room. Relieved he was finally away from them. He needed to be alone for a while. When Naruto was gone from plain sight Tsunade sighed and put her head in her hands.

    “Was it something I said Tsunade?” Tsunade looked up.

    “Eh? Oh, no. You didn’t do anything. Naruto…he just has a few problems we’ve been working on. You know from my last marriage.” Tsunade’s voice became low and pained. The whole table sat in silence. Itachi not completely up to date with what they were talking about.

    “Tsunade. Have they found him yet.” Fukagu’s voice was hard and serious. Itachi slightly confused. Tsunade shook her head.

    “No. And that’s why I am scared for Naruto…”

    “Tsunade I can assure you Naruto and you are completely safe here from that insufferable man. I promise you.” Tsunade nodded and smiled softly. She could only hope for Naruto’s happiness and safety. Itachi finally understood. He remembered his father saying something of importance about the boy and mother.

    “Itachi, there are a few things you should know about Tsunade and her son.” Itachi looked up from the book he was reading paying full attention to his father.

    “ Tsunade’s last marriage was a very dangerous one you see. Things happened that I care not to say out of respect. In short her Ex husband is currently wanted for trial.”

    “Trial? What are the charges?” Fukagu folded his hands as his elbows sat on his desk.

    “That’s not of importance. But just know that the charges are serious and there for very violent cases.”

    Itachi nodded. It must have been very serious if Fukagu is not even telling him the charges.

    “ Who was he?” Fukagu was silent for a moment before answering.

    “Orochimaru.” Itachi’s eyes almost went wide.

    “Tsunade was married to the Hebi clan leader..."

    “Hai. That is why we have to keep them safe. Tsunade will be moving in here with her boy Naruto for there well being.” Itachi watched his fathers face turn to that of great concern. His fiancé was with one of his fathers worst enemies. And now his wife may be in danger. ‘how will this ever work?’

    Itachi was now more curious then ever. What is Orochimaru being charged with. Itachi rose from the table excusing himself from his dinner. He began walking up towards his own room to sleep as well. Naruto wasn’t the only one who was tired. Itachi knew he would eventually find out what happened to the woman and boy. But he wasn’t in any rush to find out. He knew things would play out eventually.