• .Murderous Attempts.

    .Chapter Three.


    I sighed climbing off of the couch and out of my sleep once again.I walked over to the door after hearing banging on it.Looking out the window i gasped,I had to leave....Again.This time was because the police were outside with Darren.....Wait,Darren? Why was he here? After getting my coat and shoes on I grabbed my suitcase. I then walked outside where I saw my own bestfriend ready to shoot me.Tears welled up in my eyes."Darren...Why? I thought- "He cut me off. "You thought a-lot of things Jeremy.But,You never thought this would happen?" I wisghed and held back the tears,I didn't think this would happen,Again.I let out a loud chuckle as my heart shattered abd I started to go crazy. Darren's eyes widened,He'd seen this before.This time,He wouldn't be able to stop it,to stop me.I let my smirk come to my face as I once again had weapons in my hands. This was bad,Here came the real me.Darren gasped as I soon slaughtered his police friends.Soon there was only us two standing. One of us was going to Die. Darren started glaring at me. "You wouldn't-" This time I cut him off. "I would." I laughed as my smirk widened. "I'll make you just like Travis. " I took a step towards him but,I stopped at a familiar voice. " Jeremy,Stop. You know you don't want to hurt him. " I gasped and turned to see....Jake. "Jake?Where-" I was cut off once again. " i've been here since the beginning. " He pointed to the dead policemen. "That how you killed Travis?" I flinched and looked around me at my victim's bodies. I then smirked and shook my head licking my knife. "No. I did something much worse to Travis." I let a chuckle out,He jumped at my words. "Jeremy,What happened to the old you?" I frowned remembering my past. " He died when Travis left him behind." I could see the tears in Jake's eyes. He now knew why I never let anyone into my heart. "Jake! Run!" I grabbed the sides of my head,The other me was coming."s**t! Darren,Run! " Jake went over to the corner where he had came from. Darren dropped his gun and walked over to me.He hugged me. "Jeremy,Are you alright?" I felt the tears run down my cheeks. "I said Run!! " He held on tighter. "No! I won't leave you." I frowned. " But Darren,I Don't want to hurt you."