• She smiles at her friends telling them she's okay, but knowing that she really isn't. They believe what she says, and they leave to go home. She walks home alone, which isn't very far from the shop. As soon as she reaches the door, her mother opens it and started to yell at her. "Where the hell have you been?!" she said. "I'm sorry mom, I had to stay behind and help clean up." The girl said, looking down. "Come in here!" The mother yells some more.
    The girl sits on a chair, while her mother paces back and forth, staring at the girl. "Why do you look like that? Don't ever look like this again! I'll take everything away from you! I will disown you!" The mother screams at the girl. The girl nods her head, and leaves the room. "If I see you crying I'll slap you!" The mother said angrily.

    "Are you there?" The girl asks. "Of course, always." The voice says. The girl sits on the floor, and closes her eyes. "Is she mad at you again?" The voice asks. "Yes. She thinks i'm acting wierd, and she threatened to disown me." The girl says, her vioce quivering. "Oh, I see. Feel free to cry. Just release all of those feelings." The voice tells her. "I can't." She says. "Why not?" The voice asks. "She'll take everything away from me.." The girl started. "I don't want anyone to know, I don't want to trouble them.. I don't want to be selfish." She continued. Silence came. Out of the darkness, a sharp object slides accross the floor, and stops right in front of the girl. She stares at it. "It could end all of this suffering.." The girl whispers to herself. She reaches for it.

    In the end I changed my mind. To end my life and cause everyone pain? I'd be the selfish one here. I'm grateful to have a friend that can actually see through my mask, and that actually takes the time to ask whats wrong, even when those closest to me didn't. Thank you.