• Chapter 7- Visit

    It’s getting dark and I really should be on my way home now, but I find myself following the address that’s written on a piece of paper that Aya gave me. There’s no harm in trying so I guess it would be ok.
    There aren’t many houses in where they live, then I went through a forest just to get here. But I think I’m still inside the forest. The directions says that I should just head north but, I’ve been heading north for the past 45 minutes and I haven’t seen a single sign of civilization in here. It’s hard to admit but I think I’m lost. There’s nothing wrong with the direction but I guess I’m not good at finding or reading directions. This is bad; I’m stuck in the middle of a murky forest with no one around to help me.
    But wait. I brought my mobile phone with me.
    Finally, there’s hope. So I reached through my back pocket and grabbed my phone, and to my dismay…there isn’t any signal in here. What kind of place is this?
    There’s no hope but to walk and find someone to help me then, this sucks. I hate getting lost. I was walking in the forest when I stumbled into a medium sized rock and fell down. When I fell down, my knee hit the ground first.
    “Ouch, I think it’s bleeding,” I moaned as I looked at my knee. Great.
    Stopping in here isn’t such a good way so I just continued to walk. Walking in this dark and murky forest is scary and now, I’m sure that I’m really lost. I sighed at the thought of never getting out of here.
    What was that? I snapped my head to where it was coming from; the bushes.
    “W-Who’s there?”
    I watched as a dark silhouette emerged from the bushes. There was a small branch beside me so without thinking if it would be enough I grabbed it; bracing myself to hit whatever kind of animal comes out of there.
    “Seriously Fuka, do you think that that thing will stand against me?” said by a familiar voice.
    Of course he would be my first guess, “Kazu?”
    Do you think thing that thing will stand against me? Wait. I’ve heard those words before, but I can’t remember him saying it.
    “Why are you here?”
    “Well,” I looked at the ground to hide my face, “I haven’t seen you at school now since that whole incident at my house so I was…worried.”
    I didn’t look up; afraid to see what will be his initial thought of me worrying about me. I bet he thinks I like him.
    He sighed, “Let’s get your bruises treated.”
    “Ok,” I said as I followed behind him.
    He knows this place already so it was only a short walk. We stopped when we’re in front of a big old vintage gate. I looked at the house; it’s humongous. Their house maybe, but it seems quite old with vines hanging at the roof and a look that it’s been here for more than a century. He then opened the gate for me and gestured for me to go first. I walked along the stone pathway and stopped again but this time in front of a big double door. It was huge and has the same old look as the whole house. He opened it again for me and we both walked in this time.
    The inside of the house is what surprised me. It’s completely different from the outside of the house; it has a modern but a classic look. There’s a grand staircase in the middle with two doors; one on the left and one on the right. There’s big doors everywhere in this room, and by the looks of it, this is just the lobby of the house.
    “Wow, so different from the outside. It’s…beautiful.” I muttered, hoping he wouldn’t hear me.
    “Follow me” he said as he walked toward left side of the big staircase then started to open the door.
    I followed him and entered the room that he walked in.
    I was amazed by how many books were in here and by how big this room is. Everything is organized and there’s a big white bed in the middle of the room with two side tables; one in each side of the bed. I can feel the breeze from the balcony at the end of this room and the curtains flowing. I glanced at my left and saw an ordinary door that has a label that says ‘closet’ by its door. And a large black sofa at one side of the room. Judging by the looks of it, it’s his room.
    “Here,” Kazu said as he tossed a white box to me.
    First aid kit? “Thanks”
    Then he left the room again.
    I sat at the big black chair near his book shelves and started to treat my knee. Pain only occurred to me when I started to put some medicine and some bandage. Kazu entered the room when I had just closed the box.
    “Thanks,” I said as I place the box in a side table.
    Silence and awkwardness filled the room. I’m waiting for him to say something or continue what he was going to say at my house. But I guess…
    “I’m leaving now, thanks again,” I said as I stood up from the chair
    “No…don’t leave.”
    I was surprised but I looked at him, waiting for him to continue.
    “I-I’m sorry about how I acted the past few days,” then he sighed
    “I’m waiting for an explanation,” I demanded
    “I’m dealing with certain problems as we speak. And as a result, I haven’t been eating well and…” he trailed off
    So that’s why he’s acting strange. Problems plus no eating equals get mad at Fuka. It’s a lousy reason but at least he explained it to me. And this is a first so, I guess I could let this slide just this once.
    I just sighed, “You’re forgiven.” I don’t know why but I couldn’t stand it when he’s like that; all sorry and sad, unlike his strong and annoying attitude.
    “But I’m serious about you not leaving.” Then he looked at me
    “Why? I’m perfectly capable of going home by myself.”
    “Perfectly huh?” he said as he looked at my bandaged knee. He’s certainly back to his old self now; annoying. But I’m glad.
    I didn’t respond but just glared at him.
    “But…if I’m staying here, how about school tomorrow?”
    “That’s easy, we’ll go to school together.”
    “You’re impossible,” I muttered
    “How’d you know where I live?” changing the topic all of a sudden.
    He changed the topic but his question caught me off guard so there’s no point of trying to think of a lie to cover it up, “Aya gave me your address”
    “My address?”
    “Yea, why?”
    “Nevermind,” he said as he walked toward the sofa.
    “Um…where do I sleep?”
    “The bed, you’re the guest.”
    “Ok…but Kazu is it all right if I stay here? And I don’t mind sleeping on the sofa.”
    “Yes, if you’re worried about the people staying in here well hence your concerns cause there’s no one else in here. I don’t want you to sleep in the guest room down stairs all alone, but if you want it’s fine for me.”
    No way, sleeping in a dark and large room would scare the death out of me, so I just shook my head in a gesture of no.
    “But Kazu…I thought you lived with your grandmother?”
    “That was before, I just moved in here. You should sleep now,”
    “Ok…” I answered as I sat on the bed “If you’re going to take me to school tomorrow, how about my uniform?”
    “Sleep,” he commanded
    I just sighed, “Ok…Good night” I said as I laid down on the bed
    “Hn,” was his only answer then he switched off the lights.
    The night passed by quickly, and when I opened my eyes it was already morning. I can see the light from the sun peaking into the window. I’m still on Kazu’s house then. I sat up to see if Kazu’s all right in the sofa.
    “He’s not here,”
    I stood up and went to the sofa, there’s a note.
    Good Morning,
    Your clothes are on the closet. Out for breakfast, be back to bring you some.
    I sighed as I went to the closet, opened it and grabbed my uniform hanging by the side. Finding a place to change was a first. Luckily, at the end of the hallway of clothes, there’s a door that says bathroom. Good.
    I changed swiftly, wanting to find and thank him for all his trouble. Went out of the door and then walked down the stairs. This house really is big, too big for me.
    “Did you sleep well?”
    I was startled and looked behind me, it’s Kazu.
    “Yeah, thanks again. And um, you said something about breakfast?” I looked at the floor, embarrassed to ask him about it after of all he’s done for me, but I’m really hungry.
    “Yes, it’s in the car. Let’s go.” He said as he gestured towards the door.
    He walked me out of the door and outside the gate there was a black BMW convertible car. Wow.
    “Yours?” I asked out of disbelief
    “Yes, come on.” He answered as he walked outside the gate then opened the passenger’s door for me.
    I followed him and slid into the car. The car’s digital clock says it’s only 6am. It’s too early, at least for me.
    “I didn’t know you drive to school with this.”
    “Don’t make such a fuss out of it, it’s just an ordinary car. I just happen to like the design and by how fast it goes.”
    Show off. “Where’s my breakfast?”
    “In the back seat,”
    “Do you always go to school this early? Wow.” I asked then started to nibble on some bread.
    “Yes, too early? But it’s nice to go to school this early; there’s isn’t too many students around there yet.”
    “Getting chased by girls?”
    “Yes,” he said in a disgusted tone, I guess he doesn’t like it.
    “I thought so. And if they see me with you, there’s a chance that they’ll beat me up for it.” I laughed at the thought.
    “Do you get carsick?” he suddenly asked out of the blue
    “No, why?”
    “Good,” he answered back then he held the wheel and drifted to face the other way and then drove real fast. It was a rough ride with no concrete road and all. Then he finally turned left after the big oak tree and we we’re now at some decent road.
    “Sorry about that,” he apologized
    “Yeah, yeah but could you drive slowly now? That was scary!” I said facing him.
    He laughed with amusement, “I guess that means I won’t be driving you out for a while.”
    “That wasn’t funny, we could have died because of that.”
    “Fuka relax, I’ve never been to a car accident in my whole life.”
    “Show off,” I muttered in my breath
    “Fuka…” he was all serious now
    “Have you…heard about the recent killings of an animal these past few days?”
    “Yes, why?”
    “Do you think that the culprit were animals?”
    What’s he getting at this time with all his weird questions? “Would you believe me if I say that I was attacked by those animals?”
    “Rain was heavy that night and I got lost because of it. I took a wrong turn and bumped into one of them. And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an animal. It was…human, well it looked like a human being but it didn’t look like one. He was going to kill me but…there was this guy. He saved me before that thing devoured me, but before I could thank him I fainted. And the next thing I knew I was back in my room; like nothing happened. But the strange thing about it is the guy that saved me seems to know those monsters like he’s one of them, and yet he saved me. It’s weird.” After I told him about my little tale I looked at him, waiting for a reaction of disbelief, but his face was composed.
    “That sounds absurd and no one would believe you if you tell anyone about it.”
    I laughed with no humor, “Yeah, I know it’s silly. But I’m not planning on telling anyone about it, even my friends don’t know it. Just you.”
    “We’re here now,” he said as he turned the engine down.
    I didn’t notice it until he said it. He parks at the back of the school, I guess that’s why I don’t see him go home or his car. Like before, he opened the door for me.
    “You go ahead of class now, I have some things to take care of,”
    “Like what?” Ops, I guess I really shouldn’t have said that. it’s none of my business after all. “Uh…sorry, you don’t have to answer that.”
    He smiled at me, “I have to go and talk to a friend of mine. It’s all about my recent transfer of house.”
    “Uh…ok, don’t be late then.”
    He didn’t say anything but instead, smiled at me. I like that smile of his; so care free and warm. After that, I walked to the classroom, not surprised to see that there weren’t many students yet. I sat at my chair and started doodling on a piece of paper. It wasn’t long until I heard the door open, I looked but surprised to see that it was Aya; wow that’s a surprise, it’s too early for her.
    “Morning Fuka!” she cheerfully greeted
    “Morning, what’s up? Why so early, it’s kind of strange.”
    “Yeah, I know. Couldn’t sleep last night, I was guilty…about something.”
    I raised my brow in disbelief; Aya isn’t the kind of person to feel guilty about something if it isn’t that big.
    “Remember the address that I gave you, it was wrong. I was asking around for Akasu’s address until this one guy gave me his address, but I realized that it was wrong when one of our classmates told me that he lives far from here and there’s no house in that area.”
    There certainly wrong about the fact that there’s no house in there but for someone to know that address is weird. “Do you know who’s this guy who gave you the address?”
    “Well, the weird thing is that I’ve never seen that guy before.”
    “That certainly is weird. Aya, cover up for me when our first teacher arrives ok?”
    “Yeah sure.”
    Then I walked out of our classroom to find Kazu. There really is something weird going on. I must be at least sure that he’s all right. But when I opened the door, I saw Kazu; about to open the door.
    “You all right?” I asked him, but he sure looks all right
    “Yes, why, is there something that doesn’t look all right in me?”
    “No. We need to talk,” I looked around; noticing that students are coming in now, “but not here.”
    “The rooftop,” I think he got the message it’s serious.
    We both headed out for the rooftop, good thing our classroom is near the door to it, or else this would have been impossible; not with all the girls always noticing and following him.
    “So, what is it that you want to tell that we have to get up here for some privacy?” he asked
    “The address…the one that Aya gave me, it was given to her by an unknown student of this school but she haven’t noticed that student ever since. It’s weird, plus the people from here know that you live far so why would that guy know your current address if you just moved? I mean…”
    “You think that there is someone out there following my every move and that I’m in danger?”
    “Yeah, something like that. You should be careful, cause you can’t trust anyone in this world. Not even me. And you should lessen your display of luxury.”
    “Luxury?” he asked, sounding like he doesn’t know what I mean.
    I sighed, “Your cars, your way of living. Or even that big house of yours.”
    “Seriously, you don’t even notice that?” I muttered to myself, saying this to him won’t make some sense out of it. Now that he has only realized it.
    “You should be careful, I can’t have my new friend dying on me now.” I giggled trying to lighten the conversation; being too serious is not my thing.
    “I suggest that you worry about yourself instead of other people. That trait of yours will get you killed someday.” I was expecting a more carefree answer but he was serious.
    “I don’t care. And see, you don’t even believe me.”
    “I believe you. But it’s hard to believe that you got all that in just a few minutes. I should be careful, you’re smarter than I first gave you credit for.”
    Careful? Now why should he be careful, is he hiding something? I couldn’t understand him.
    “Thank you though, we should get back to class now or we’ll be late,” he said as he looked at his wrist watch.
    Darn, I wish he wouldn’t say that. I’m really not in the mood to attend classes this morning, it’s too dull and…boring.
    “You face is telling me that you don’t want to attend class.” He smirked
    I sighed, “I don’t have a choice, do I?”
    “Ditching is healthy from time to time but I guess you shouldn’t on this one. I think they’re telling us about a book report we’re having. It would be interesting, I promise.”

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