Even with daily contact, it's still hard to be living in separate houses again. The only reason for the challenge to be more difficult is because we never know when the contract will be activated. We never know when our last day together is.

    .:{{Kai's Perspective}}:.

    As soon as my precious Arisa disappeared in the distance with Matsuda and Kira, my complexion dissolved into apathy and I kept my placement near the front door for another few minutes. I drug myself back inside to a near-empty premises. The rooms of the house moaned an eerie howl and the joyful atmosphere was gone; it departed along side Arisa. The warmth and joy of arriving she radiated was now decimated.

    "I'll be visiting," I reminded myself. It seemed both Arisa and I felt as though it were a permanent departure. Hopefully she would return before she leaves for good...

    I already possessed the desire to visit Arisa but it was prohibited until tomorrow. My visits would be limited to once a day for up to four hours--that was what we all had agreed on. I was unsure of whether we would be allowed to depart anywhere or not. Either way, I wanted Arisa; I desired to hold her and feel her bare skin against mine and breathe her. My lust for her was almost ludicrous; I had never desired a woman so much in my prolonged life.

    There were no women within comparison to Arisa. The only reason women would look in my direction was because of my Vampire complexion that I couldn't hide--it was a Vampire's nature to be beautiful to lure victims into a trap. I had assumed Ayame truly loved me but all I was to her was a toy, a last resort. But Arisa never thought of me as such. Sure, she was swooned by my appearance but she was one filled with the desire to break into me to decimate my shell. She was a girl--woman--beyond anyone I had met for the hundred or more years I have been a Vampire.

    Despite how Arisa was always singled out in her youth, she was always my number one.


    With a small twitch, I woke up to see the moon rays flooded through the bedroom window and emulating off of my bare torso. Looking to my right, that particular area was empty. I sighed, reminiscing how I would normally wake up with Arisa in my arms and her back held against my torso. The physical warmth of her skin would seep through her nightgown and onto my skin. Of course, that was merely a fa├žade now. Right when we had adjusted to sleeping in the same bed almost daily, Arisa leaves again.

    Glancing over at the alarm clock, it read that it was nine fourteen at night. Maybe she would be awake for one phone call. Separation anxiety was sinking into me. Pulling my phone out of my pocket, I speed-dialed Arisa's number and I waited, anticipating the moment I would hear her voice again.

    "Kai...?" Arisa answered.

    "Arisa," I breathed her name, swayed by her delicate voice.

    "Why are you calling? Is everything okay?" she asked, almost sounding concerned.

    "I'm just checking up on you," I pursed my lips together. "I miss you already."

    "I miss you so much..." she squeaked. "I'm so discombobulate with all that's going on."

    "Did you eat?"

    There was a long pause before Arisa responded, "No, I'm not hungry,"

    I sighed, somewhat agitated, "You need to eat,"

    "I'm not hungry," she snapped on me and then gasped. "I'm sorry..."

    "You're fine, Arisa," I smiled sentimentally. "Please just do me a favor and ingest something. You'll get sick again."

    There was an unsteady sigh heaved out of Arisa's chest, "For you I will," her voice rose a few octatives.

    "I'll be over tomorrow," I promised. "I'll be over."

    "I know but I want to go back with you," she sniffed. "I want to sleep next to you--I want you to hold me and to never loosen your grip."

    "If I were authoritatively capable, I would without a second thought," I mumbled. The contract could start acting up by the time Arisa could return.

    "Go eat," I advised her. "I'll be over tomorrow."

    Arisa sniffed again, causing my deceased heart to break, "I love you, Kai,"

    The way she said that rolled over me like the finest silk. I sighed and smiled halfheartedly, "I love you even more," Even after Arisa hung up, I listened to the prolonged, monotone buzz.

    I finally closed my cell phone and pressed it against my forehead. A deep sigh escaped my mouth and I reached next to me to stroke Mom's head. He purred a little quieter than usual. His mood would always decline dramatically with Arisa's absences. Whenever she would fall ill, Momo would always be at her side. Whenever Arisa would stride in through the front doors, Momo would be the first to trot up to her. Arisa was his master and it was palpable that he enjoyed her company just as much as I did.

    "Looks like you and I are on the same boat," I chuckled halfheartedly as Momo rolled onto his back for me to stroke his stomach.

    I heaved out another sigh and winced; I was parched. I hadn't fed for a few days because of Arisa's numerous amounts of injuries from Minoru and Kaiba. My throat was an inferno and it took me a while to realize how painful it truly was. Gripping onto my throat, I climbed off of the bed and grabbed my car keys. I departed out of the house and into my car without another thought. I was excessively thirsty for blood; I wasn't going after Arisa, however. I was departing into the city to become the monster I loathed once more.


    Pulling my fangs out of my victim, she collapsed into unconsciousness in my arms. I gently laid her down on the ground and put a little bit of pressure against the wound. My sanity was high enough to where I wouldn't go on another spree like I did when I rid myself of Arisa in January. From this victim, I consumed enough blood to the point where she would slip into unconsciousness but she wouldn't perish.

    "Still not as delectable as Arisa's," I mumbled, wiping blood off of my mouth with my sleeve.

    I leaned against the wall opposite of the unconscious girl. She was honestly probably fifteen or sixteen years of age--I assumed she was on her way to a date. My eyes never tore off of the girl; what I just did will probably scar her if she would remember anything. I couldn't even contemplate how many lives I had ruined for my survivors. I most likely ruined as many lives as I decimated.

    "Ruined..." I mused. Had I ruined Arisa's life when I kidnapped her? Did she ever feel as though she were held against her will?

    Plunging my fangs into my wrist, I gathered my own blood in my mouth and approached the girl once more. I tilted her head and smeared the blood against the wound to numb it--one action I hadn't done for a victim in a long time. This attack just got me thinking deeply, though. Certain--seemingly insignificant--actions that alter the whole course of one's life. Arisa's life was altered enough after nearly her whole family died off, and I didn't make it any more normal when I carelessly kidnapped her. She seemed okay with it, though--she never considered the orphanage a home.

    I really should have known better than to fall in love with Arisa, and she should have known better than to fall in love with me. It was incredibly dangerous for us to be infatuated because it lowers our defenses. It causes Arisa to become frequently ill when her stress levels would incline from my periodic absences. I couldn't even fathom how ill she would fall now that we were separated once more.

    After staring at the girl for several more minutes, I made my decision and I scooped her up into my arms. I shut my eyes and teleported near the hospital in a split half second. There were no patients visible in the waiting room from where I was standing on the outside. However, I couldn't risk people seeing me; not with my mouth and clothes doused in the girl's blood. I merely laid her down on the ground in front of the revolving doors and took off in a sprint.


    Once back to an empty home, I collapsed onto the bed and ran my hands over my face and sighed deeply. My thirst was satisfied but the blood was nowhere near as delectable and alluring as Arisa's. Just the scent alone was enough to unleash a Vampire's fetish. Arisa's blood was a gift for creatures but a curse for her. Much like her sister's blood, only it was a curse for all.

    "How many times must I reiterate everything to myself?" I mumbled to myself and sighed while chiseling off some of the blood from my cheeks.

    There was an audible hiss and I glanced over to see Momo all hunched up and eying me. I must have appeared as a monster with the blood all over me. I was a monster; I couldn't rid myself of that nature. Climbing off of the bed again, I entered the bathroom with Momo still keeping his eyes on me until I shut the door. I washed the blood off of my face, removed my shirt, and threw it in the hamper in the bathroom. There was blood also on my chest from my shirt and I opted to just jump into the shower all together. With the boiling water trickling down me, I leaned against the shower stall wall and sighed. The habitat was eerily quiet without Arisa around; it was almost unbearable to me. Knowing that she wasn't in the bedroom playing with Momo or taking a nap caused my separation anxiety to increase.

    I lusted after Arisa, badly, but, at the same time, it was the last thing I would want to do is to make love with her.