• He's sleeping so close, i can feel his breathe. He looks so peaceful and childish I wish he would always act like that. But he doesn't have the easiest life. That's why he came here again. He's weak...very weak. Just wondering though... how the hell did he get in my room? Why is he in my bed? Why was he holding me?

    " You ok?" His eyes slowly open. He looks at me as if he is in so much pain.
    " Hang on Ill get you some water!" Thats all that i can say at the moment. I would usually yell at him, but he is sick. Must have slept in another back alley or something. But, thats just how he is, and what he does.

    This may be the thrird time he has been sick. Everytime he's over, my parents have no idea. They wouldnt approve it. They wouldnt understand what he has to face. I honestly dont know, but i know enough.
    " Here drink this Benz." Oh my god... he's covered in blood, wounds everywhere, and has no energy to get up. I lift his head up. " Open your mouth." His light green eyes stare at me, then he grins. " Open your mouth." As he finishes the drink he sit up. His eyes are showing the expression his mouth can't.
    "Sorry Lovely" he says as he lays his head on my lap. I ruffle his soft hair. " Dont worry, we'll talk about it tomorrow. He smiles at me. I begin to blush. Why does he have that affect on me?

    I lift him up, off my bed. Dragging him to the bathroom i say " You need help? Istare at him, he looks so tired. I run the shower and lock the bathroom door. I begin pulling off his clothes. Normally, this would be wierd to do but h e is so weak.Besides, he can sleep in my bed as long as he's clean. I push him in the shower. Grabbing the washcloth, cleaning his wounds and washing the blood off.. I f Benz wasn't half asleep he would have killed me. I grabbed an old jershey, and put it on him. His body's very warm. He already had anothe r pair of pants with him, so i helped him put them on. I look away knowing what i see may shock me. *me: XP* I carry him back to my bedroom, lay him down. I lie right next to him, but dont do anything that would cause him to hate me. Poor benz... I grab on to him, kind of to keeep him safe, so no one else can hurt him.

    I turn to the side as i awake. Benz is staring at me wide eyed . " You look cute when your asleep. I blush " whatever benz, anyway why..." I look over at him. He's wearing a black t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and red converse high tops. In other words the dirty clothes, he was wearing yesterday. " what happened last night benz?" he grins. " I ran away again,. I thne ran into a gang." He pause s for a second. "Benz, did you know them. Im really worried about him. This happens alot. " Anyway, they jumped me , elaving me out in the cold. I had no where to go so i came here." He leans over to me a kisses me softly on the lips. " Thanks for carrying." I pat his head, grabbing his neck. I bite his ear ( :U evil.) He lets out a wierd noise " What the hell!" I laugh at him. I love him. Even thought he is a mysterous boy, he is my best friend. He just has to stop doing this. He is hurting the ones that loves him most...including me.

    * I will be back later to type tthe rest of the story...peace...hope you enjoyed.*