• Fireheart
    “…..sometimes there is nothing you can do but burst…”

    As I looked off into the distance, I swear I could see them, those piercing green eyes just staring, at me and I had no clue why. And then I realized, this is my enemy and a surge of power and energy surged through my veins, and then there was a flash of bright light and then, nothing just darkness.

    some people say I’m a freak, others just stay away except for my best friend Dennis. If you’re wondering were all this started, keep reading, but if you’d rather keep searching the shelf for another book, that’s fine with me.
    It started in third grade, and with me you’ll never find me without a picture of my dad in my pocket. My father died in a mysterious fire outside of town, so says everyone in the world. But I know-not think-know that that’s not all what happed that there’s more behind the story, something that can lead to who or what I am. At Clearwood Elementary, there is this fifth grader named Riley Cork and his followers who laugh at his jokes who does anything Riley tells them to but I think that there just a bunch of kids who don’t feel like getting picked on every day. It was October third, and while I was sitting in the corner while Dennis was on the other side of the lot kicking a ball back and forth to his other friend. Riley walks over but I don’t even notice because I’m staring at the picture of my dad, the deep creases of being unfolded and refolded all the time. And then my father was gone, out of my hands into the grimy hands of Riley .”Aw does the little baby miss her daddy?””Give it back Riley!” there was a crack in my voice because I was trying real hard not to cry. “Aww is the little baby gonna cry?” now tears were breaking through “no just give it back please!” At this point I was crying. One of his followers said “dude her dads dead just give her back her picture.” Riley Turned back and gave him an evil glare, “what?” “uhh never mind” he chickened out. At this point a lot of the kids were staring. Finally Riley turned back to me and then ripped my picture down the middle, “whoops!” he said with the sound of laughter in his voice and then he ripped it up some more, I just stared in complete silence because I couldn’t talk while I was crying my eyes out. And then, He did the worst possible thing he could do, he threw it over the fence and it landed onto the street with cars driving over it. He and his followers laughed and trotted back. I got so mad I started to shake, and then there was screaming as Riley’s backside caught on fire, I knew it was my fault but I just let out a little giggle. Dennis ran over and said “what did you do that for?” I looked and pointed with my eyes over the edge and he saw the picture,”oh” was all he could say. Dennis and my Mom are the only ones who know my secret, I’m a Fire Thrower, which means I can control fire and I can start it. I usually try not to, but like my dad, I can’t control it if I get to mad, and if you’ve hadn’t already guessed, my dad died in a battle with and enemy, the enemy with no name. As I was on my way home I was searching through my back pack for the house key and there I saw it, the picture of my father in perfect condition, with the over creased creases. To myself I looked up and whispered “ thank you.”

    Chapter Two
    As the bus rolled up to mine and Dennis’s stop we jumped out and headed for my house. Right when we walked in my Mother knew something was up. Not just because my eyes were a navey blue instead of the icy blue they usually are. Most people on my father’s side assumed I would either be an ice thrower or a mortal, but they were wrong, I was like my father in almost every way. “Wimb, what’s wrong?” My mother is overly protective about me in some ways, always fearing I run off in secret like my dad to be in battle and never come home. “Nothing” I mumbled. She put a firm hold on my chin so didn’t turn away and stared into my now bright amber eyes. “What happened at school” “It was Riley”, Dennis said with fierce aggravation, he often got overly protective also. “Again? What did he do this time?” He didn’t even have to answer by the red puffiness in my eyes to know what he did this time, but in her eyes all I saw was fierce protectiveness of her daughter and then solemn grief for her lost best friend and lover.
    It’s been five years since then and with ought my mother knowing it I have been sneaking out at midnight to do some training because I know that one day, one day I will defeat that man who killed my father, that man who caused so many of our kind grief a man who I’m not even sure is a man with a piece of ice for a heart with no soul who I hope, burns in hell, or at some point burns in my flames from my hands that just might warm his heart and when he begs for forgiveness I won’t give it to him because he killed so many of us for superior power, that devil of a man who doesn’t even deserve to live.

    We’ve nick-named him N.S for nameless soul, but I think it should be N.M nameless murderer That was all six years ago and now I’m sixteen and I go to Clearwood High. My trainer was a friend of my father, who trained him as well he’s a nature thrower two but he’s been training very well and for a very long time. He can throw Fire, Wind, Earth, and water. Every time we battled, I always lost but I knew I would eventually beat him because that devil of a man was ten times harder than Scott and I had to defeat him in revenge.
    “Keep your Eyes locked, chin straight!”Ordered Scoot as we were battling. I was panting heavily with the force of his blows and the force of mine. “C’mon! You can do better than that if you want to beat N.S!” That just ticked me off when he mentioned that name and then I let my fire release, and gave a jump kick straight to the chest and Scott landed with a thump on the hardwood floor.
    “Well done”
    I just stared, holding my side squinting in pain. “You should work on your concentration though, and quick as lightning he tried to sidekick the left side of my head, but I was ready for him and just before the blow hit my face, I quickly went to the floor and kicked my feet under his and knocked him down and put my foot on his chest, “like that?” walking towards my bike to go home “hey” he shouted and I lifted my hand to catch my water bottle before riding off. When I got home I tried quietly as possible to get some ice from our noisy, old fridge, for my throbbing side. I really need to convince mom to let me get a mini-fridge for my room, I thought to myself. I crept silently up our stairs, carefully avoiding the squeaky step I quickly got into my favorite sweats and a tee and crawled into bed, quickly finishing of the water left in the water bottle. It only seemed like I was asleep for 5 seconds until my alarm went off. “Gah!” I said in surprise and rolled off my bed and landing face first on the floor. “ow” I said, my voice muffled from the carpet. As I sluggishly walked into the bathroom, I looked at my side for the first time. Covering about two of my ribs was what looked like a splatter of ink tattooed into my skin. Crap, I groaned silently to myself. How am I gonna hide this one from mom. And then I thought, Oh! Gym accident good one Wimb! As I quickly jumped into the shower, letting the warm water run down my long, red hair, I kept thinking on what attack move I should try tonight. I didn’t come up with much, because I had to keep track of time. I quickly got out of the steam filled shower and thrown on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt grabbing a jacket.
    Naturally, most people who know my secret would think I hated water or anything to do with it, but there wrong. I love the water and the snow. I guess it’s because I’m always surrounded by heat and with the heat inside me it’s good to cool off once and a while.

    Dennis met me at the bus stop as usual. If you’re wondering what he looks like he has jet black hair and Caribbean blue eyes. The only reason Dennis knows my secret is because he’s a nature thrower to. But he is a little weird. It is all about darkness. Not like the other nature throwers who mainly focus on fire, wind,water. His dad walked out on him and his mom when he was little so his mom takes a double shift at the supermarkets in town. That could explain the jet black hair. Most kids don’t consider him a freak so he has more of a social life than me. But he’s a fairly happy person until it comes to N.S. or someone picking on me. I don’t get why don’t ask me, He’s just always been that way.
    “Hey Wimb!”
    “Hi D”
    “How was training last night?”
    “brutal, you?” Dennis’s trainer is Jerry, a man oblivious to nature throwing but very good at fighting. Every once and a while he trains with me and Scott.
    “Eh, Jerry’s not so bad, But I could still kick his butt.”
    “uh huh sure you can” But when I spoke the bus pulled up.
    “Uhhggg” I groaned.
    I pointed with my eyes, “school” Dennis gave his crooked smile and climbed abored the bus and I trailed along.
    Chapter -four
    School was fine, but when I came home my mom was in her room crying and then I looked at the calendar. Shoot! Today’s my dad’s birthday, and the anniversary of his death. I knew it was today but I tried not to think about it, I guess it just hurts, more than a flame-trust me I know how that feels- I quickly went in to her room. “Mom? Are you okay?” she quickly looked up, startled. She sniffed then said, “Oh! Wimb, yes I’m fine but then I felt the tears escape as I held them in for so long and I ran to her, sobbing now. “I know, I know I miss him to.” “Mom, step back, please.” “What?” “MOM HURRY!” And then did she know what I meant, and quickly ran to the kitchen and steeling a glance at the red-colored tears that ran from my bright red eyes. And then the carpet caught on fire. Mom quickly ran in amd sprayed it before it could spread. Ofcourse I could control in if I was in control but unfortunately I wasn’t. And no, I do not cry blood, its just that’s what happens when I cry, my father said the same thing, but it only happens when you are sad and angry at the same time.

    That night I decided to skip training, because I know my mom knows now about all of that but she doesn’t mention it, And for skipping I am probably going to get face mauled off by Pate, which is fine for me, now that I beat him once I can do it again. No problem. For dinner mom made dad’s favorite, Mac & Cheese, my dad was just an over grown kid. We ate silently one and a while sneak a peek at each other, after about the twentieth-billion time she look my way, I glanced up and asked, “what?!, I’m not going to start another outburst if that’s what you’re thinking!” “Wimberley Anne! Don’t you dare use that tone of voice with me!” Crap! She played the middle name card. “Uhg I’m going outside!” I say as I was walking towards the kitchen sink to put my plate away. “Fine, be back before ten.” But I didn’t catch the last words because the door slammed behind me and I was sprinting towards the woods. Dennis probably saw me from the tops of the trees-he likes to climb- because when I finally reached the clearing, he was there. He probably smelled the smoke before he saw my eyes and walked over, arms spread and hugged me. At first I was very shocked and confused, but I shrugged it off and hugged him back. When he finally released his choking embrace on me he said, “Okay you had to pick this very day to pick a fight with your mom?””Well I’m sorry if she keeps staring at me as if I was going to burst into flames, but not just me, but me bursting her in flames also, sometimes I think she’s afraid of me.”I looked away. Then without no sudden warning he stepped closer to me, took a firm hold of my chin and before I could react, he kissed me.