• I had made a new batch of cookies and was paking everything up so I could go back to my dorm.
    Alexander blushed and scratched the back of his head. "Listen... Uhm... If you aren't doing anything tonight maybe you would like to go out with me and a few of my friends? We're just going out to a local bar."
    I smiled and shrugged. "Sure. Why not? I dont have anything else to do."
    Hm... The American likes going to bars and drinking with people... He seems more human then a lot of other people I know... Interesting...
    My sudden fasination with him sort of scared me, but I had never known there was an American in the school, or in this city to be exact. So I guess it was okay to be alittle curious about him.
    His face brightened. "Great." He pulled a few lose hairs back behind his ear and revealed a few peirces. "Then how about we go to your dorm so we can drop that stuff off and then go to the bar right after?"
    I glanced at his peircing's and nodded. "Yeah. I think that would be better then carrying it around all over the place. But what about your bag?"
    He chuckled. "I can just keep it in my car."
    I nodded and zipped up my back pack. "Sounds good."
    He turned away and started for the door.
    I followed behind him and veiwed over his clothing from behind.
    Blue skinny jeans and a T-shirt that had a singer named Miyavi typed in swirly writing over an image of a broken heart. And then nice looking red sneakers.
    He dresses like a human... He talks like a human... So he must be a human.
    We walked outside and then into a large building for the students to use as their rooms.
    I walked into my dorm and set my things down near the door.
    Alexander stood in the door way and looked around. "Wow... It looks really nice."
    I chuckled and took my shoes off. "Thanks. Come in if you want to."
    He stepped in and looked around again. "It's like every step I take it gets better." He grinned.
    Posters of my favorite bands were hung up on the walls, along with posters of my favorite movies and anime series were also taped up.
    Alexander gasped and pointed to a poster of an anime called Air Gear. "I love that one! It's so funny!" He burst.
    I chuckled. "Really? I can give it to you if you would like. I have a few copies of it I got from one of my friends."
    His eyes sparkled. "You would do that?"
    I nodded. "Sure. Your taking me out for drinks aren't you? I should pay you back in any way I can."
    {Hee hee. Remember these words people.}
    He nodded.
    I bent down and took out the tin full of cookies and set it on a small table near the door, just so I would remember to bring it to my mom.
    We left and arrived at the bar.
    Alexander's friends were already there and already buzzed.
    "You guys started without me?" He whinned.
    They all looked at me and smiled. "Yeah."
    Alexander sighed and gave up. "Whatever. This is Karumi. He goes to our school."
    They nodded.
    A girl giggled. "I've seen him around before. He seemed very focused and deep in his work the whole time. So I never thought it would be a good idea to talk to him. I even heard him talking to himself once."
    I looked away, feeling myself stiffen.
    If I wanted to be bugged by someone I could go to my grandparents house and hear them b***h about how a man shouldnt be learning how to cook. 'It's a women's job to do the cooking.' They would say.
    Alexander jumped when he saw how annoyed I was. "Uh! She didnt mean it like that! She meant to say that she never got to talk to you because she was so busy and had to study hard at the time." He lied.
    I looked down at him and cocked an eyebrow. "Are you sure? Didnt seem like that to me."
    The girl took a large swallow of her drink and stood up from her seat. "I gotta go. See you guys at school."
    I watched her leave and then took her seat.
    Alexander took the seat next to me and sighed. "Sorry about her. She can be a real bother. I dont even know why any of these pricks hang out with her."
    "Sex." Blurts another one of Alexander's friends, a smug look on his face.
    I chuckled. "Oh really?"
    He nodded. "Oh yeah. Have you seen her rack?"
    "I wasnt paying attention to that." I grin.
    He growled and took a drink from his bear.
    Alexander asked the bar tender for a white russian.
    I nodded. "Same here."
    {A white russian consist's off Vodka and Khalua along with a small amount of cream}
    Alexander grinned. "You like white russian's, huh?"
    I nodded again. "I think their really good."
    "Ever had one right away in the morning?" He asks getting a cheeky look on his face.
    I shook my head. "No. You?"
    He shook his head. "Me either."
    I laughed. "I see."
    "What other drinks do you like?"
    "Bear, Lime shots and rum with coca cola, mainly." I say shrugging.
    He grinned. "I love those drinks."
    The bar tender came over with our drinks.
    I took the glass and threw my head back, taking the drink down easily. Feeling my head get lighter then air and my eyes going out of focus for a second or two.
    Alexander laughed and tried to copy me, but choked and started coughing.
    I smacked his back. "Are you alright?"
    He nodded and coughed again.
    I chuckled and poured more of the drink into his glass. "Pace yourself, kid. I dont want you hacking up a lung or killing your liver."
    He smiled and took a small sip of the drink. "Yeah, yeah. I know. I shouldn't have done something so..."
    "Dumb?" I ask taking his glass and putting it to my lips.
    He jumped and blushed.
    I took a sip and felt the cold drink rush to my stomach. I set the glass down and licked my lips.
    He blinked and swallowed.

    After ten glasses of White Russians and Rum with coke in it we were out of the bar.
    The bar tender started to get annoyed with us laughing and taking loudly, causing other people to leave in annoyance.
    We stumbled to my dorms front door and burst into laughter.
    I gripped the wall to keep myself up and laughed harder as I watched Alexander stumble alittle. I took out my key and slowly slipped it in.
    A warm hand grazed over my a** but I didnt pay much attention because of the liquor that had gone to my head like poison. The hand stopped and squeezed softly. This got some of my interest, but I was more focused on opening the front door of my dorm.
    The key turned and I opened the door with some difficulties trying to grab the dang thing at first.
    We walked in and I closed the door behind us.
    Alexander groaned and leaned against the wall. "I'm so waisted... Do you have any alcohol?" He asks smirking.
    I laughed and shook my head. "Nope... I have cookies though."
    He grinned and nodded. "I want." He said sounding like child.
    I laughed and grabbed the tin. "Okay, okay. Only because I love you." I tease.
    He gasped. "Oh my god. I love you too. I'm so happy you like me. At first I thought you hated me. But I... It's so great that we love each other." He babbled.
    I blushed. "Aw. Alexander loves someone!" I teased laughing.
    His face went red and he stumbled over to me. "Shut the h*** up and give me a cookie." He demanded.
    I opened the tin and took out a cookie. "No. Your beind me-mean." I stuttered unable to think for a second. I put the cookie between my lips and taunted him.
    He glared at me and got on his tip toes.
    I stepped back and slammed into the wall.
    He grabbed my shirt and kept himself from falling as he leaned in closely. "I want... I want..."
    I took the cookie out of my mouth and put the cookie held hand behind his neck.
    He blushed.
    I kissed him softly, not being able to think at all and letting the alcohol take complete control over me.
    He ran his tongue over my lips and chuckled. "You taste like chocolate."
    I smirked and kissed him again.
    My conscience was screaming at me in a very quiet voice, but I didnt listen. I just kept pushing this small kiss farther.
    Before I knew it I was in the bedroom with Alexander in my arms and taking off his shirt.
    He kissed my neck and panted harshly.
    "Is this your first?" I ask kissing his forehead.
    He nodded.
    I kissed the corner of his mouth. "I'll make it so it doesnt hurt, kay?"
    He nodded again and kissed me softly.

    S***... What happened last night? I think feeling my head throb and my body ache.
    A warm pressence was coming from who ever was being held tightly in my arms.
    I felt the pressence move. My eyes opened and I tried to see who it was I had been holding probably all night.
    Well... She's blond and slender... With no boobs...
    I lifted up the blanket and tried to see her lower area.
    My heart stopped and I felt my face go red.
    Oh... S***...
    I jumped and stood up. My head pounded again. "God darn it! Stupid Karumi! What are you doing with a little kid in your bed!?" I whisper to myself.
    The boy turned over on his side so he was facing me. His face distorted and pained. "Ouchy..." He mumbled putting his hands on his face. "What the...?" He says taking one of his hands away and feeling over his chest and then sliding it down to his lower half, as if to feel it over or something...
    "Hey..." I say trying not to flip out. "What are you doing?" Was all I could come up with saying.
    The boy jumped and his eyes went wider then a pair of tires. His face redder then his own blood and I could see him starting to panic. "Crap...!" He winced and put his hand on his forehead. "Ouchy..."
    I smirked. "Same here." I say wrubbing my head.
    "What... am I doing here?" He asks, his eyes falling onto the stained bed covers.
    I shrugged. "I cant remember most of yesterday... But all I know is that I met you in sensei's class room and then you took me out for drinks with your friends and then everything gets foggy."
    He pointed to something near me. "Then do you think we'll find out what happened from that thing?"
    I turned around and saw a video camera standing up and it's red light flashing. "Oh, crap..."