• The town protector

    Once there was a town a town were there were man plains and knights and dragons but there was one boy named josh of the village that had always wanted to be a knight like his forefathers but there was one small problem…he was never any good he had bad aim so he wasn’t a good archer he wasn’t good at weight lifting witch eliminates swords and armor but he never gave up.
    One day as the full moon was out and the wind was slight he woke up and the villagers seemed frightened he knew something was wrong as he walked out side he walked over to the cook the cook made food for the village along with few others witch weren’t there “cook why is the village so frightened?, what is wrong?” the cook replied in a low tone almost whispering “the knights they have gone to fight a dragon it is big and destructive but the chef found it we worry for the knights out side the village” he stared at him a confused but stern face it was awkward because the cook had a higher status then him “cook you know the knights go through years of training I doubt this will be a big deal” but secretly he envied the knights fighting dragons there status there black and gold armor shimmering by the sun as they sit astride there white horse the environment seemed to heat of as a red and orange light in the distance he heard the gallops or the horse as a defeated knights held tightly to the rein he said in a weak voice “there all dead everyone of them…I barely escaped with my life…” Joshua’s lit up with anger and fear for his dad “and you just ran you coward! You are a coward a weakling you just let them die?!” he stepped in to attack but the cook cut in pushing josh away giving him a stern look he pushed of into the town armory he fitted himself with a armor and weapons and took a horse and galloped of he didn’t know how he got the strength to do it and he didn’t care the galloping of the horse the wind bending against the metal armor he wore soon he made it to a cave bellowing with black smoke he stopped the horse he knew he would only get it killed if he ran into the cave with the horse he guarded himself with the heavy shield and then he saw it the fearsome dragon that defeated all others its skin was platted like black armor and it has fierce purple and black eyes but short feet and a long wide tail and as it saw the warrior it spoke “what reason have you come here mortal?” and he replied reading his sword “I have come to defeat you” “and for what reason?” “To avenge the army you have killed and protect my village” the dragon though ~ah they have realized my plans and intercepted me~ the dragon gave a whip of his tail and knocked him to the wall “how can you hope to defeat me were you pears have not?” “ill have to try” he readied his sword once again and the dragon created a fire ball in his mouth and the pearl on top his head flashed and he fired the knight blocked it with his large shield but the heat almost made him faint but he pushed forward and it became a charge but the dragon strengthened and the blast pushed him to the ground his shield was to far away and as the foul beast readied his blast he took our his bow and arrow from his back and fired it at his neck were the fir was being made and the dragons neck exploded the dragon fell dead instantly he got up and left taking the few still alive but dying his dad and cousin Ellen and left triumphant were they healed them and made josh top knight and commander of there army