• A girl that was about 16 with long black hair, bright blue eyes and pale skin ran through the forest. "Silas?" she asked looking around, there was a flash of black and the girl was suddenly pushed to the ground. "Alice? oh I'm so sorry" said the wolf he was black with a moon on his forehead, Silas helped her up and looked at her "do you need something?"

    The girl named Alice nodded "for starters call me Tikaani please" she said she toke a breath of chilly Alaskan air "my brother is following me he thinks I'm up to no good i need you to take me to my tribe before he gets here" the wolf nodded and within minutes Tikaani was back at her tribe. She slowly rode Silas to the chiefs tent "Tikaani were have you been?" the chief Amaguq, her father asked her "i was riding Silas through the forest" she said getting off of the wolf

    Just then Chulyin, Tikaani's brother burst in with a raven sitting on his shoulder "Tikaani is lying!" he said glaring at her "she is?" her father asked looking at her brother then at her "what is she lying about?" Tikaani silently begged the raven on her brother's shoulder to start pecking at him, but the raven ignored "she went to the human village to meet with a girl that she calls a friend the girls name is Ebony"

    Her father gasped and Tikaani wanted to just hop onto Silas and ride away, but she couldn't her legs wouldn't move "Tikaani i forbid you to...." before he could finish the medic ran in breathless "there are humans that traveled her from afar they are searching for Silas the great wolf they say they want to research him then take him away" Tikaani yelped hugging Silas close to her. "Tikaani lets go" Silas said growling Tikaani nodded she climbed onto Silas and rode him into the forest before her brother could follow her. She rode to the human village and looked at her clothes, she was wearing grey mukluk's,a caribou parka that she made it had colorful beads tied to it "i look like any normal person from my tribe what do i do?" she asked sighing.

    Silas looked at her with serious eyes "fine" she muttered she carefully watched humans who wanted to take Silas, she saw a tall man he had dark brown hair and black eyes she heard one of the humans call him Josh "so his name is Josh interesting" she thought she saw there snowmobiles parked near the forest.

    She slowly crept to there snowmobiles "now how do i break these things?" she whispered to herself "hey you!" shouted a male voice, Tikaani yelped she turned around and saw the man who was called Josh "Qatqain!" she said "what?" Josh asked coming closer. Silas ran to Tikaani, Josh gasped he ran towards Silas calling out to his friends Tikaani quickly climbed onto Silas she got her dagger and stabbed Josh's hand.

    When they were in the forest she heard loud roars she turned around and saw Josh's teammates on snowmobiles trying to catchup to her "oh no! Silas we mustn't endanger the tribe" she said, Silas ran to the dark forest a place were know one goes only animals and there friends can enter but others are killed.

    Silas slowly walked into the forest and looked up at Tikaani"we're safe now" he said Tikaani smiled, an hour later when everyone left Tikaani and Silas left the dark forest and went to the forest. Tikaani got off of Silas "are you tired" Silas nodded "we'll be back soon" she said slowly walking, She sighed "that dagger was my first thing that i made with my powers" she said sadly she stroked Silas's fur while walking. Silas put his nose into the air "stop! someones here" Tikaani stopped quickly, Josh jumped out from behind a tree and jumped onto Silas "no!" she screamed Silas let out a howl for help.

    Tikaani pushed Josh off, she heard the sounds of her tribe approaching "your coming with me!" Josh said grabbing Tikaani. She screamed her brother who quickly arrived hid behind a tree and watched what was happening, Tikaani stood up "i am Tikaani but my other name is Alice" she said putting her hand to his chest "okay Alice I'll take you because i need to know about Silas and because i....i love you". Tikaani's eyes widened she looked up at him, both Josh and her were blushing. They kissed each other passionately, there kiss lasted a moment before they heard the load yells of her tribe "good bye" she whispered to him.

    Tikaani's brother growled "Tikaani fell for the enemy this is bad" he thought madly, the next day Tikaani was woken up by her brother "why?" he asked madly his eyes showing what he meant