• Today as I got out of bed I spontaneously remembered a previous dream of mine… I was walking in a meadow along with the ones I love… now I find myself in the same situation I was in, in my dream…my life was coming to an end…
    Today is my 892nd day on the beautiful planet of era. The people are nice here. They’re full of hospitality and they are very polite as well. In my apartment at North 27th street, I find myself sinking into my black, sawed sofa looking beyond the beyond, but was really the meadows of Shire. The wind blew my long, dark brown hair in front of my face. As I pulled my hair back into a ponytail I spotted a rugged, but handsome young man; he looked into my hazel eyes as if they were the ocean full of possibility and mystery. I looked right back at him; he had light brown hair (a little darker than the color of sand on a beach) it was to his shoulders; his eyes were full of love and innocents; he was only four inches taller than me, but with me sitting he seemed like a giant.
    “Ello Love.” He said. The way he spoke it sounded like silk waving in the wind.
    “Um…Hello?...Do I know you?” I said.
    “Oh thanks…my own love doesn’t recognize me…I feel so loved” he responded and smiled his dazzling smile.
    I smiled back and giggled at him “I am only kidding my love…you know that I could never forget the one I love especially sense you’re the one I love”
    His smooth voice spoke to me “I know, I could never forget you’re angelic eyes and may I add that I love you too.”
    He bent down to kiss my lips, and then stood. As I watched him turn and walk away I could see tears running down his face as he whispered “goodbye my love.”
    I never saw him after that and I went on with my life as I dragged my broken heart behind me…