• Benz grabs me from behind and moans.
    "What is it pervert?"
    He laughs. " Im hungry can i have some food?"
    "What do you want to eat?"
    He grins,puts me on his lap, and whispers softly into my ears."You"
    He kisses my neck.
    " WHAT THE HELL? Stop joking aroun. Seriously, what do you want o eat?
    "Can i please have some fruit"
    "Sure fine, now release me!"
    He laughs and lets me out of his grasp. He appears tough, unapproachable, and complex but his a nice, dumb, pervert who likes Slipknt. Do i know who the hell that is? Nope, do i want to know? Yeah right.

    20 minutes later
    "Heres some fruit and some tea...." He went back to sleep...in my bed. "Benz, wake up please and eat!"
    He sits up,kisses me and says thank you. What is up with all the kisses, we arent going out. Besides, he is seventeen* not really*, im thirteen it would be wierd.
    "Hey im going out you want anything."
    " a kiss?"
    i give him a real dirty look. " idiot. i'll leave my ipod for you to use. I have some magizines over there. Candy is hidden in the usual place.Peace."

    I'll get Benz some medicine. Everytime he comes over, he is in some kind of trouble. This is what happens when u mess with people. And this is all because of his dad....

    "Benz im back." I suddenly here a thud. Benz must've collapsed again . I ran upstais to find Benz on the floor. He is bleeding again. I pick him up and carry him to the bathromm. "Take your clothes off and get in the shower."
    he laughs. " Im fine...ohh and you call me a pervert. I slap him upside the head. Does he remember last night? I mean he wasn't complaining then. He was half asleep. -.-
    " Hey, you ok..." His green eyes keep staring at me. Im blushing again...crap... but there so beautiful. D:
    I start the shower. "Get in and wash yourself." Im pissed off now.
    "ARe you coming in with me... like last night. He is laughing again. I should kick him in the balls right now. " NO...just wash yourself."
    He whins" please." he is such a child. " No moron now get in the shower."
    "Fine dont look pervert."
    He laughs like an idiot. "Your blushing..."
    I push him in the shower. Slammingthe door shut. I sat there on the floor waiting for him to get out the shower.
    THe water stopped, he got out asking for his clothes.
    " Hey these arent my clothes."
    "Yeah, i know, they're bein washed. Put these on."
    " No rather walk around naked."
    " Who the hell does that in someone elses house?!"
    He grabs me from behind, pressing hiis warm body against mine. I try to hid my face so he doesnt see how nervous i am. He brushes his noes in my hair. Then moves hismouth near my ear. Seductively whispering." You know you want me to." My heart feels like its gonna stop. He's warm, wet, soft body is so close. It was already embarassing ehogugh that he was so close. The something just rubbed up against my leg. I let out a moan accidently.
    " CUT IT OUT BENZ!" pervert
    He licks my ear and kisses my neck. i moan... i tremble. " Stop it."
    I dont even have to face hin, to know that he is smiling.
    "You turly loe me, huh?"
    What, " NO i dont"
    " Then why are you always so warm whenn i touch you? Why are you blushing? Why do you care so much about me? Why were you moaning?"

    Oh shut up. I do all those thing cause:
    Im always warm
    You make me feel warm inside
    your my best friend
    i moan cause...i...cant help it.
    Now every part of our bodies are touching. He moves on and on my waist, the othe rup my shirt. Im scared out of my mind.
    " Stop Benz, please." Tears are coming out of my eyes. Im freaking oout.
    " Give me one good reason why we can't, then i'll stop. He took off my tank top, unzipping my pants i panic.
    "We cant! you know why we cant. please stop benz."
    Hes looks emotionless.
    " Sorry, Lovely" * lovely isnt real name, just her nickname*
    " I wasnt thinking straight, please forgive me." He removes his hands from my body and backs away. I turn around and slap him. Tears coming out of my eyes.
    I fall to the floor. He kneels. Holds me tightly and puts me on his lap. " Im sorry, wont happen again."