• The smell of burnt flesh saturated the air. Smoke from afar and close by smoldered the half dead survivor's throats'. Piles of decay was what remained of the villages homes'...and many of the villagers. Crimson life was plastered everywhere and on everyone like an artist from hell's portrait. The mornful cries of young children could be heard amongst all the groans of the dying. How could this of happened? This was a nuetral area, away from the devistations of war. Why were they targetted?
    A single man stood amongst all the carnage of this epic clamity.
    Not a scratch was etched into his flesh nor a single drop of blood. His deep blue eyes became bleak from the awe of such an incident. Why was he the only one not in pain? The only one that wasn't dead? The only one that could not be considered a part of the other's suffering? His true perfection in the matter could definately be viewed as a sick joke.
    "I stand as if nothing has happened, as others wallow in their own blown up flesh and blood. As usual, I am a disgrace." he murmured with a smooth deep voice that sounded like it's grace was stolen from an angel's.
    His home laid in ruins, along with his beloved wife and child. He had nothing, not even his mind. Everything was blank as he stared off into the far off distance. For miles, this atroscity carried on as if their to be no end. Where was he to go? Some where far far away where he could no longer see the horizon? How was he to get there? Well that trully didn't matter, for he is an abomination in need of no nurishment. All he could ever do was simply stand.
    As if to rip the hearts out of the alreadying dying, another bomb's sparking light could be seen heading straight for them. The children screamed and cried, looking up to the burning skies as they, along with what was left of the village disappeared into a flash of exploding light.
    -2000 years later-