• part.1

    I woke up one day staring at the white ceiling. I had this feeing in my stomach that told me something bad was going to happen today. It was probably telling me about my mother, who died last year when I turned 6. She was the nicest mother anyone could have. I remember when I was 2, she would sing me and my little brother to sleep, or when I turned 3 she taught me how to read. She was a little strict but she’s very kind. What’s odd about her was she had black hair, but my father, Mikuo and I have a tealish colored hair. (People like calling it green.) Now it’s only Mikuo (my brother), my father, who goes to work a lot so we don’t see him very often, and me. Today is my brother’s birthday and we’re inviting some of our friends over. Father had to go to work today but promised to leave work early and come to the party. After my brother and I got the decorations ready, we realized our clothes were dirty from all of the cleaning we did. But before we had a chance to change, the doorbell rang. Our friends came way too early and brought a lot of presents, so much that it was like a little crowded cage for us. I guess they were a bit surprised to see us so dirty because Mikuo and I are usually clean and tidy. So we went to our rooms and changed into our clothes that mother bought us 3 years ago. As we came out, one of my friends, Rin, noticed our clothes. “Are those clothes still too big?” she asked. “No” Mikuo replied trying to brush the dust on his loose black shirt. “ The party starts at 6. Why are you guys here?” I asked fixing my multicolored skirt and tank top. “Because we were bored.” Len (one of Mikuo’s friends and the twin of Rin) replied as he inspected whole house. “Well it’s more boring here.” I argued. “Are you kidding?!” Len argued back from our room. “You guys have a lot of non boring stuff here! Hey look!! I found Mikuo’s lost game! ” That Len I tell you, weirder than that one yellow bird in Mikuo’s game. I guess after Len found Mikuo’s game, all the boys wanted to play. So everyone went to the living room and Mikuo turned on the TV. As the girls were watching the guys play games, I was thinking about the other kids here. “Mikuo’s friends are Len, Kaito, and Gakupo.” I thought. “And mine are Rin, Meiko, Luka, and Gumi.”