• tab My mom hated Jenna. She never said it out loud, not in front of me at least, but I could tell: Every time she stared at her, every time Jenna asked her something, I could almost feel the hatred resonating from her body.
    tab My mom wasn't like me. If she wanted something, she wanted it at the moment she wanted it. And at that moment, all she wanted was answers.
    tab It was too much to ask for.
    tab I heard my mom and dad talk, behind the scenes, away from Jenna.
    tab "Why can't you tell me?!" The scream of my mom...The last thing I wanted to hear.
    tab "It's very complicated..." It wasn't like dad to mutter, or to lose an argument. But that exactly what he did then.
    tab "Complicated?! I'm your wife! Whether something is complicated or not, frankly, doesn't matter!"
    tab "I'm...I'm sorry."
    tab "Sorry? Sam, our income has made a nose dive, I've got another mouth to feed now, and you..." She quieted down a bit, and whispered,
    tab "I think I lost my husband, to some teenage girl I don't even know." My dad didn't say anything. I could only guess why: Why he couldn't tell her, what was so big that he had to keep it secret, even to his own wife.
    tab It wasn't until later when I finally figured out why.
    tab "I see...Well, if that's it...If that's how it is...I..." I heard her collapse to her knees, and begin to cry.
    tab "I can't take this anymore, Sam. If you can't tell me why...If you're going to continue to hold secrets from me...Then I'm done. Done." To my surprise, my dad's reaction was calm considering the situation, and my reaction, which was to grab the closest wall and gape in complete and utter shock. My parents...getting a divorce? It would never have crossed my mind before, and I could still hardly believe it.
    tab "I understand." My mom was just as shocked as me.
    tab "You...you do?"
    tab "I knew the consequences from the very beginning. I understand." My mom sniffed, and managed to let out,
    tab "Consequences? You talk like you knew this would happen a long time ago." My dad said absolutely nothing, just stood there in complete, humbled silence.
    tab "What other secrets have you been withholding from me?" More uncanny silence. It made me wonder: What was he holding back? Why was he standing there like an idiot, letting himself be talked down to like this?
    tab "Whatever. Not that it matters. You go live your life. Go have your second child, go do...whatever the hell you want! I am through with this!" I didn't hear anything else. I didn't want to hear any more of it. I rushed up to my room, finding Jenna, right there, sitting on my bed.
    tab "I heard mom shouting down there..." Not good. Not good at all.
    tab She got up, and slowly walked towards me, then lightly touching my cheek.
    tab "What was she yelling about?" She looked into my eyes. My nervous, trembling eyes.
    tab "Was she talking about...me?" I threw her hand off my face, and turned away as I bluntly lied,
    tab "No."
    tab "Are you telling me the truth?" I now realized how my dad felt just moments ago. What it was like to hold an unbearably secret, what it was like to lie.
    tab "Don't even think about it. It has nothing to do with you." I wondered if it was right for me to lie, or it would've been right to tell her right upfront what was going on. But either way, I couldn't make myself tell the truth. No way.

    tab I silently cried to myself on my bed, staring at my newfound sister's innocent, sleeping face on the floor. I couldn't take it anymore, so I leaned over, and tapped her on the shoulder. She blinked, and woke up.
    tab " Jenna.." I began, and then swallowed.
    tab "Yeah?"
    tab "It's....it's..." I looked at her, and it just reminded me of all the torture she must've been through, all the trouble she went through. I forced a smile, and then said,
    tab "You can have the bed." It was the only subtle thing I could say, and I honestly couldn't sleep on my comfortable bed, knowing what was happening to Jenna. It was a heartwarming moment, as she smiled and accepted my offer.
    tab It was abruptly torn when I woke up the next day, finding my mother...was nowhere in sight.