• Part One: The Beginning

    Listen, I didn't want to be a monster. I didn't want to kill all those people. Those were just the people the rude monsters took out of the way to get to me. I didn't want to be a full bread god. Almost. I didn't want my mom as Athena and my dad as Ares. It just happened. Okay?

    It started when I was 7. I got sent to this out of the ordinary place for rude people. Was I rude? No. My stupid fostor parents thought so though.
    I was just minding my own business, when this six headed chic ran after me. Instincts told me to look for a sword or something, and hit her in the face with it. So, when I did find a bronze sword, I squished it through her body, then she was gone. The other kids said it was our teacher. But you should have seen it.
    Then, when I was 8, a cyclops was following me around in school. My judgement clearly told me to duck at the moving truck alond side the road at reccess.It's head got plopped off.
    Then... Well, you get the point.
    And it's been happening for 5 years straight.
    I was thinking of this on the bus to go to a new private school for rude kids. Yipee... I arrived there, and went straight to my first period class, hoping nobody would notice me. My 'mom' said she sent me here fo a reason. But I think it was to fit in with other snots.
    Sitting down at a chair, I opened my back pack for my owl jelly beans. Shut up, my actual mom sent them to me. Even though I didn't know who she was.
    Anyway, so I was just about to fall asleep when this girl next to me smiled.
    I looked at her, my brown hair sweeping across my face. "Can I help you?"
    The girl looked surprised, and confusion swept across her face. "So, who's your parents?"
    "Excuse me?"
    "Well, since your here, your a child of a god. Duh. Like Posiden or Zeus." She saw one of my jelly beans hit the floor, then she picked it up. "Are you gonna eat this? It was one the ground for a second."
    "Umm... What are you talking about? Like, the greek gods?" My crystal blues eyes weren't red with anger anymore.
    "Yeah. My dad is Zeus. I'm a half blood." I actually looked at her this time. She had green eyes, and red hair and freckles all around her face. The hair was curly, but neck length. "So, who's your parents?"
    "Umm, actually I don't know. I'm a foster kid. My real mom gave me these jelly beans. They never run out."
    She looked at the jelly beans. "Can I see one?" I gave one to her and she smiled.
    "So, what's your name? I'm Chloe. Professional rude person."
    The girl smiled. "I'm Sarah, professional wind maker." Sarah gave me back the jelly bean. "Sorry, I can't figure it out. I'm no Athena."
    "Oh, well who-" Just the the teacher came in and hushed us. I dropped my head and turned my face towards him.
    He was really weird looking. Low cheekbones, no eyelashes, bald, and very fat.
    "Class, my name is Mr. C." He wrote it on the board, and we all giggled.
    A guy walked up to him. "Class, my name is Herny Finkle." Then everyone cracked up.
    The teacher told him to sit down, and he did. Then he mumured, "Class, I would like for you to get in order. Zeus' children, Athena's children, Are's children and so forth."
    I raised my hand.
    "Yes!" The teacher exclaimed. "What can I do for you Miss..."
    "Chloe! What can I do for you?" The man's eyes twinkled.
    "I don't know who my parents are."
    The man gasped, as did everyone in the class but Sarah. "Miss Chloe, please follow me into the principal's office." I flushed, and everyone ohh-ed.
    We both walked out the door, and into the office, when only one more kid was there.
    "Miss Chloe, please stay here." Mr.C said, then walked back to his classroom.
    I scooted towards the boy. "Hi."
    He looked a me with the most goreous smile I had every seen. "Hey."
    "You don't know who your parents are either?"
    "Nope. Mr. P is gonna take us both in and tell us. But he's gnna need a sample of our hair." He scooted. "And if we are going to go in together, I want to know your name.":
    "Chloe." I blurted out into the open, and when everyone looked at me, I flushed.
    "Pretty name for a gorgeous girl." The boy smiled a crooked smile. "I'm Eric."
    "Hi, I-"
    Suddenly a big fat womanh was almost squeezing against us. "Come with me." She sneered.
    Eric and I both gulped, then walked in.