• Part 3: Class

    Have you ever wondered how space came to be? Wonder.

    "Eric, you can't be serious! I thought Ares and Athena hated each other." I almost pushed him into the wall. His eyes were scared, even though his body was tough. His sad, playful eyes were uptight in fear. When I noticed this I backed down. We were right next to the door of Mr.D, and the kids were sprawled across the door.
    "I guess they didn't for a night." Eric teased, but still uptight.
    "You're a sicko!" I pushed him back into the wall playfully and walked into the class. Everyone was staring at me, so I walked over to the teacher. "Where do we go?"
    Everyone was already in their groups, and Eric just wandered off, going to the other kid of Poseidon.
    The teacher gave me a dirty look, and scunched up his face. Was everyone fat here? "Who are your parents?"
    "Ares and Athena." I snapped. "Any more questions?" I grabbed his collar, and popped it back.
    "Go to either one of the Athena or Ares kids." He snapped back.
    I rolled my eyes as I walked away, and saw that all of the kids were making flags for their part of the class. Each flag had a symbol. I walked over to the Athena's kids. "Hi." I said.
    "Hi!" A girl looked at me. There were two other kids, and they were almost done with the flags. They put so much on it, and I didnt want to ruin it with my unartistic vision.
    "Can I help?"
    "Fine." I snapped at the girl. "Be like that."
    The bell rang about ten minutes later, and I met up with Eric. His eyes were worn out. His beautiful green eyes... When he noticed me looking into them, he got self consious.
    "What?" He asked suddenly.
    "Nothing, just sooooo bored." It was lunch time, and I wasn't hungry. My jelly beans were filling.
    "Oh, well how'd you like your group?" Eric asked, trying to be friendly. But I could tell that he wanted to talk.
    "I hated them. They were all snotty." I answered back, giving up the turn. He said all these things about the only kid next to him, and about how they made a flag for Poseidon and all that stuff. I guess he was pretty cool, the guy who sat next to him, but he was all into wizards.
    We finally showed up at the cafeteria, but it looked huge on the inside. A hundred tables were spread out around, and so we both sat down at the one with Sarah, and plates with food magically spread across each seat. A goblet was placed next to it.
    Sarah, who much more about this place, said Dr.Pepper and Dr. Pepper filled the cup. I liked that soda, so I said the same.
    Lunch was boring, and I didn't really get the first day. I was picking at my food, when random people picked me up.
    "Set me down!" I kicked, but there was no use. They were tearing my curls...
    "Three cheers for Chloe! Daughter of Athena and Ares!" The people screamed, and they set me down.
    "What'd I do?" I said as Sarah ran up to me.
    "Your the only real god here, and I guess they think thats cool?" She shrugged her shoulders.
    "Crap." I said. "Get ready for the rummage." People were running after us, and we ran out of the cafeteria.
    A teacher stopped us. She slowly said, "Come with me."
    Of course, the logical thing would be to follow her. We followed the woman into a hall, and she sat us down in two chairs. At first I was scared, but I didn't know.
    A centaur walked in and his horse body sat. "Girls, do you know that the gods are angry?"
    "No sir." Sarah answered.
    "Well, they're all mad at Athena and Ares for making you." He pointed at me. I smacked it away.
    "Enough with the crap. Enough with the dramatic entrance. What's up." I snapped at him.
    The centaur growled, but then calmed down. "I want you two to go to the gods and ask. They will tell you. Poseidon is very mad, and its because of you."
    I rolled my eyes. "Well," I said standing up. "Go get Eric."
    Sarah nodded and ran to the cafeteria through the crowd.
    I looked at the centaur and smiled. "Might as well go out with a bang."
    Saying that, I smiled, then punched him and ran out of the hallway. He laid on the floor, and outside was the two.
    "What's happening?" Eric asked.
    "Just run!" I yelled at the two, and we ran out of the school campus.