• In homeroom Jacob gave Georgia a sad and confused puppy look. "Why didn't you meet me by your locker?" He asked in a hurt voice.

    "Oh darn... I forgot, I'm sorry," she lied, looking up into his sad face.

    "Sorry isn't going to cut it. You promised." He frowned severely. "You're going to do something really meaningful to make it up to me." All of a sudden his face lit up.
    "What?" Georgia asked suspiciously.

    "I'll meet you by your house after school." He said.

    "But what are we doing?" She asked as he walked away.

    "You'll see!" He grinned over his shoulder. "Next time you'll think twice before blowing me off like that."

    "I don't like the way he's looking," remarked Maria as she stared after him.
    "What do you mean?" Georgia said curiously.
    "He just looks... wrong. I can't explain it any other way."
    "Huh..." said Georgia. “I can see what you mean. If you look closely, he looks kind of pale." Maria paled. "Like that," Georgia laughed. "Good mimic." Maria swayed. "Hello! Don't do that!" She suddenly pitched forward, and Georgia just caught her before she hit the floor. She carefully laid Maria down and yelled, "Somebody get the nurse!!"

    Maria slowly drifted into consciousness. “Whoa, what happened?” She asked, as she tried to sit up but failed. Around her were all of the kids from her homeroom, Mr. Saber, and the principal.

    “You passed out after I told you the thing about Jacob,” said Georgia with a meaningful nod towards Jacob.

    Jacob gave Georgia a confused look but put it aside to dissect it later. The principal was inspecting Maria. “Did you eat anything today?” He asked.

    Maria tried to remember through the thick fog that covered her memories. “I- I think so,” she stuttered under the reproving look of the principal.

    “Maybe you should get something to eat and then stay home,” the principal said plaintively. “Come back tomorrow.”

    “Thank you, see you tomorrow Georgia,” said Maria when she could finally get up. Escorted by a couple of kids that Georgia didn’t know, she left the school.

    Even though Georgia knew it was for Maria’s good, she was still sad to see her go.

    “She has to eat, you know that right?” Jacob asked her in an undertone.

    “Yeah… besides, I’ll see her tomorrow, right?” Georgia replied.

    “Of course, see you in Geography.”

    “See ya. Oh, I forgot to tell you, my Mom told me to give this to you.” Georgia produced a grubby piece of paper from her skirt pocket.

    “Thanks, do you know what it says?” Jacob asked, receiving the paper.

    “Nope, besides, it’s not my business.” Georgia said, shrugging. “Bye.” She walked to her first hour class, her ponytail swinging gently in time to her steps.
    Jacob watched her walk away before he remembered the grubby piece of paper. He slowly opened it.

    Hey Jacob, I was just wondering if you could keep an eye out for Georgia. I was just worrying about her because she is in a school full of Vampires that might lust for her blood. I know you have the most self-control of the kids your age at this school. I wouldn’t ask for this if I didn’t believe that she is in any danger. Please send a reply through the normal way. This way is a bit too visible.

    P.S: Burn this.

    Well, that’s it, thought Jacob to himself. If Sarah Willowbough is asking me for help, then the world must really be coming to an end. But in his heart, he knew he would protect Georgia until his last dying breath.

    He wrote the words Yes I will into the air, and then shaped strange symbols into the air with his long fingers. He then blew a kiss, shoved the message into infinity, and calmly spoke “Sara Willowbough.” To the awed onlookers he shrugged his shoulders and said, “What? You know how Sarah is, she can never wait.” Technically he wasn’t supposed to send messages in school, nor was he supposed to do what he did next. He pulled out an old-fashioned lighter with flames etched messily into the side and set light to the note that Sarah Willowbough wrote to him.

    “Jacob Rainwalker!” A harsh voice cut through Jacob like a knife.
    “Uh oh,” he muttered while hastily stuffing the ashes of the note and the lighter in his pocket. “Yes Mr. Harrison?” He asked to the principal, an old but able man.

    “There are no Yeses here! You know that sending messages on school property during school is banned. And you, my boy, just broke that rule!” He gazed down at Jacob. “Never in 1000 years would I have thought that you would have broken that rule. Unless my boy Kye here was mistaken.” A boy not much younger than Jacob himself was cowering behind the jubilant figure of Mr. Harrison.
    “No sir.” Jacob muttered.

    “What? I can’t hear you.” Mr. Harrison wasn’t deaf; he just wanted everyone to hear.

    “No sir.” Jacob spoke louder.

    “And you know the punishment for breaking that rule?” Mr. Harrison’s eyebrows rose.

    “Yes sir. Five days in after school detention.” Jacob replied in a not so polite voice.
    “Then I expect to see you after school.” Mr. Harrison walked away as he called over his shoulder. “And every time you’re late, you get another day of detention.”

    Jacob called the principal a very rude name that made people say “Jacob!” in a shocked voice.

    All of a sudden Jacob rounded on Kye who was trying to edge away without anyone noticing. “What’d you get me in trouble for! I was sending a message to Sarah Willowbough! You know who that is, don’t you? The most renowned Vampire in history!”

    “Jake, calm down.” A girl called Lily, a peacemaker, told him. “It’s not his fault, he was just doing his job. ‘Don’t shoot the messenger’ the proverb says.”

    “Even a dirty one?” Jacob was breathing hard through his nose, visibly restraining himself from tearing Kye’s throat out.
    “Yes. Calm down.” Lily repeated.

    “Oh, great. What a swell idea.” Jacob snarled sarcastically. “Why don’t you all just be pals while I’m in detention because of him.” He strode away, his hard steps relieving his anger.

    “Don’t worry about him,” Lily told Kye. “He just needs time to get his mind back.” She frowned in the direction Jacob went to. “He’s never been this angry before, though. You better watch your back.”

    Kye nodded with apprehension at the retreating back of Jacob. “Why is Jake mad at me for telling Mr. Harrison?”

    “Don’t worry about him; he isn’t in his right mind right now.” Lily repeated.