• Vampires are a damned species. They don't deserve to live, or breath, or walk, or even blink. So when I see them walking around freely at night it pisses me off.
    But tonight has one difference for me. I have to guard a Vampire's house for a week, or for how ever long he needs me there. It's my job to make sure no prejeduce Vampire's get in and hurt the damned being.
    I sighed and took out a pack of cigaretts from my pocket.
    Maybe I should just let the foolish Vampire's and Werewolves in so I don't have to watch over his cold a** anymore. It would be easier... But then I would get in trouble and have my hide desplayed all over the Corp's (Corperation) disgrace wall. Which you get to see the second you walk into the place. One of my dumb friends was actually displayed there actually, I pay my respects to the dumb a** and then go on my way. He was always fooling around and never took anything seriously.
    The gate behind me opened and the scent of death filled my nose.
    Yuck... I think walking in his yard as I lit up the cancer stick.
    A tall boney man stood in front of a large door with a smug grin on his face.
    "Tch." I growl taking a deep breath from the cig and holding the smoke in.
    The guy had a large mansion and an even larger yard. He waved. "Hello. I'm the owner of the house." He greated me kindly.
    I nodded and glared at him. "Yeah... I know."
    He didn't seem to take my cold heartedness to heart as he kept smiling and invited me inside the house.
    I sighed and walked in the dead mans home.
    Expecting the place to be cold and damp I was taken away by how warm and dry it was inside.
    Huh... Maybe he turned the heaters on just for me... I feel special. I chuckle in my head. What a jerk off, thinking I would need something like heat... Making me seem to be like a weakling or p***y. Yeah, okay, f*** you too, man.
    "I hope you like my home, since you'll be staying here for a while. I have filled the kitchen with food so if you go hungry you don't have to suffer through your longings. And the bathrooms are always unlocked for your use, since I don't ever use them I kept them locked. Your room is on the south wing of the mansion, near mine so if I need you all I have to do is holler. And then... What am I forgetting...?" He says smiling and putting his finger on his chin, deep in thought.
    S***, that's right... I'll be sleeping here too... I completely forgot... Maybe that explains why my boss put all those trunks full of clothing and s*** in my car's trunk... I thought he was just yanking my tail or something... Huh... Oh well... All I have to do is watch over this guy until everything blows over, right? I'll be fine.
    I sighed and looked at my watch. "What about weapons and stuff if anyone tries to get over your little gate thing?"
    He snapped his fingers. "That's what I trying hard to remember! Yes, your weapons are all under your bed, or in a few drowers of your dressers, and I will have you wear at least three guns on your person at all times." He said looking over my figure.
    I nodded and took a long drag of my cig. "Kay. Fine with me."
    He chuckled. "Thank you for being so kind and coming all the way over to watch over my ignorant self."
    I shrugged. "I was given money to do it, so I thought 'what the hell,' right?"
    He grinned, revealing peircing fangs. "Right."
    I narrowed my eyes at him. "Uh huh..."
    He jumped and seemed to have suddenly remembered something. "Oh! I should probably have someone show you to your room." He said looking over me. "Excuse me, miss? Will you show our new friend here to his room?"
    I turned around and saw a human woman dressed in a maids uniform smiling at us.
    "Of course, sir." She said bowing her head.
    He nodded back to her and his smile widened. "Thank you."

    After taking me to my room the maid bowed her head. "I'll be back in shortly with your things and something for you to eat."
    I nodded. "Thanks." I say realizing that my cigarett was done for and there wasn't an ash tray anywhere in the room. "Hey, will you get me something to put my cig's out on?"
    She smiled and nodded. "Of course, sir." She said walking out the door and closing it.
    I sighed and looked around my large room. "Huh... Not bad for a corpse..." I mumble under my breath.
    The sound of chuckling made me jump. "Why thank you." Said a rumbling voice.
    I spun around and saw a dark shadow in the corner of the dark room. "When did you-?"
    "I arrived just in time to hear you compliment my home." He grinned stepping into the dim light. "I'm glad you like your acomidations. It fills me with joy to know my company enjoys it here." He said as his grin widened.
    I sighed. "You could at least knock or something before you come in like that." I glared at him. "I don't like surprises. Especially from corpses like you." I growl.
    He chuckled. "Of course, of course. I apologize. I should have come through the door instead of the wall. Forgive my ignorance." He said bowing his head.
    I looked away from him. "Uh huh."
    Talking to him is actually really boring, it makes me feel sort of sick to hear him talk all nice like that too... All polite and old fashioned. I shivered. It's weird...
    He grinned. "I noticed you are a rather heavy smoker by the way you smelt deeply of that nicottene. I'll have to start putting air fresheners around the house again, won't I?"
    I shrugged. "Do what you want, Corpse. It's not my house."
    He chuckled. "Very good point, wolf."
    I glared at him. "What was that?"
    His grin widened and waved his hand at me. "Nothing, nothing. I should get going and leave you to getting accustomed to the house. Then tommorow you have the duty of keeping me alive. It's what your getting paid for isn't it?" He said walking to the door and turning to me. "I'm counting on you to keep me alive, now. Don't disapoint me." He grinned.
    I narrowed my eyes. "And if I do disapoint you?"
    He shrugged and stepped out into the hallway. "We don't want to find out, do we?" He says closing the door behind him.
    I shook my head in confusion and rolled my eyes. "What a freak." I hiss walking over to my bed and sitting down.
    My duties didn't start till tommorow, so I didn't have to do anything tonight. Thank god...

    After I got comfortable in my bed and was just about to fall asleep I heard someone outside my door.
    "What do you want?" I growl sitting up and glaring at the shadow under my door.
    The shadow hesitated, but then walked away.
    I sighed and layed back down. "If I can't fall asleep now I'm going to suffocate him in his sleep tommorow." I growl.
    And sadly, I couldn't. So I stood up and put a robe I found in the bathroom on, deciding to walk around the house till I felt tired again. Putting my cigaretts in one pocket and the lighter in the other.
    I walked outside the room and looked around to see if the Corpse was anywhere to be seen. Because if he was around I was going to have something to discuss with him, and that was about letting me sleep and leaving me alone when I need him to.
    I can be a very mean person when I'm tired and whenyou wake me up, or disturb me when I'm trying to sleep. Almost all Werewolves are, but I had to be the worst.
    The hallway was full of expensive peices of art that went along with everything else in the house.

    I had been walking around for an hour now and I still wasn't tired yet. I sighed and leaned against a wall. "I give up." I growl outloud. "Just let me go to sleep." I say taking out the cigaretts from my pocket and digging around in the other pocket for a match or a lighter. "S***." I hiss digging deeper.
    "Looking for this?" Ask an annoying voice.
    I looked up and saw the Corpse grinning as he waved my lighter around in front of him. I glared at him. "Give it." I order.
    He threw it at me and chuckled. "I wasn't trying to tease you. I was just trying to give it to you."
    I caught the lighter and sighed. "Sure."
    He smiled. "What are you doing up this late?"
    I glared at him, lighting up a cig. "You woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep."
    He put his hand on his chin and grinned. "Oops. Did I do that? I apologize. I thought you would already be asleep, so I wanted to check in on you."
    I rolled my eyes and took a drag. "Yeah. Sure..."
    He chuckled. "Are you liking your stay so far?"
    Do I look like I'm enjoying myself!? No!
    I shrugged. "Sure. I guess."
    He seemed to get excited. "That's wonderful. I'm happy to hear it."
    I nodded and sighed, feeling bored talking to him already. "Uh huh..."
    He pointed down the hallway. "Would you like to get something to eat with me?"
    "You eat?" I ask as he passed me.
    He chuckled. "No."
    I cocked an eyebrow as I followed him.

    We arrived at the kitchen a few minutes later. And thank god for that too, because the whole way here he kept on talking about how happy he was that I had come to help him. He thought I was going to leave him hanging like all the other Werewolf guards did.
    D***... I should have left him hanging too... I think as he walked to the fridge and took out a bag of grapes and a wine bottle.
    He smiled cheerfully. "I'm trully greatful to you." He says looking at me from the corner of his eye as he walked to the sink and washed a bowl of grapes. "I'm happy that you came to me." He said hesitating at the sink.
    I nodded. "No problem. I thought if I didn't come my boss would kill me and hang my d*** body over his wall of shame or something."
    He smiled and walked over to me, handing me the grapes. Our fingers touching for just a second. He swallowed and shook his head. "Oh, no. I wouldn't allow that to happen. I would understand if you wouldn't have come. I would have payed you anyway, I payed the others too, even though they didn't come to me." He said looking down at the floor in shame for a second. After that he was smiling cheerful again.
    I blinked in confusion. "Why?"
    He chuckled. "Why what?"
    I sighed and put my cigarett down on the counter, so the ember was over the edge and not burning his nice counter top. "Why would you pay someone for doing something they didn't?"
    He grinned. "You are so neive yet. I payed them because it was the right thing to do for me. And I didn't want to come off as prejeduce against them for saying no, so I gave them the money."
    I nodded slowly. "I see. Well, that's surprisingly nice of you, Corpse." I say taking a grape and putting it in my mouth.
    He nodded and leaned against the counter next to me. "Thank you." He said opening the wine bottle and taking a large swallow of the liquid.
    "No problemmo." I say taking another grape and popping it in my mouth.
    He grinned and took another drink. "What's your name?"
    He chuckled. "I see."
    I sniggered. "Michelle? Isn't that a girls name?"
    He grinned. "It didn't used to be."
    I laughed. "That sucks. I bet you get a lot of s*** for it now, don't you?" I say lightening up around him.
    "Sadly." He nodded and took a drink.
    I smiled. "Sorry. I shouldn't laugh, but... I mean, that's just really s***ty for you. And I find it funny that a Vampire actually has to deal with something that humiliating."
    He looked at me, his eyes growing darker. "You like it when a Vampire is having problems and his life is turning into nothingness?"
    I grinned. "When you say it it makes me sound like a complete jack a**. But when you realize what your race has done to this world, you'll understand why I dislike you guys so much."