• Standing among the multidude of people that crowded this long dark hall, all of us waiting to be called into the next room. We didn't know exactly what awaited us at least they didn't I knew what i sought there. I was looking for death. The blood in my veins boiled at the thought of finally finding my reprieve, finally being set free from this life. I smiled softly survaying the different faces that lined the walls untill my eyes locked upon a small girl. She was so young... I thought to myself. She might have been around 18 but compared to my ageless form she was just a child, once more my eyes swept along the row and back to her. What was she doing here someone so young wanting to die? she sat down along the wall pulling her knees up to her chest and just hugging them as if that small change protected her from harm. Seeing this made me realize maybe she wasn't here on purpose... i knelt down looking at her trying to once more see her face hoping to get a real good look at her this time. Whether it was noticiable to anyone but myself my jaw dropped nearly to the floor as i was there nearly motionless staring into her beautiful gold eyes, she saw me now and in one instant, one breath it was like we were the only two there and that moment spanned what felt like mintues.