• "John," Robert came to him, "We have a match for the blood sample."
    tab "What?" John said.
    tab "The man is Victor Moore, he lives on 82nd and Barn. We're getting ready to set out."
    tab "I'm going in my car."
    tab "See you there."
    tab "We have to go now," John said over the radio.
    tab "No, he might not be home," Chief Johnson said.
    tab "Damn it."
    tab "Don't get desperate, John, if you wan't to catch him thats the last thing you've got to do."
    tab "Fine, but tell me what time he usually gets here."
    tab "He should usually get here by now."
    tab "Alright," John said then out of the corner of his eye he saw someone walking. "s**t," he grabbed the radio, "Alpha, subject is approaching the house."
    tab "Copy," a man said over the radio, "suspect entering complex."
    tab "SWAT team move in," the Chief said.
    tab John waited a few minutes. "Sir," John got startled when he heard the voice of the Sergeant, "he ran away, pursuit."
    tab "Damn it," John cursed. He got out of his car and ran around the building. When he saw the SWAT team go straight through the buildings he decided to follow, but then somebody bumped into him. When John looked up he saw it was Victor.
    tab Victor continued running and John took out his gun and told him to stop. Victor didn't and John shot a round but missed since he went into a corner.
    tab John went after him into an alley. He already saw that Victor was at the end of the alley and going into the street. John leveled his gun but didn't shoot since he didn't want to risk shooting an innocent person on the on the other side. John just lowered his gun and kept going after the suspect.
    tab As John was following he almost got hit by a car and so did Victor on several occasions. John took out his badge to signal the drivers he was a cop so they would slow down. Victor sprinted out ahead into an under construction building. He went through an open air window to try and cut off Victor.
    tab He ran until he bumped into Victor again. John grabbed a hold of his arm but he lost his grip and Victor kept running. John took out his gun again and shot him in the back of the leg.
    Victor went down in front of a glass that was going to be used for the widows.
    :********!" Victor screamed going down. He tried to get up but went back down in pain. He tried again and succeeded while John was still pointing the gun at him.
    tab "Stay right there you ******** piece of s**t," John said.
    tab "I'm sorry for what I did, alright? Just please let me go. I know I did wrong.
    tab "You should have thought about that before you did it."
    tab "I know, but please, man, just let me go."
    tab John stayed quiet for a couple of moments while still pointing the gun at Victor, thinking. How am I going to let this piece of s**t live. He raped a teenage girl, people like that don't deserve to walk the earth, they don't even deserve to live. These people deserve to ********' die. Sure Victor, I'm going to let you go, straight to hell.
    tab John pressed the trigger and the round went into Victor's heart and the impact pushed Victor back and he went through the bare glass and it broke.
    tab John stayed there for a few moments pointing the gun at where Victor Moore was standing. Then he grabbed his backup and walked to Victor's body and cleaned his prints and placed it in Victor's hand. John went to where he was standing and put his gun away. At that moment Robert walked into the room.
    tab "Don't worry," John told him, "he won't be going in."