Chapter 10 - The 4 rouge guardians

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    *Back at the hunter's camp...Grey and Ashe went to the bar to wait for John who washaving a private talk with Albert of the sage trinity about his condition. Model S and the 3rd Model A arrived by themselves in the bar.*

    Grey= Look, it's Model S and John's Model A.

    Ashe= Wha? Where's John?

    Model S= We were excused. Albert said it was private between him and John.

    Ashe= Well,... that's unusual.

    Grey= Who is he anyway?

    Model S= Who...Albert?

    Grey= No,.... I meant John. Who is he and where did he come from?

    Ashe= Last time I met John, he bore a strange blue biometal, you should'ive seen it with your own eyes, you wouldnt believe how he handled me and my fellow hunters,.... and those wooly pirates.

    *A little later,.... John arrived.*

    John= Im back guys.

    Ashe= How did it go with master Albert?

    John= Fine... I guess.

    Grey= What were you 2 talking about?

    John= Just.... stuff....

    Model S= I knew it... im missin out on the fun.

    Model A= You sure are serious about all of this aren't you Model S?

    Model S= Sure am. I don't wanna loose John nomatter what.

    Model A= You arent reconised by the M.E.G.A. system, and yet you act in our steed, and you megamerge with this guy, even you don't have a biomatch of any kind.

    Model S= Biomatch? Biolink? Nahhhh! I don't go by that stuff,... just a waste of time if you ask me. I just trust my gut!

    John= Ha, if you had a gut.

    Grey= Your something else John. Oh, with this red card key, we can check out other places in hunters camp. Maybe there are other roads to take and places to search for train parts.

    John= You know what, that reminds me. Why dont we check our map computer? We can see which one is closer, perhaps we can start with that.

    Ashe= Good idea. There's this cold region, let's start there first.

    *Suddenly Ward walked by the table they were gathered in......*

    Ward= I heard through the grapevine that you took out those Pseudoroids that attacked the train. It helps to have a fine Hunter like you in our ranks.

    John= Huh....oh us?

    Model S= Grapevine,....who did you hear that from mister, the Califonia rasins!?

    John= Model S!

    Ward= *laughs hardly* That's some wierd biometal you got there son.

    *John gives an airhead stare*

    Grey= What are Califonia rasins?

    Ashe= I was wondering John, where do you come from?

    John= A long way from home. Literaly a long way.

    Ashe= You are just someone I never met before like no other.

    Grey= Did you grow up in Abagale or something?.... like those stories the people say about you.

    John= Im not even from this world. Nor the same world where Kaolla came from, nor Skaro, nor any planet you know. Im from another dimenson where nothing happens, end of story. We should go look for the crash site. You 2 ready?

    *John, Ashe, and Grey headed to the same place where they took the train except it was over the ledge and you had to either be able to jump really high or use a biometal to wall kick your way up on it. But they met a guy named Jarke who was standing there before.*

    Jarke= Hey, nice to meet you! My name is Jarke! If you're going to Legion, you should enter the door on the right!

    John= We did some time ago, but we were attacked.

    Jarke= Really? That's scarry. You know, yesterday I took the train to Legion. The desolate landscape outside of Hunter's Camp looks pretty dreary. It's a far cry from the bustling cityscape of Legion.

    John= I see. That's where we need to go but the train took some serious damage in the fight.

    Jarke= Are you really the Model A Chosen Ones? If so, you all should be able to kick your way up that wall on the right! If you go up from here a ways, you'll come to a red door. There's a big tower covered in vines and a road that leads to the Ice Floes. And past that are the Oil Fields, where a lot of Hunters go and look for booty!

    John= Really? Thanks.

    Ashe= That's us, and lookin for booty is what we do best.

    Jarke= There are many places in this world that you can't get to by walking or on a train. But if the coordinates to a place are logged in, you can get to where you want to go via a transerver. Me, I prefer to keep my feet on the ground and travel the old-fashioned way.

    Ashe= Well, I like to travel by whatever.

    John= Thanks for your time, and thanks for the tips.

    Jarke= Anytime friends, I hope you find something to fix the trains with.

    *So everyone used their biometals to get up the small cliff, and ventured in the unexplored area. And when they reached the cliff, they met Nicol again.*

    Nicol= Hey, Ashe, Grey, John. How are things?

    Ashe= Were ok.

    Nicol= You havent seen the rest of the guys have you not?

    Ashe= Well.... on.

    John= the....rest?

    Grey= There's more of you?

    Nicol= Oh yeah, 2 more like me held on to dear life on that raider ship that crashed in the mining field. I know there allive out there somewhere. Please let me know if you find them ok.

    *Then the 3 walked a bit further ahead and found a guy standing near a ladder they were heading to.*

    Ray= Whoa... You don't see many people around here dressed like that. Are you supposed to be a new comic superhero or something?

    John= Are you talking to me?

    Ray= I get it, you haven't come up with a name for yourself yet... That's cool. My name is Ray I collect old comic books. It's one of my hobbies. That's why the other Hunters call me the Comic Hunter. But I'm not really all THAT. *blush*

    John= Im a traveler,.... and I just got this outfit today.

    Ashe= He's my new employee.

    Ray= By the way, is the train fixed yet? *sigh* I can't go back and buy any more comics until that train starts running again. It'd be nice if I could use the transerver, but, whenever I get on it, I get really nauseous.

    Grey= The transerver dosent bother me.

    John= I think transevers are fun.

    Ray= Aren't you tough guys.

    Ashe= *sigh* Boys will be boys.

    *They all took the ladder and climbed up to a platform that was above of them where they met Ray. They met another hunter named Julian and an ex-raider named Tina.*

    Julian= Oh, Hey! My name is Julian! I'm glad I was able to become a Hunter, but I never knew it was such a hard job. Today's my day off, so I've been playing video games.

    John= Really? What kinds do you like?

    Julian= I like Gem Buster, it's the camp's favorite.

    John= Puzzle games huh? NAh, that's ok. I prefer RPG's, action, and games with a storyline.

    Julian= They say I'm the biggest video game fan in Hunter's Camp. I really like to play challenging games! Don't you?

    John= We should play some time.

    *Then Tina the Ex- raider came by.....*

    Tina= I'm Tina! I used to run with a group of bandits! Don't worry, that's all in my past. Now I make an honest living as a Hunter!

    John= I was abducted by pirates, and I was forced to work for them.

    Tina= So you were a bandit too?

    John= No, it's nothing like that.... You see.... I owed them for helping me fight a group of bad people way long ago. I was setteling a debt. By the way.... what's that ladder behind you? Where does that lead too?

    Tina= There's some kind of makeshift barrier under this ladder. It's just sewage down there. They put boulder's down there to keep kids from playing around there. Just as a precaution, they made it so that you need a green card key to get in.

    Grey= We only have a red card.

    Ashe= Yeah,... John and I used to have a bad eye with each other,.... even if he did save me and the hunters I was with, and get away with my booty. Now were straight now,.... and now he's gonna settle MY debt.

    Tina= I used to think that there were some things you couldn't get unless you were a bandit. Looking back on it now, I think that was just me trying to rationalize and make excuses for what I was doing. I'm sorry. You're too young to understand this kind of talk. But this guy in the wierd biometal seems to be old enough to comprehend it.

    John= Well,... thanks for your time.

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    *Meanwhile......Phillip was on his motorcycle still searching for John......He later came across some wooded area.......some place that was once a life filled forest, but now half decayed.... foggy .... and no sighn of birds, deer, or other wildlife.... just.... the sound of mechanloids.... also gives Phil an errie foreboding.*

    Phil= Bloody hell. Look at this place.... so this is how bad these mavericks gotten.

    *Phil looked arround and he took sight of some stray mecanloids of different shapes crawl arround. There were even galleon hunters that tried to take him but Phil was just too good for them, he was megamerged with Model OP and slashed his attackers.*

    Model OP= Settle down Phil, I doubt John may have wondered arround here.

    Phil= John may not have wondered here,.... I just got a funny feeling..... I think I sence a Model W. I can take this one out first before I go any further.

    *Phill hid his motorcycle when he came across a stone pattern walk way, then he took the road and he found a remains of what used to be a fountain.*

    Phil= What was this place?

    Model OP= I believe this was some sort of park, but it's now condemed. This whole world will be the same if we let the Model W's exist. We all should gather together and destroy every single one.

    Phil= I know...... and find John allong the way... and he can lend us a hand.

    *Phil followed the road until he found the central fountain and there was a Model W sitting on top of it. He took his axe saber and jumped and slashed it,.... and it was destroyed.*

    Phil= HA! Piece of cake.

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    (Music dies down)

    Model OP= Phil..... I think were no longer allone.

    ?????= Another lost Model W, just terrific, more meddlers.

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    Phil= Who goes there!?

    *The figure walked out from the shadows and it was 3 more who emerged.... it was none other than Aeolus,... followed by Thetis, Atlas, and Sirnaq. Aelous had a rather distaseteful look on his face.*

    Aelous= So, your Phillip McDonald. I was hoping that the megaman Model S was the only abomination.

    Atlas= Look, Aelous, he destroyed a Model W. We can't tollerate this.

    Phil= I don't know who you 4 are, but were you talking ill about me destroying a Model W just now?

    Aelous= So it is. We are the worlds newest Mega men. I am Aelous.

    Atlas= Im Atlas.

    Thetis= Hi. Im Thetis, and you are?


    Phil= So you were looking for this Model W? And what were you gonna do with it mate?

    Aelous= We were gonna retrieve that Model W, but you destroyed it.

    Thetis= Awwww,.... and HE said this mission was gonna be easy.

    Atlas= After waht you did, we can't let you strut out of this forest.

    Phil= Are you 4 threatening me? You better think twice before you do mates, cause incase your wandering who I am, Im Phillip McDonald, AKA, Megaman Prime!

    Aelous= Thagt biometal dosen't register as a M.E.G.A. system unit.

    Thetis= No MEGA system unit? That means he's just like that Megaman Plum guy.


    Phil= If you 4 wanna piece of John, then your gonna have to get through me!! I will not allow you to lay a finger on him, do you hear me!?

    *The 4 mega men megamerged with there biometals.....but suddenly,...Prometheus and Pandora showed up.....*

    Prometheus= What are you 4 doing? Retrieve the model..... huh?

    Pandora= Look Prometheus, It's Phillip.

    Phil= Prometheus?

    Prometheus= Well well well, I got a score to settle with you! You made me look like a fool in front of those guardian scum!

    Pandora= Prometheus..... we must look for....

    Prometheus= Im gonna let you know I gotten better since the last time we met.

    Phil= Before I kick the crap out of you and your mates, tell me have you seen John?

    Pandora= Prometheus, he's been looking for John as well.

    Prometheus= I see, but too bad were not telling him, bringing the two together would be extremely hazzardus to our plans. I knew John was with those meddlin pirates before they were caught by your friend's group.

    (Music stops)


    Aelous= What is is Siarnaq?

    Phil= Oh no. It's them. Fleueve was telling me about this earlier. Listen you blokes, these space pirates have some sort of biometal like armory and they got something else, and I was told to awoid these guys, I think you should too.

    Aelous= Avoid these rival aliens? Don't be stupid. There as meddling as you are. We can take care of ourselves, and you worry about us,... you opponents?

    Atlas= Don't tell me your trying to warn us about these aliens.

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    *Suddenly... a group of space pirates appeared, and there were a group of small grunts and medium powered regulars attacking from corners all over both Aelous's party, Prometheus, Pandora, and Phil.*

    Prometheus= Damn! Space Pirates!

    Aelous= Mega men, attack!!

    Phil= If you cooperate with me, i'll let you go till we meet again, what ya say?

    Aelous= We don't need your help. Every mega man for himself.

    *The group of pace pirates charged with there galvanized beam scythes and blasters, began to shoot. Aelous drew out his twin sabers and sliced the shots and dashed and downed the first small group near him. Atlas fired her megaton busters on another couple of space pirates, Siarnaq threw a barage of kunai daggers on a bunch of space pirates invading the group from behind, Aelous used his ice dragon attack to attack a lined group of smaller weaker pirates, freezing them in solid ice, then slicing them with his hailberd, Prometheus and Pandora began to attack the leaders. Phil took out any space pirate that got near him, sliced them with his Prime axe, and then drew his prime buster and blasted far away space pirates.*

    Aelous= You see Phil, thses pirates are nothing, so we don't need our help.

    Thetis= I appreciate your concern for us,.... but I believe we can manage things here, even if you are our enemey.

    Atlas= Look! Over there!

    Phil= I dont believe this!

    *The newly armored biometal prototype armored space pirates appeared and look like they had crude versons of Model X and Model Z. There were a group of 6 and there were all charging for all of the megamen.*

    Thetis= Look, biometal pirates,... just like what Phil said.


    Phil= Thanks mate.

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    *The first 2 X pirates dashed towards Aelous, but Aelous swung his sabers at the pirates, but the new shielding they have did little damage but was still dammaging them, then, the pirate punched Aelous and knocked him 3 feet. Siarnaq threw a barrage of kunai daggers at the pirates that attacked Aelous, but they all bounced back and had no effect. Then he threw his star at them, and it damaged the pirates, but the damage levels were still too low to do anything critical. Atlas tried to get up close to 2 Z pirates, then use her megaton hammer attack and the pirates were flung but suffered only little damage. Then the Z pirated took their sabers and tried to slice Atlas, but Thetis used his ice dragon attack again, the Pirates who attacked Atlas got frozen, they were imobile. Prometheus attempted to dash and slice a nearby Z pirate with his scythe but the X pirate next to him fired a full charged shot on him knocking him backwards. Pandora then launched electric shock bolts on those pirates, they took only litle damage. Phil faced off with the rest of the remaining 2 and 2 others who attacked Aelos earlier. Phil drew his sword and perfomed his Gungir attacks. They knocked the pirates 7 feet in the air as the beam and explosion flung them, that did pretty good damage to them. Then he drew his Prime busters and charged them fully and fired a double dose of them right at the pirates that were on the floor, thus Dispatching the first 2.*

    Aelous= My miscalculation.

    Phil= Are you alright mate?

    Atlas= Didn't Aelous just tell you we don't need our help?

    Thetis= But he was the only one who just killed those few and we only scratched them.

    Prometheus= Phil is right, I say we work together, just this once.

    Pandora= Ok, Phil,.... let us barrage the pirates, then you make the kill.

    Phil= Ok. But you and Thetis go front and use your ice attacks. They seem to be effective against them.

    Prometheus= I see, Look out, here they come! C'mon space pirate scum! Give us your best shot!! *evil laugh*

    *The remaining 2 X pirates and 2 Z pirates banded together and tried to stick together in the assault this time. The X pirates began to fire there blasters and the Z pirates were perfoming there rising fang attacks. Phil perfomed another sword attack, Lunatic cage. Striking the first Z pirate giving him fair damage. Prometheus performed his hair ground attack, striking another X and Z pirate, ineffective as the Lunatic cage but still did fair damage. Pandora and Thetis performed there ice shard attacks and the first row of X and Z pirates got frozen solid. The other 2 charged, but Siarnaq and Aelous fired a barage of shooting attacks that were useless but a mere distraction, then Aelous performed his double electric wheel attack, shocking the pirates but momentarely stunned. Phil charged energy and ran in between the 4 pirates then unleased intense energy perfoming a Subterranean sun attack, thus barbequing the remaining 4 pirates and killing them.*

    (Music stops)

    Prometheus= *huf huf* Damn! I never heard space pirates being this strong before!

    Pandora= Your plans worked Phil. Thank you.

    Aelous= So the truce has been made. I underestimated you.

    Atlas= I admit, you got some power there Phil.

    Thetis= Wow, you were amazing!

    Prometheus= But don't you dare think that this makes us friends. We will excuse you.... for now! Till next time we meet, you better watch your back.

    *All of them teleported*

    Phil= Wait!!....... Bugger! Oh well..... I better keep looking.

    *Phil ran to his motorcycle and took off at full speed and continued his search.*

    *Meanwhile.......back at the space pirate mountain base.......*

    (Music playing - Phazon radiation/ Metroid Prime)Download

    Space Pirate 1= Commander sir.....

    Space Pirate 2= We got bad news.

    SP Comander= What is it now maggots? Bad news already?

    Space Pirate 1= The 6 biometal prototype units just got destroyed by some human in a strange blue and red biometal.

    Space Pirate 2= We saw the new units fight the other megamen well, but this other one..... this Phillip McDonald was the one who destroyed them sir.

    SP Commander= Wretched elete megamen! Our new troops can fight the other megamen, but that dosen't matter. We have hundreds in development.

    Space Pirate 1= We saw 4 other megamen bearing biometal resembling the 4 guardians, just like what Dr. Wily predicted.

    Space Pirate 2= Will these other versons be available soon sir?

    SP Commander= Of corse, Dr. Wily is working on that.

    Dalton= Problems my friend?

    SP Commander= Only a little. We lost another Model W.

    Dalton= What? In the abandon park? Oh shoot, I thought that would be an easy mission, especally predicting those 4 rouge guardians, but I never expected Phil to show up. I better inform Mister Tom about this right away. If we deal with Phil, then you will not have to worry about the new pirates failing.

    SP Commander= I see. Well understood, our biometal pirates have superior defence power now thanks to you and Dr. Wily's Dalek research. We now possess there shielding technology, it's not perfect, but when the time is right, we will try to create a better verson of it.

    *A transmision from Giga city opens up on the space pirate monitor*

    Dr. Wily (radio)= How did your new rescources come allong friend?

    SP Commander= As you predicted, these new pirates have superior shielding than of the ordanary megamen. Our first 6 encountered some megamen allong the way.

    Dr. Wily (radio)= Splended!

    SP Commander= But they did not return, you see, we had ran into a problem, Phillip showed up and ruined the mission.

    Dr. Wily (radio)= Blasted! That Phillip. I hope Tom finds him soon. Where was he last spotted?

    SP Commander= At the abandon park site, our reports indicate that he cooperated with the 4 rouge guardians and Prometheus and Pandora as well, they appeared to have had some sort of truce.

    Dr. Wily (radio)= Damn! Oh well, I will try to work on the energy weapon research from the Dalek that we interogated. Im glad we cought 2 like you planned Dalton, im glad the stupid Bonne's didn't get the other one. *wicked chuckle*

    Dalton= I'll continue to give my aid to the pirates.

    Dr. Wily (radio)= Exelent. What about the cybermen?

    Dalton= there still working as labor and mostly grunt work allong with the lower pirates who do mainly all the labor and building. The commander tells us we are planning to make other versons of the biometal pirates.

    Dr. Wily (radio)= I will send the other data on the 4 guardians and research to you now. You may start at once.

    SP Commander= Even better sir, I'll announce the laborers to increase development. We will have more troops available when the time is right and efficient.

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    *Meanwhile........ back at hunters camp.........John, Ashe, and Grey enter another area through the red door and head downward a few hills to a metalic building surrounded by pleasent waterfall.*

    John= This place is great, it's perfect for a picnic.

    Ashe= John, are you thinking of food at a time like this?

    Grey= John, I can't believe you! Thinking about eating when were getting on a mission.

    John= It's not like that! Im just saying, this place would be great to go on a picnic, sheesh!

    *Downward the hill, they meet a fat guy sitting on the ground eating a picnic lunch fit for 5 people. The guy was a young food hunter named Owl.*

    John= Excuse us, were just passing through. Enjoy your picnic.

    Owl= *munch munch munch* I could just keep eating all day long. I think I broke my belt awhile back.

    Model S= And if this guy keeps eating like this, he's gonna need a belt the size of the equator.

    John= Model S! Do you have to critisize people like that?

    Model S= Awwwww, c'mon. I get bored easaly. When are we gonna be at that cold area?

    Owl= Cold area? Oh, it's just a small further walk ahead. Can't miss it. If you excuse me, I need to get back finishing my lunch.

    John= Man, and I thought Eric Cartman could put on a big feedbag?

    Model s= Ah ha! I knew you coudn't resist.

    John= ....., now look what you made me do.

    Model S= You know, sometimes it's a burdon being your biometal.

    Model A= Tell me about it.

    Ashe= That's enough, were almost at the door.

    Grey= There it is.

    *They arrived at the door with the walls surrounding the door covered in some sheets of ice, and all 3 entered the door and entered a chamber*

    (Music changes to - Drifting floe/ Megaman ZXAdvent)Download

    *Then all 3 walked from one part of the chamber to the other door. Then they were right at another location, and the place was like a lake covered in sheets of ice and snow. Sudenly, Ashe and Grey's com links activated (John's was broken).*

    Mikhail (radio)= Can you hear me? It's me, Mikhail. It looks live you've stepped into some rough terrain. You should be able to cut a path through the chunchs of ice, but the areas that allow acces to the crash site are limited. Mega Men, you must find a way to break through.

    John= We could use Model A's A-trans to change into Buckfire, he has that flame arrow attack.

    Ashe= That's right, thanks for reminding me.

    Grey= Oh yeah, that's right. Like back on the train.

    John= I'll change when I need too, I like to try out some of these new cyber souls I got from the train as well. I also believe I can collect a few new ones here too.

    *Ashe and Grey morphed into Buckfire's form while John stayed the same, followed them as they fired there arrows on the ice blocks thus destroying them and they all jumped into the water, they first encounterd a fork cannon. Ashe took it out but as she did, an orange cyber soul poped out from it and flew into John. Then behind them was a skull anchor that fired chains and when you shot it, the face shattered off and regenerated emergency energy and continued to attack, when Grey shot it and destroyed it, a red cyber soul flew into John.*

    Ashe= More cyber souls.

    Grey= What kinds are those?

    Model S= This orange cyber soul is the fork cannon, it changes your shot patterns like the cannon does. The red one is the skull anchor. You can launch a piercing 4 way, ice chain attack.

    John= Sweet. Im gonna equip them right now.

    Model S= You can still use cyber souls when using Model A with me, but when your in A-tran's form, you can't use cyber souls, even if your changed into a form of another mega man. Got it?

    John= Thanks for the tip.

    *John equipped the cyber souls and tried them out. John megamerged with both Model S and Model A, John was shooting from his Abuster in different directions. He shot more enemies in his way. There was another cannon cased inside one of those blocks of ice, called a solid cannon. John casted (fire) on it and it destroyed it instantly since it was weak against fire, then another red cyber soul flew out and landed into John.*

    Model S= This isn't a weapon, you can create ice blocks with this. Try it out.

    *John equipped the cyber soul and he created an ice block and it rose up on the surface of the water.*

    John= Not much there, perhaps we can save it for later. Let's keep going.

    *John, Ashe, and Grey ventured through the lake of the artic ice floe, entered through another door, then found somewhat of a dead end, but was sheeted with ice blocks. John decided to morph into Buckfire and help Ashe and Grey melt the ice and drop to the bottom. At the bottom of the pit, they took a look at the background and there was more ice sheets above them over a large pillar, but metalic tentacles were guarding the way, the center was the only path opened.*

    (Music dies down slowly)

    John= Let's check it out.

    *As the 3 entered, the tentacles dug through the surface of the ceeling and a metalic octopus head came out as well, it was the Langbrach that was guarding the area above.*

    (Music changes to - Dance-macabre/ Megaman ZX)Download

    *The head of the robot started to shoot missles and Ashe and Grey fired at the head, but it was no use. John shot the tenticles first and when it's tenticles retracted, the head opened and the core appeared, John fired fire arrows at the core. Then the head went inside the ground. Then the head and tenticles emerged from the floor lever. Ashe and Grey were cought by the tenticles but John shot every one of them and repeated the attack pattern until it was desrtoyed.*

    (Music changes to - Drifting floe/ Megaman ZXAdvent)Download

    *Suddenly, there was a grey cyber soul that poped out from the Langbrach and flew into John.*

    Model S=you can still collect cyber souls but you can't use them with A tran's forms, not even the grey ones. You have to be in origional form only. And this is Langbrach's soul. You can now use your charging to draw in drop items. Normally, only Model SA could do this, but now, you can do that with me now.

    Grey= Model SA? Is that another biometal?

    John= Sure is, but that one's back with Kaolla and her friends.

    Ashe= You sure know allot about biometal.

    John= I should introduce you to my friends. I bet Vent and Aile are grown up a bit by now.

    Model S= John's like a big brother and a daddy....

    John= Model S! That's enough. Let's check out what's up there.

    *The 3 triangle jumped there way up on the giant pillar like underwater building to the ice sheet, shot the sheet and surfaced up and found a little girl wearing a fuzzy hood with animal ears on it. The girl was named Mary.*

    Mary= EEEE! 3 big red deer monsters.

    John= Wait, were not monsters. Look!

    *John morphed back into his normal form, back to Model form AS.*

    Mary= That's a wierd biometal you have, what's that big white ribbon and red head ponytail?

    John= It's just Model S merged with Model A, here,...i'll show you.

    *John unequipped Model A with Model S still intact. Model S back to it's normal pink and lavendar colors, with the lavendar ponytail, facial parts of the helmet, and big ribbon on the back of the waist. Pinkish purple all over the rest.*

    John= This is my biometal's true form, Model S.

    Mary= But mister... why are you wearing a girls biometal?

    John= Because this biometal chose me, that's it. I can't help that fact.

    Mary= Wait.... your Mega Man Plum, my parrents told me about you and your stories of you being the legendary Abagale hero, I can't wait till I tell them I met him in person!

    John= Please... call me John. uhhh,... what's wrong?

    Mary= Brrrr! It's cold. I should have dressed warmer. Er, are you a Hunter too? My name is Mary. Nice to meet you!

    Grey= Excuse me, were looking for a path to he oil fields, do you know the way?

    Mary=It's beyond that horrison, a bit further. Oh... What am I going to do? I caught a Moth Queen but it got away... Aah... won't someone catch it for me? *wink*

    *All 3 looked above and saw a flying mechanical moth flying way above them*

    Mary= I'd have to be able to fly to reach way up there... I bet a Hunter would be able to catch it for me... *wink*

    John= Oh that's no problem. All I have to do is pull out my wand and then I say the encarnation....Accio!

    *The moth queen instantly got drawn by John's magic charm and flew into his hand.*

    Mary= WOW! My Moth Queen... you caught it for me! You ARE a Hunter! Oh, thank you! I'm so glad you came to my aid! It isn't much... but I want you to have this.

    *She gave John 100 EC for it.*

    John= You shouldn't have.*

    Mary= You sure are a legend Megaman pl.... um...John. I need to remember that Ack-e-yo you shout.

    John= No no no no, you see, you have to either be born or infused with magical energy in order to do something like that. Sorry.

    Mary= That's ok? You can teach me, someday.... I don't wanna hold you back from being a hunter. I'll see you soon John. heart *wink*

    Ashe= John, you sure are good with the kids.

    John= It depends on the kid too. Not just because there kids, some kids personality's differ from others.

    Grey= You'd make a good father John.

    John= Please not now Grey.

    *The 3 dove down the water and took the tunnels of the lake shooting mechanloids that got in our way. And they reached the surface..... again, and Ashe and Grey shot down more galleon hunters and this time a chicken looking one. A Poyoko was shot down by Grey, and a blue cyber soul flew out of it and flew into John.*

    Model S= Another cute familiar soul. Try it out John.

    *John equipped the Poyoko cyber soul and tried it out, and a Poyoko familiar appeared and it flew into incoming mechanloids thus dispatching them on contact. They reached a wall with pipes hanging from other areas like a fireman pole and there was a small cliff with something up there.*

    John= Hang on, be back in a quick moment.

    *John with Model S, monkey climbed the poles and jumped from one to the other, and came back with a sub-tank.*

    John= Here you go Ashe, on the house.

    Ashe= Thank you.

    Grey= What was all that just now?

    John= Model S has abilities most biometals don't have, including physique. I could jump on top of mechanloids without getting hurt.

    Grey= Amazing.

    John= Care to try it? It's alright, Model S megamerged with some of my friends too, although they looked better in it than I did.

    Grey= ......, *blush*

    Ashe= I don't think he wants to.

    John= Trust me, Model S loves megamerging with guys, she prefers male hosts.....well,... ok, perhaps later.

    User Image

    *The 3 arrived in an underwater chamber, it appeared as if it was a totaly indoor area, it appeared to be some sort of storage unit. There were doors that lead to converters and vault controls. But the hallway and areas above and below were blocked by sheets of ice and strange blocks John, Ashe, and Grey never seen before. Specal blocks that John's magic or other kind of foce could berak. But..... have they ever tried?*

    Ashe= Blocks with an electric core? Let me try to break it.

    *Ashe already morphed into Buckfire tried a jump kick to break it, but it was no good. Grey did the same but no effect.*

    John= Hmmmmm.... Let me try something.

    *John casted (break) on the blocks and the blocks he used it on turned to stone.*

    John= Try it now.

    *Ashe and Grey jumpkicked the wall again, this time it worked. Then they split up and shot fire arrows through the ice blocks and entered every door destroying the locking unit in each chamber until all of them was destroyed, then they regrouped and climbed the highest area till they found a vault door and entered a secret area. They found one of the hunters Ashe lost when she was on the raider ship when Prometheus attacked them. It was Lazarus who was stuck in the chamber.*

    Lazarus= Oh my god! 2 big mavericks!

    *Ashe and Grey returned to normal and approached Lazarus.*

    Ashe= Lazarus, it's me! Ashe.

    Lazarus= Ashe!? So you got the biometal. Good. Who's that kid?

    Ashe= That's Grey.

    Grey= Pleased to meet you sir.

    Lazarus= Who's that other megaman behind you? Is that... Mega Man model S!? Mega man plum!? No way!?

    John= Im so sick of that name! I should schold Serpant for comming up with that name! Sir,... please call me "John".

    Lazarus= Pleased to meet you sir. My dad used to tell stories about you over the transerver, told me how you defeated Slither inc. And helped those other 2 kids who was with the guardians. They must be almost adults by now. But if you ever see a guy with a pirate uniform who stole our booty and blue biometal, you give him a wacking for us hear?

    John= I'll tell you all about it later ok?

    Lazarus= Thanks buddy. Ill head back to hunters camp. Oh, and if you see Red, be sure to tell him im ok. Wait.... I came through the emergency exit, and now it's caved in ..... shoot!

    John= I'll take you out of here. With my magic, then you go to the camp. Hang on, this my be of slight discomfort.

    *John casted (Exit) on Lazarus and he teleported in a heartbeat.*

    Grey= What did you do?

    John= It's the spell Exit, an old teleporting spell used by white mages to escape dungeons and caverns. He's fine. He's gonna be alittle spell sick from it.

    Grey= What's a white mage?

    John= Long story, I'll explain later. Let's go to the other area what Mary mensoned.

    Ashe= Excuse me,... im the leader.

    *They all went back out from the vault and traveled alittle lower and found another vault door and it lead to the exit of the building and when they reached the lake's end, it was all covered in a huge ice sheet. Everyone got a foreboding about the place when suddenly ...... they saw 2 people standing in the middle of it, one with a red vest and the other clothed in blue.*

    (Music stops)

    John= Who are they?

    Ashe= let's check it out.

    Grey= I hope they can help us.

    *When they approached the 2 figures, it was a woman in a custom military uniform, and the one in blue was a blue haired reploid boy wearing a blue jacket with a sweet smile. It was Atlas and Thetis.*

    (Music playing - Fate-deep seated grudge/ Megaman ZX)Download

    User Image
    User Image

    Atlas= Prometheus said he found someone interesting. I came to see who it was. Thetis, those 2 are nothing than kids, like you. And who is this other megaman? I cant believe it, it's HIM! Mega man Model S.

    Thetis= Hey, you 2 aren't much older than me. And why is Megaman Plum with you?

    Grey= What's with you people?

    *Atlas and Thetis megamerged with there biometals.*

    Atlas= Im Atlas, the flame megaman, chosen one for Model F.

    Thetis= My name's Thetis, the ice megaman, chosen one for Model L.

    Atlas= How is it that unenlightened Hunter who has no ideals is a Mega Man? And as for the boy, how were you to become a megaman if you don't even know yourself? And you.... Megaman Plum, how come you, the abomination who helped a bunch of whelps defeat Slither inc. takes pride in traveling with low class megamen?

    Model A= What is going one with all these weirdos?

    Ashe= I don't need ideals, I have my pride. I can't stand people like you who are always looking down on others.

    Grey= Prometheus told me if I beat the megamen in battle, I would be able to learn more about myself and find out who I really am?

    John= What are you 2 doing here anyway?

    Thetis= Haha, just as I expected. But... I don't feel like fighting right now. We've got other things to do.

    John= Like what?

    Atlas= I've got not time for some kids and a Plebeian who became Mega Men by accident. You look like you could use a nice cold dip.

    *Atlas strikes her megaton buster on the ice surface and both her and Theits teleport and all 3 fell into the water as the ice sheet gave..... then a huge horseshoe looking spuderoid appeared.... it was none other than Chronoforce.*

    User Image

    Chronoforce= *Ha ha ha* Welcome to my sub-zero world where even time freezes! You've got some never calling yourselves Mega Men, Plebeians and defectives! You're nothing more than lowlife commoners! I, Chronoforce will take those Biometal off your hands!

    John= I dare you to try your luck chrono-dome, Just try it!!

    Chronoforce= If it isnt the Megaman who shouldn't be. You got some nerve calling yourself a mega man, abomination! I'll destroy you with these kids!

    (music changes to - Slam Down/ Megaman ZXAdvent)Download

    User Image

    *Chronoforce suddenly dove himself into the ground and launching his mini clones and all charged into the group but all jumped out of the way, and Ashe and Grey morphed into Buckfire's form prepairing for the next assault. John remaining in Model S, megamerged with Model A and became Model AS, John began to switch his cyber souls, selected bullet (red) type, Bambooloss, Guardian (blue) type, Diadrake, and Enhancement (orange) type Fork cannon. Then when Chronoforce appeared, John activated the guardian cybersoul, *the diadrake ghost like aura shrowded him and he fired fully charged shots by just simplu shooting like normal and the fork cannon cyber soul let him shoot an extra row of shots. Then when C hronoforce planted himself on the floor launching his mini selves at him, John planted Bambooloss on the floor and John took Ashe and Grey by the arms and jumped out of the way as the little ones charged and when Chronoforce charged, he ran right into the Bambooloss recieveing damage. Then when Chronoforce re-appeared, he suddenly teleported and used his "time bomb" and Chronoforce's speed doubled. John immediately casted (slow) on Chronoforce slowing him down to normal speed. John got between Ashe and Grey and casted (Haste 2) and it casted over himself, Ashe and Grey and they were faster than normal. Chronoforce tried to charge his attack to fire ice spikes at Ashe and Grey, but they all got pelted by the attack and got frozen solid, but John got out of the way in time and John casted (Fire 2) on Chronoforce and finaly, John morphed into Buckfire himself and performed a straight horn rise thus finising off Chronoforce before he could reach a safe area.*

    (Music stops)

    Chronoforce= ...You are nothing more than pawns in the palm... of HIS hand. ...All you 3 can hope to do is just flail about in the little time you have left! *cackle*

    *Chronofoce explodes and the 3 Model A's recieve Chronoforce's data.*

    John= Well, he sure put up a better fight than Buckfire did.

    (Music changes back to - Drifting floe/ Megaman ZXAdvent)Download

    *John, Ashe, and Grey enter the door to there right and enter a chamber with spikes on top of the ceeling.*

    Ashe= Do you get the feeling that those two back there are just puppets? "HE" is probably pulling the strings behind the scenes. Shoot!... Who do they think they are, taking advantage of our ignorance! Now I want to go all the way and win this game even more!

    Grey= I think so. I also would like to know who I am and how I was created.

    Model A= You've got Chronoforce's power! Morph into Chronoforce and you can Swim in the water all the time. You can even move through touh currents and dash underwater for extra speed. You can shoot ice arrows to freeze enemies solid too. But be careful, on land you'll become totally immobile. Chronoforce's hard shell protects him from attacks from above. Just get under one of those falling icicles and see.

    Ashe= Ok, let's try it. Everyone morph!

    *John, Ashe, and Grey morph into Chronoforce and swam underneath the spikes, there was rows that were falling down but they all fell on the hard shell and was totaly unscratched.*

    John= Hey, this form's alright. I can get used to this.

    *John tried dashing arround as Chronoforce a bit and since he had Model S, he was faster and can charge weapons quicker than Ashe and Grey could.*

    Model A= Oh, and another thing,... Chronoforce's Charge Attack is awesome! Charge your energy till the meter is fully charged, then release it to activate the Time Bomb! Time Bomb freezes time for everything around you, and slows down the movements of enemies. Cool, huh? Oh yeah, it's not only enemies that slow down... You can use Time Bomb to slow down falling objects like icicles.

    Ashe= Thanks. Let's go and find that oil field.

    *All re-morphed back to there humanoid forms and entered the door and found a chamber with a transiever and all 3 stood in it and submitted there reports and all each recieved 200 EC.*

    John= Look, there's a door to the other side.

    Grey= But .... the door appears to be forced shut.

    Ashe= Oh shoot.

    John= Looks like someone dosent want us to go further ahead. We better go back to hunters camp and take a break for awhile. My magic energy needs to be replenished, unless you 2 know how to brew magic restoring potions.

    *So all 3 used the trasiever and teleported back to hunters camp...... but what will happen next? Who jammed the door? Will Prometheus and Pandora truely keep to Phil's truce? What's there deal with these 4 other mega men and what will the space pirates do next since Phil and the 4 rouge guardians foiled the space pirate mission? Find out next time.....*

    To be continued.......