• I knew it was my fault, I thought as I held Her down as She tried to thrash out of my grasp. I was so careful not to make skin to skin contact as Sarai had so warned me, I never would have thought that I would be caught in a battle so huge and find that I did not know as much about my own world as i had believed. But now on a mission to rescue Sarai's guardian Ciri we have been trapped inside her mind and have found Ciri to be in different forms and personalities and memories that threaten to drive her and us into madness. But we have learned that He Who Wishes To Destroy Us has trapped Her and us inside her mind and everything in here is very real and She is not what we have been led to believe. I would not figure everything out until the very end.
    Her eyes flashed neutral silver, lustful red then famished black then all hell broke loose....

    Daimon wants Saraiyu again and Cirilai has prevent that happening for 6 000 fearing world destruction. She has adjusted the world to erase any memory of th Ancients and who they are but there are those who still remember but what side they are on they keep well secret. There are three types of vampie all with different wants and consciences but none of them know of the other species.

    But when Sarai and Ciri try to escape the vampire royalty for the literally 2000th time they get stuck at a small city in America they decide to start afresh and go to school but when A vampire family realise ssomething strange about the newcomers they decide to do a little digging which turns into a lot of digging