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    Here is your Wonderland sports report, the one stop place to get all the latest in games across the kingdom. This week in sports, the talk of the kingdom was the game between her majesty the Red Queen and Alice. With the Caterpillar as the referee, the Queen and Alice went to battle against each other in a game of charades.

    For the first round, both the Ace of Diamonds and the White Rabbit drew a card from the Caterpillar, and then began to act it out to their partners. On the Queen’s side, the Ace of diamonds acted out a soldier while on Alice’s side, the White Rabbit acted out a fish. The first round was won by Alice, much to the Queen’s ire.

    For the second round, the Ace of Diamonds acted out a horse and for Alice, the White Rabbit acted out a servant. The second round was won by the Queen, who promptly indulged in unsportsmanlike gloating.

    The third round commenced with both players tied to win. The Ace of Diamonds proceeded to act out a river while the White Rabbit was acting as a tree. Both the Queen and Alice answered at the same time! Making this battle of charades go in to overtime!

    For the tie breaker, the Cheshire Cat was brought in to replace the Ace and the Rabbit. For this round, the first one to guess correctly wins. The Cheshire Cat proceeded to indicate to the players that it was two words, the first word was guessed by the queen to be ‘Time’. The second word, was clearly more difficult and took a considerable length of time for the players to guess, however, it was Alice that declared the word to be ‘Keeper’, thereby winning the game.