• As I was hiking through the Canadian forest, I heard something coming from the distance. I thought I saw a bird in the sky, but I just kept on walking. I heard a twig snap from behind- I turned around quickly. Nothing was there.

    Now I was getting freaked out. For some reason, I feel like some one or something is following me. I searched the area once again. I didn’t see or hear anything. I waited for about five minutes waiting for something to happen. Then out of nowhere, a huge creature came swooping down, trying to get a hold of me, but the only thing he got was my rock star hat.

    “Dang it. That’s my lucky hat”, I groaned in frustration.

    It came again, and picked me up using it’s claws. The only thing that kept me alive was my jacket which the white beast held onto. I was so scared that I didn’t bother to try and shake him off, because we were at least a hundred feet from the ground. I could barely open my eyes, because we going to fast, the wind was raging against my eyes, and making them wet.

    I screamed a couple of times to ‘let me go’, but the only reply I got was a growl from the creature.

    I glanced up at the creature for the first time. He had an artic fox’s head, swan wings, a white tiger’s body, and polar bear paws. I decided to name the creature a Folar Swiger, mixing the specie’s characteristics together. I also realized that we were getting closer to a knoll. As we got closer I saw smoke coming from a small cabin where I heard someone screaming for help.

    I thought to myself, the Folar Swiger was just trying to help by getting help that could benefit. I guess that’s why he took me here.

    I ran as fast as I can, dodging braches that hung from the pine trees. I rammed my body against the door, knocking it down. I crawled on the floor ignoring the fact that the burning cabin could fall down any moment right now. I found a little girl crying. I picked her up, and ran at top speed out the door , just in time before the house exploded.

    And then I was surrounded by darkness...