• Nathon Powers Journal Entry #6
    March 16, 2010

    tab The next day, I was suddenly jossled up by a scream. And just as I did, Jenna fell from her bed, her body outstretched on mine. I quickly threw her body off, finding she didn't even react. Immediately, I began to panic.
    tab "Jenna!"
    tab "Where am I?" I wasn't sure what to say. I guess I was happy she wasn't dead, but she didn't seem to "alive" either.
    tab "Jen--?"
    tab "Who are you? What do you want from me?!" I didn't know what to do but call for dad. He'd know what to do. He had to.
    tab "Dad! Dad, come quick!"
    tab "What is it?" He looked like his normal, drowzy self as he walked in the room with a yawn or two, until he saw the seemingly lifeless body of Jenna talking to herself on the ground. Then he rushed over to me, and pushed me aside.
    tab "Get out!" he exclaimed. "Now!" I didn't object. I quickly got out the room, trying to plug out the yelling of Jenna in the background. But I heard something. I heard my dad utter something:
    tab "Tyler...Tyler Woods, why are you doing this?"
    tab I was so...struck with surprise at that moment, that I really couldn't think anything. I didn't even run much, but I was panting when I got downstairs.
    tab Just minutes later, my dad and Jenna both walked out of the room. Except...
    tab Jenna was crying.
    tab I didn't know what happened in there, but I knew something did. And whatever it was, I knew one thing: It was something I didn't want to know.
    tab Someone was responsible for what happened to my sister. Someone was going to pay. Tyler Woods was the only one who came to mind. I couldn't let him get away with whatever was going on. I couldn't.
    tab To tell the truth, I didn't actually know what he did. All I knew was, my sister walked out of that room crying, and my dad said something about Tyler Woods. That was all I needed. All the excuse in the world for me to be angry at him.
    tab "Tyler!" It was in the hall right before lunch when I finally caught up with him. He stopped where he was, and turned around to look at me.
    tab "What do you want?" I could've smacked him right then. But I held it. I saved it for later. After a good discussion.
    tab "I think you sure as hell know what I want." I wasn't sure where I was going at, or what I was going to accuse him of. And he seemed just as confused as me.
    tab "Something happen at home? What, your sis, Jenna, make out with some other old geezer?" I didn't even need to say anything then. I just screamed, and tried ro punch him. But it was a big mistake. I had forgotten what he had done to Jacob, and he tore him apart, well, I didn't want to know what he'd do to me. He quickly dodged, and threw me against a locker.
    tab "What'd you think you were going to do? Hurt me?" He held me up higher against the locker, and then suddenly grabbed my neck.
    tab "You have no idea what I've been going through, and you think you're going to move me with some sob story about your whore-sister?"
    tab "She's not...she's not a whore!" I coughed. He was choking me, and as every second went by, it felt like my life was fading away. I looked to my left and right. No one in sight. Everyone was at lunch or in a classroom.
    tab "Tell that to your friend, Evan!" He threw me to the floor, and I felt the pain crawl up my spine. I just laid there, grunting in pain.
    tab "By the way..." he began to add. "Nice choice of friends."
    tab "What?"
    tab "I believe that's what they call 'sarcasm'," he hissed. "I'd drop him if I were you, before he drops you."
    tab "Don't talk about him like that!"
    tab "And just who started this?" he asked. "I have the right to say whatever I want."
    tab "All then, tell me! You know something, don't you?!" I cried as he began to walk away. "Don't just walk away from me! Just what the hell is going on?!" He stopped again, and said,
    tab "Don't ask me. I got..." He got quiet suddenly, and whispered,
    tab "I got the same question going through my head."

    tab Tyler Woods...It all came down to him, I just knew it. He came to school on the same day as my sister, seemed to have forgotten his memory as well, and now...my dad had mentioned his name right in front of Jenna.
    tab But I wasn't really sure how to confront him, or if I wanted to confront him at all. Did I want to know what was going on? No, I decided, I didn't.
    tab And I didn't, because I needed to talk to Evan about something. What did Tyler say?
    tab "I'd drop him, before he drops you." What did he mean? That was one thing I was willing to figure out, as I took a deep breath, and confronted him at a lunch table.