• It's been a while

    It's been a while since I remembered that memory.

    Nirey was with me when we were playing Q & A with Jakku. Having fun because of all the messed up questions we gave each other.

    "Okay, my turn," I started. "Hmm. If you were to get laid by one teacher-" my voice trailed off. I noticed that Hayate was there, and Jakku just had to open his big mouth and invite him over.

    "Err, as I was saying," I said, as boldly as possible. "If you were to get laid by ay teacher here in SISC, who'd it be?"
    Jakku swore loudly. "Damn you, I mean, what the hell?"

    "You did say – yesterday – that any question will do." I came back at him, smugly.
    I looked through the corner of my eye, and I noticed that Hayate was looking at me. I quickly turned my head, laughing at the answer Jakku gave. "Now, Nirey, who'd you pick?"

    "Ugh!" she groaned. "This is impossible!"

    We let it pass, and Jakku made Hayate join. Suddenly, Nirey had a smug face on. Looking at her, I pulled her away from the other two and gave her one of my bad a** sermons.

    "What the hell? Dude! Don't make it obvious! I'm not even sure if he likes me!" I stated.

    "Sorry, I couldn't help myself," she started but I shot back by saying: "I've noticed!"
    We started to walk nearer, but Jakku made that hand signal that meant he wanted us to stand back first.

    After those five minutes of boredom, Nirey trudged back to the basketball pole we were standing nearby. Jakku immediately stood up and made me sit down, even though I insisted that he didn't do that.

    "Why should I?" I whispered to him.

    "You know why! God!"

    "Fine," I said giving in. "But you owe me."

    "I think it'll be the other way 'round," he replied.

    What the hell could he be thinking? It's not like him to be like this. Throwing those thoughts away, I sat, hesitantly.

    "Akane," Hayate laughed.

    "What is it?" Curious to know, I started becoming conscious of him. He was coming nearer. Jakku, I would kill you, but no. I'll thank you, I thought.

    "I hug people for no reason." He came in faster than I can say Varodurumon.

    He started to hug me. I don't know how I looked like, but I bet I was really red. Like a tomato. His hug some how radiated an aura. I can't describe it in words, but all I know is that I felt so energized. I ignored Nirey's shocked expression and Jakku's smug face. I hugged Hayate back, throwing my arms around him. I noticed how smooth his hair was. How gentle his touch was. How he knew how to break the touch barrier; and even how he smelled like.

    When we let go of each other, I saw the look in his pitch black eyes. It said that he never wanted to stop. He smiled at me, showing his braces. It actually looked good on him; the red bands on them suited him. Is it a coincidence that his last name is Guren, meaning crimson red?

    Jakku and Nirey were so smug, it was as if they broke their cheek bones! Nirey, playing with her straight brown hair, was asking Jakku about this person she liked. Apparently, Jakku and VJ, the guy Nirey likes, are "pork brothers". Jakku, telling her all about him and what he knows, was laughing. Nirey was holding in her reactions because we told her that it'd be obvious if she kept reacting to it.

    Hayate was looking a bit tired, so I told him that he could rest on my shoulder. As he was about to lean on me, a booming voice shouted: "Hayate Guren! Paging Hayate Guren!"

    I watched as he stood up. He pet Nirey on the head, like she was a dog and attempted to kick Jakku in the balls for fun. He then turned to me, with that caring expression I always see from him. He said "Bye," and picked up my hand. I turned red, slightly. He then kissed my hand, like they do in the movies; but soon he dashed off, running to the front gate.