• crying well thank god well that bite really hurts crying i looked in the sky for 45 sec then he was gone... im scared how am i going to get home then i ran super fast then i came home i knew the way now.The next day i want to school in a cloudy day i met martin there and i said to him is there anymore vamps around here or werewolfs? he said maybe i dont know.but there was this girl that was one because it was sunlight now and this happened burning_eyes she burned in to ashes ppl was like wat!! happened they were crying but i didnt really care much.. my friend her name is chelse when i saw her she was like hey maryanna i said yea she said wanna go shopping later on? i said sorry i cant i have to do sumthin she said like wat can i come i said you cant its really important bye!! then i ran straight to martin and he said sorry i left last night i just had to go home i said dont worry about it then he said met me at my house after school i said ok ... later after school chelse said hey maryanna wait up i said didnt i tell you i had to do sumthin she said yea but can icome with you i said you cant its to dangreous i said im finding poison snakes she said ok bye i dont wanna go! chelse ran to her house she is terrified of poison snakes but i met martin he said follow me maryanna there is sumthin i have to show you..... this!

    To Be Continued..............................Sorry... sweatdrop biggrin