• "Torrence, Torrence?"
    "Hm?" Torrence looked up at her best friend Cameron. His eyes were full of concern. She guessed she'd blanked out on him while they were talking again.That had been happening often.
    "Are you okay? You blanked out again?"
    Right on target, "Yeah, just a liittle tired. Maybe I should go home now."
    "Torrence wait!" Cameron grabed her arm just as she was about to leave,no running away today. Boy did her luck stink.
    "Cameron I should really go."
    " But something's obviously not right! Why won't you tell me what's wrong?"
    "Beacuse the truth could kill you,"
    Cameron let go of her arm, "...What?"
    "Nothing, forget I ever said anything."
    "How can I forget that?!"
    "..." Torrence did not answer him. For a moment it looked as if she had blanked out again, but then he realized she was staring at something behind him.
    " Cameron, run. RUN NOW!"
    " What? Why?" Torrence sure did look freaked out. Slowly he turned around and looked to where her eyes were stuck. Okay, maybe that wasn't such a good idea after all. Now he was freaked out, and for a good reason too.
    It was as if everything around him had frozen. the only thing that moved was Torrence's trembling body and a very pale man in black armor on a black horse, holding a scythe and an hour glass. Funny how even though he was so panicked right now he noticed the man shared a resemblence to Torrence.
    "Is this him? The boy you were trying to protect from me? Foolish daughter. Nothing and no one can hide from death. His time is up."
    Cameron woke with a start. He was drenched with sweat and breathing heavily. It was just a dream, no a nightmare. But one quetion did hang on his mind.
    He didn't know anyone named Torrence and he didn't know why any death of any kind would want him so, why the hell did he keep having that dream?