• Old Judgar was a happy old man with red beard a happy smile and eyes that light up like a lamp. He was a jolly man, who loved to sing and dance he was everything that anyone could see in a person who was perfect. Once a day he'd go off on a walk and where he went no one knew but no one wanted to disturb him.
    But one day a child with a pair of overalls, eyes the size of the moon, and his messy brown hair, decided to go off into the woods. He saw Old Judgar he tugged on his beard and he asked the small man one simple question.
    "Sir could you, tell me a story?" the little boys eyes lit up in delight waiting the man wearing his jolly green suit to answer his question.
    "Why o course me boy, just go and sit tight right there." he said his cheeks glowing red as roses. Soon a swarm of children came running their way to the dirty road. Old Judgar smiled happily as the children shushed each other with snake sighs.
    "Now hush all I'm going to tell you a story." he said and they all went silent as a mouse.
    "I once diddled on a fiddle and I remember it was the happiest day of my life!" Old Judgar sang in a country tune. "But now a days I tell you the best was marrying my wife, You see I'm a happy man but some days are different and the rest are just what you don't expect. Because, the happiest days you'll ever have are just waiting to be seen whiule there already there you just don't see it. But everyday is the happiest day of your life!
    "Now I want you tell me what was the happiest day of your life so far?" a small girl carried the tune next,
    "Watchin my momma sitting in the kitchen helpin her make my dinner that's the happiest of my lliiiife so far!" Old Judgar laughed his face lighting up, he stopped and said.
    "Theres the happy ending you all wanted, now run along children."

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