• The moon light reached my face, lying in my small room, in my bed I slowly opened my eyes just a bit… Hearing… hearing these noises… a stump knocking? No… voices, soft and low voices… but arguing, arguing about something I didn’t understand.

    “No, don’t!…” “I warn you, don’t stop me…” “We can’t do this…”

    I closed my eyes again and fell asleep. Not even knowing that everthing will end in this night...

    There were noises again in the middle of the night… a scream… then silence took over again… but still I slept.

    Quiet steps… each meter… He came near me… He slowly reached out to my face… I noticed him.. his slow breath, his nice smell. I woke up. Scared, I was scared. With wide, anxious opened eyes I looked at him. His black hair shined in the moon light, in the one hand a knife full of blood that was running down while dripping on the floor the other stretched out trying to reach my mouth. His clothes were all over blood, deep red, fresh blood… I wanted to scream as loud as I could, but he reacted very fast and pushed his hand on my mouth… My heart was breathing very fast and my whole body began to shake… “Shhh!” He said while looking in my deep blue eyes. “I don’t want to hurt you… please be quiet.” Then he tried to smile and stroked my brown hair away from my face. “Everything will be alright, don’t worry, just sleep.” He pat my head and suddenly I felt so tired. I tried to resist but my eyes slowly closed still looking at him in his green eyes, scared but with a confide that he wasn’t lying. Taking one last look in his eyes, then I closed them and slept… just slept