• Serenity sat motionless on the bed. Her deep brown eyes stared, fixated on the pastel pink walls. She disdained the pink girly aura of her room, but it seemed more common for the average five year old girl, though she was no average five year old. Plus she had more important things on her mind.
    These Things Were
    Who was it that tried to kill her brother?
    Was it really him she caught a glimpse of on the stairs?
    Would they come for her next?

    She rubbed her shoulder, covered by the velvety black cloak. She still refused to take off the cloak, let alone wash the deep blood stain out of it. That was the last thing she wanted at this moment. The blood stain gone. It was the one last thing she had. Every time her mother saw her, she had to cry. Just the thought of that blood made her mother shudder. But it didn’t bother Serenity. Probably because she knew how it got there, and even watched it splatter across the black velvet drip by drip. Thus she didn’t want it to disappear.
    Serenity shivered. She didn’t want to relive the violent memory that haunter her, it was already enough seeing it once, twice was pure torture. She didn’t want to see the blood spilling onto her cloak. Mostly because of whose blood it was. Though the sight of the blood didn’t bother her, the thought did.
    She froze. A voice entered her mind. That was strange. She knew that voice very well. How could she be hearing it? She covered her ears. This was obviously some kind of trick. She refused to be pulled into any trick. Especially one that could cost herself her own life. She knew better than that. She knew what people would do just to get to someone. And this was something that someone would do.
    No, she refused to let anymore thoughts of such things enter her mind. One terrible incident was enough. She sat still for a minute. Why wouldn’t the voice leave her alone? She covered her ears tighter.
    “I know your trick,” she muttered under her breath, “leave me alone now.” Still the voice continued to speak. She didn’t bother much to comprehend what it was saying, let alone want to know. She fell backwards onto the bed, covering her face.
    “Alright what is it you want?” she whispered a bit more loudly. She had qualms about what she last said. Maybe this is what they wanted, to drive her mad, and catch her off her guard. Luckily for Serenity she was always on guard, especially since the accident.
    She sat back up in one quick movement. The voice said something she didn’t expect. Now she was completely in a state of being confused. The voice had whispered her name. Following that was something else she didn’t see coming. Whomever those thoughts belonged to was worried about her. Very worried to be exact. Their mind was filled with concerns of her well being. Caught off guard, she thought while she straightened up her posture. She smoothed out her silky black dress. She wouldn’t be tricked no matter what. Her named was whispered again.
    She lay back down. Her mind clustered with confusion and slight fear. She glanced down at the deep blood stain. She reached out her hand to stroke the deep red streak, but ending up pulling her hand back in one quick swipe. She just couldn’t. To distract herself, she twisted the black ribbons that were her curly hair.
    The warm voice whispered her name again. It couldn’t be, she thought. It just couldn’t be him. Surely it wasn’t him, it was impossible. Her brother died two months ago. It couldn’t be his voice. But it did sound like him, the way her name was whispered out of concern. It sounded like it did on that one dreary day.
    No. She rejected the thought of the voice coming from Edan. She was positive he was dead. She watched him die. If someone was dead, they were dead and nothing more. No way could someone who was dead think such clear thoughts, that she could hear them. Unless Edan wasn’t dead? She forcefully shook her head. He was dead. She left it at that. But the thought soon entered her mind again.
    It might have been a hoax, but what would someone want to pretend to be dead for? That was something Edan would never do to her.
    “He is dead,” she repeated the words so that she would know it was true. You would have expected it to be the other way around; trying to convince herself that he wasn’t dead. But Serenity was ready to take on the cold hard truth. She repeated the words over and over, till she couldn’t erase them from her mind. Even after the words became so natural, she continued to speak them over and over. “He is dead. Edan is dead.”
    No matter what she just couldn’t force herself to believe it. That was Edan’s voice. She ditched the thought of this being a hoax. She knew his voice by heart. It was in fact, the only voice she would listen to. The only voice that could comfort her was his voice. He was worried about her. Surely, that was his voice. She was tempted to get up and follow the voice. But she couldn’t force herself to move. She had rendered herself incapable. Plus what would her mother think if she woke up and her only daughter was gone? That would surely cause her mother so much pain. Serenity couldn’t bear to do that.
    She was positive that she would find Edan. Whether or not he was alive, she would find him. How hard could it be? With a talent like hers it would only take at least three days. She didn’t know when she would get to chance to find him, but she was sure a chance would come. She lay her head down and shut her eyes. In no time, she was asleep. She slept with confidence that she could find him. No matter where he was, she would.