• *NOTE* this is part of a larger story, please read Some Kind of Nature, and Sweepstakes before reading this

    I stood in fear as the large man stood up at a full 7'4, "Well Jack? I don't like being kept waiting...I guess I'll just take your silence as a yes" the large man said as he ran straight at Jack. Jack jumped out of the way, and the man collided with the wall, sending cracks all up the side. As the man recovered he pulled out a very big ax, which he quickly swung at Jack. The ax barely missed Jack's face as it took a chunk out of the wall, sending large cracks down the side of the tower. "You can't escape Jack, once I have your skin I'll go collect your wife's skin. She's on the island you know" the man said, this caused Jack to remember some of his past.

    Jack had a wife named Maria, this man that he knew as Tobi was a mass murder that framed Jack for a massacre at a bank just the day before. "Tobi! Where's my wife?" Jack shouted as Tobi swung the ax again.

    "Oh so you remember some of your past now? I thought that drug I put in your system would leave you clueless for a long time" Tobi said as his ax hit the wall once again, this time causing the tower to shake, it was clear it was going to collapse. "I guess I'll leave you to your thoughts for now Jack" Tobi said as he jumped out of the tower right before it collapsed.

    "TOBI!!!" Jack yelled as the tower fell apart around him, but he was cut short when the roof came down on him.

    Jack woke up in a bank covered in blood, he had no memory of what had happened. "Oh God, did I kill these people?" Jack said as sirens went off in the distance, the police were coming. He ran out of the bank and quickly jumped into a car outside and started full speed out of town. After about an hour Jack was in the middle of nowhere as the clouds rolled in blotting out the sun, and the police came after him.

    About three miles ahead of Jack, Jim stood in the middle of the road. "He's going to get caught, we can't have that. Can't you do something?" Jim said to seemingly thin air.

    A voice replied "I can bend the world into several new ones, but it's up to you to guide him to the Glitter Freeze after that" as the world started going crazy. The sky opened and the ground started falling away, and Jim said "I'll guide him to his fate, don't worry" as Jack ran up to him.

    Jack pushed the ruins of Plastic Tower off of him, as the man with the fedora walked up and said "The tower is gone, but your wife is in danger. Can you find her on this twisted Plastic Beach?" Jack jumped up to attack the man, but he had disappeared. Jack followed a strange path filled with trash and various pieces of plastic waste, he had to find Tobi it was his only way off this Hellish island. Tobi appeared before Jack for only a moment and said "Your wife won't last long Jack, Hurry up!", Tobi was gone before Jack could react.

    With Tobi's warning, Jack ran down the path towards a clearing, there he found a large amount of deformed looking freaks and Tobi standing around Maria in a circle pattern. Tobi glanced over at Jack and said "ATTACK!", the freaks all ran at Jack, with weapons at the ready. Jack quickly grabbed a large piece of plastic, to use as a shield, while thirty freaks ran at him with anger in their eyes. Off in the distance Tobi grabbed Maria by the neck and said "This will be fun."