• Later that night

    "Lovely you ok?"
    "Yeah, I guess...Benz can I ask you something?"
    "Course. What is it?"
    I hesitate "WEll two things I wanna know. Benz Have you always been like this?"
    He sighs "No only when I figured out life isnt perfect."
    "What is the other question?"
    "Well come here for a second." He comes to my bed and lays down. I put my head on his chest. I hear his heartbeat. its a beautiful sound.
    " Benz, do you love me?"
    His eyes widen. He opens his mouthbut stops himself from saying anything.
    "why do you ask?"
    I really just want to know if he feels the same way.
    "Just wondering."
    I feel so nervous. He leans over and kisses me hard on the lips.
    His tongue enters my mouth. He sucks my tongue. I moan.loosing all of my breathe it feels great.*wierd mind..now i feel like a pervert.*He pushes his body against mine. I'm moaning uncontrollably. I blush as he pulls away from me. He grins" I fell in love with you a long time ago." My eyes widen. I'n so happy I don't know what to do. He tilts my head to the side , kissing me on the neck.
    "Benz, we can't" I whisper to him.
    " You want to as much as I do." He moves his hand down my body.
    I jerk. "No benz, if i can wait you can to.
    "i'm not waiting anymore, Lovely."
    The more he touches me,
    the weaker I feel.
    The more I love him,
    the more I tremble.
    The more I see the real him,
    the greater my fear towards him.
    "Benz stop it! I don't know what the hell is going on with you, but cut it out! Or,,, I'll hate you.
    He stops. What is happening to him.
    "No more Benz...no more."