• I looked once at the white wolf standing on the rock above me, glancing down. The Great One's eyes were cold and harsh. I lay bloodied at his feet, after he had thrashed me about.
    "Go, Calypsa. find redemption in rebirth. You have been banished from Ellamena!"
    I was horrified as wolves howled and cackled and roared the death chants as I forced myself up, staggering out the great Meadows of Heaven, from the emerald fields and azure sky...through the onyx and obsidian gates...into the cold snow. Winds howled even louder than the wolves, drowning out the creaking sound of the gates closing. The snow was thick and treacherous, the sky pale grey and dead. I forced my weary body onward, feeling the loose pelt of flesh and fur hanging from my throat. My eyes were warm with Demiwolf tears, the kind naturally formed like blood and water mixed together. My left shoulder throbbed from the criss-cross blows of the Great One's sword,when he was as a human, a sight beheld by no other living wolf. My fur was disheveled with blood. My legs throbbed and screamed agonizing defiance. The gashes were wide and deep. After a few steps, I paused.
    I vomited a coarse, bitter combination of bile and blood. I staggered then collapsed in the snow. My head rested flat, in the puddle of putrid excriment. My whole body went slack, the throbbing dulled. I had no regrets. They thought I brought the Death Caller here, but I was keeping him out-performing my duty as a Guardian. Oberon tried as well. He took the others-Luce,Jane,Dakari,Ani,Tiberius,Cole, and Snowflower to the valley. I heard their painful stuggle, until the last death howl rang. They had been slaughtered...I was alone.The shadow of death enveloped me in a welcoming embrace.
    Then, as I relaxed and welcomed my fate...I was enraptured to feel it. To feel nothing at all. After only moments, though, I saw the moon. I ran towards it, nothing beneath me...just air. I know that... when I reach it...I'll have my second chance.