• Sora's mind was racing. He had just witnessed the brutal slaughter of his two most beloved friends: Riku and Kairi. The monster that had carried out the horrific deed was none other than Ansem. But how could this be? Ansem was cast out into oblivion less than a year ago.

    Do not let your mind decive you, Sora. Trust your heart. He had heard that voice before. It was Roxas. Sora felt like crying. Roxas may be right be right, though. He may have felt the same gut feeling Sora had, a feeling that they had both felt only once before: the feeling of false truth, the feeling that they had been duped. "I know we both have the same feeling, Roxas. But how are we going to get off of the island?"The door in the secret place by the waterfall Sora had totally forgot about the door. So, feeling a glint of hope, Sora headed toward the branches that hid the secret places hiding spot.