• Look at me, your growing big and tall
    my eyes sparkle at the praise from your dimples
    I even press my face against yours just to see
    the smooth skin on your nose wrinkle
    and I cuddle you in my arms and run my fingers over you -
    to see you squirm and wiggle
    it tickles 4laugh

    Look at me, I love your stare however
    I push you and yell to get you away
    as if I don't care
    because you come in place's where your not wanted
    when I'm chilling with my friends
    I leave you alone at home
    and God knows you deserve better
    I'm not a good brother
    If you ever see the under talk2hand

    Look at me, If anyone ever interfears its a mistake
    even though I know i'm wrong you see
    I am yours for noone to take
    but little brother I'm anything but a saint
    I steal, fight and If I had I'd sell drugs all night sweatdrop
    I'd give up everything to keep my friends cool
    but probably wouldn't give my right shoe for you

    Look at me, how can my appearance seem so true
    born in a world ruled by someone else
    but should be dedicated just for you
    noone else could fulfill my virtue
    time not around you seems to be slow
    as if the wind from my lungs nolonger blows eek

    "Look at me! when I'm talking to you!
    your not suppose to be here
    I can't stand you! cause you never listen to me!
    mama loves you more than me cant you see?!
    Now look what you did
    I've told you many times before dont you get it?
    you embarrass me infront of my crew!
    yelling at a stupid kid!"
    I push you down and declare you never follow me again evil

    Then i sense somethings wrong
    my eyes widen, when i see you run back toward my arms
    from the shooting of guns!
    I'm Froze and just stare so I can understand what's going on
    I wonder why you run this way I yell "RUN AWAY!"
    Should I believe you run back to warn me?
    In such a Crazy way? surprised

    Look at me...
    I look down on my chest
    where your head full of brown curls rest
    he will open his eyes for me like he did
    when he was asleep
    from his dreams i would break
    to be the first face he saw when he awakes
    please open your eyes for Godsake! emo

    I look at my hand, because i feel something wet
    bright red emerges from my feet and onto the concrete
    and you still haven't opened your eye's yet
    Footsteps come closer and a hand gently touches my shoulder I hear words
    Say its over
    I try to fight them away
    but all i see is the life spilling out of my brother stressed

    Looke at me, mother says "We're moving to a new life
    away from this terrible place
    fear has found a place were trust should be and here we can't trust noone!"
    I yell "But ma! It's just a waste!"
    She says "Hust it! HUSH IT NOW!
    I'm your mother, I WILL protect you, alas it will kill me to lose another son" cry

    It's been three months its time to go
    and I've been trapped with guilt
    If i would have kept him away from me and the dangerous crownies
    my baby brother wouldn't have been killed
    Suddenly my chest is pounding and my body strikes below zero!
    there's a reflection of me holding YOU on my window! surprised

    I look at your eyes, they reflect on a life so precious
    Then I hear something as faint as a knife through butter
    ... Must'ev been here for ever, though it was something I'd never believe
    "My wonderful hero, is stronger than he thinks"
    Was my brothers whisper

    3nodding 3nodding