• Aqua cringed and gripped her left shoulder. She held in a small whimper trying to fight back the pain. The scar on her arm started to grow ripping away at her skin and replacing it with a darker red flesh. Acid blue blood spat out from the opening wound and she stumbled back into a tree.

    Sliding down the base of the tree Aqua plopped onto the ground. Her knees pressed against her chest as she tighten her grip on her arm. These scars are consuming her.Eating away at her. She cant fight off the evil with in her.Not any more at least.

    ''Gah'' She cringed again leaning her back on the bark of the tree. Smaller scars were ripping a part all over her body. Blood dripped down from her limbs and onto the ground.Aqua could feel her self losing control.

    Blue energy bursted out of her body. It spewed out like fire as it shot into a group of bushes burning them to a crisp. Aqua reached out garbing her stomach feeling the hole were the energy had escaped form her body. She leaned forward trying to heal the wound but, it seemed to rejected her powers and continued growing still leaving behind the red flesh.

    Aqua leaned her head back onto the tree and closed her eyes trying to fined peace with in. She whispered to her self in a low mumble ''If she gets control i have to kill my self.'' Leaning her head up toward the sky she drifted off from the pain.