• I sat quietly on the bed, my mind in too many places to count. There came a slight rapping at my door. I gingerly got up and ever so slightly opened the door.
    “Hi, uhm, I’m sorry if Cana scared you a bit,” a girl with deep set brown hair and pale blue eyes smiled in front of me. Cana, I thought, that’s a beautiful name. “O’ by the way I’m Drea.” She held out her pink polished hand. I held out mine, black nails and still scuffed up palms. She gripped mine tightly and smiled the sign of friendship.
    “Why don’t you come down with me, you should get a chance to meet everyone.” Drea’s voice was warm with compassion. She grabbed my arm and started to drag me down the stairs. “I forgot to ask, what’s your name?”
    “Hai,” I laughed. It appeared that her playfulness was contagious. We started to tumble down the stairs. I couldn’t help but giggle recklessly with her. We landed at the bottom of the stairs, our faces red with joy and our lungs filled with happiness.
    “Ok I’ll show you who everyone is.” Drea pointed at a deep haired girl with brown eyes and olive skin, “That’s Jerri.” The girl gave me a disapproving glare; I could tell she didn’t care for me much. “That’s Maureen.” She directed my attention to the girl with light brown hair and eyes, both the color of chocolate milk. “And that, I think her name is Luna, I don’t really know her,” Drea whispered quietly, pointing at the girl with deep skin. Her black hair flew over her shoulders, and her pink lips shone off her dark skin.
    “And then of course you have meet Cana.” Cana, the wheaten haired girl with robin’s egg eyes. The red film over her eyes had disappeared. This only made her more beautiful. I was jealous. All I had was short choppy midnight hair and milk chocolate eyes. While she got long flowing hair and blue eyes.
    I felt uneasy. This wasn’t my place. I wasn’t supposed to be standing there. I shifted my eyes to the dark skinned girl. Luna. She glanced out the window, staring at the blackened sky.
    “Looking at the stars?” I asked, slipping over to her.
    “Yes,” she mumbled.
    I gave a quiet laugh, “I’m rather fond of the first one.”
    “I feel terrible for the second one, but I hate the third.” She stared out the window, the same faraway look in her deep brown eyes as the second star. I looked out the window, I couldn’t help but feel closer to the stars more than ever.

    Bonous Material

    Did you know that some characters have been around longer than others.
    My partners have been around since she was in 2nd grade.
    These Characters are (in order of creation)
    Max (Cana's friend)
    Lee (Cana's brother)

    And some of mine for about 2 years
    John (also Cana's friend but he started out as Hai's)

    And Edan for 6 months (well talk about him later)
    And Serenity for about 2 months!!!! wow how time flys.