• The pain will never end. the amazing emo boy of my dreams is gone forever.
    He will never sneak into my room on friday nights and wake me up so we could just lay there making out till three am.Well, while i sulk in the car, watching the rain i might as well intro duce myself to you.My name is Luke.Im emo,and 15 years old. I loathe school and moving. wich is what i have to do for the fifth time in two years.
    My older brother makes sore that im absolutely miserable. His name is Josh.The dumbass is my nickname for him.The only thing im glad about is that im moving to a place where i actually know someone there.My best friend Tyler is the closest friend i will ever have. I have known him since the third grade and i always let him now whats going on in my life.He knows im bi and he's cool with it.I just hope he will be willing to help me get over my latest heart ache.

    --Beverly Hills, CA

    Tyler biggrin ude, are you kidding me? You have been here for three weeks and you haven't even left the house!
    Me:I know. I just don't feel like going any where.
    Tyler sad goes to my closet and hands me clean clothes)You'd better start wanting to go places 'cuz were going to a concert in 10 minutes! Theres this brand new group I wan't you to chek out.And--
    (I cut him off)Me:whats the name of the group?Are they any good?(i became interested and started to get dressed)
    Tyler:"Bloody Hearts", and their music is insane!
    Me:Cool! Count me in!